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  1. Virgin Cuba libre or virgin screwdriver.
  2. I understand you are upset About this and you´ve made up your mind About cruising RCI in the future. While I have a different take on this I want to say I applaude you for your decision, as for you I think it´s the Right Thing to do. If you are unhappy vote with your wallet. Don´t give your hard earned Money to someone you don´t want to deal with. All too often we read the complaints here and the threats to never cruise RCI again and then they Keep coming back. So kudos to you for this decision. However you asked for opinions and I´ll give you mine. While unfortunate but technical failures do happen. So I would file away the bus break down as just some bad luck without having to put some real blame on anyone. The place you visited I´ll give you the Edge of the doubt on that one, as it´s hard to tell without knowing the exact tour description and the place you´ve been to. I´ve been to places on excursions I had a very different expectation About, which resulted in disappointment, though we went to the exact place described. As for the lunch, again I don´t know what exactly was promised in the tour description in regards of Food and especially Drinks. Personally I try to avoid excursions with meals included. I´m a picky eater and would likely not enjoy whatever they give me. So Food is very very subjective. Now for the naked man, which I think was the straw that broke the Camels back for you, That is the one incident I don´t see any blame on anyone. This is something neither the tour Operator nor the cruise line could avoid. Personally I would have just chuckled over this, but nakedness is no offense to me. I´m really used to seeing naked People and I´m one of those who would never enter a Sauna dressed and if I´d go to beaches I might Chose a Nudist one. But we are all different and I don´t blame you for not wanting this sight. As for the Suggestion of calling the authorities - I don´t know the laws and authorities in Jamaica, but could it be that this is something they´d not do anything About? On a Little lighthearted note - How much more "Native" could your tour have gone?😉 To sum it up you weren´t happy and as you should have you have told RCI About it. I´m not sure if all of this should have deserved any more Attention By RCI than it did. Mot important however, you have made a decision and for your own Peace of mind you should move on from that decision and stop Looking back. Happy cruising on whatever line and ship and best of luck with that decision.
  3. So what you are saying is that all those 10 different Royal reps have a correct answer.😝
  4. I don´t drink sodas and I never buy any drink packages, but my understanding is that the refreshment package includes fountain Soda and not cans.
  5. Let´s not Forget when the CL´s started, Long before DL´s and SL´s the lounges had no bar Servers for Drinks. It was the Concierge doing the Drinks.
  6. Another matter of Food being very subjective. To me Jamies was the best Food venue on the Ovation. I went there several nights. Wonderland on the other Hand - meh. Not worth it at all.
  7. As you say - what´s the difference? - so simply drink it on the rocks instead of frozen if you don´t even see much difference.
  8. Because it eliminates their Chance of Feeling superior to the others. It´s not so much About the perk it´s more About that superior Feeling. You can also see this with the discussion this has turned into again About who´s superior and deserves more the D/D+/P or the Suite guest. Even though I have to say it´s Always the same few People starting this discussion.
  9. So you are ticked off someone else was smarter than you to find the best deal. I´m sure your next cruise will be in that inside cabin for $500 enjoying those perks.
  10. Thanks for answering. In regards to the CL it clearly states on select ships only. So it´s Nothing that Needs correction. Reduced rates Upgrades, again it´s upon availability. Priority seating, well I´m Holding back on that one, as it might recently have Change, but I had no Problems getting into the reserved seating section on my Cruises. As for balcony Discounts, why do you think this perk Needs to be better than any other rate being offered By the cruiseline? As I´m neither a US resident nor a Senior it still can be a deal for me. I´ve never had to ask for the Robes, sometimes for bathroom amenities, but that´s IMO more something About the cabin attendant than a perk not being deliverd as promissed. Sorry, but with your list I don´t see a Need for the perk sheet needing an update.
  11. Just curious, as I don´t pay Attention to all the perks, what perks are listed that are not given anymore? If they are worth anything or not is probably up to every individual.
  12. Just like on planes, claiming Special assistance needed for pre-boarding and then the healing magic of flying sets in and they can run ahead for getting first off the plane.😉
  13. Not Always. There has been a time when it was 1 Point per cruise and no extra Points for travelling solo and / or suites and / or 12+ night Cruises. The Change must have been sometime end of 2003 beginning of 2004. First time I received extra Points was May 2004, last cruise Prior was Sept. 2003.
  14. You seem to feel quite entitled. Actually you earned Nothing and everything C&A has not been earned but given to you. You booked Cruises and Paid for those and you received Cruises. RCI gave you something with the CAS. This is not something you earned or Paid for, it was simply given to you and it´s Always clearly been spelled out that it can be taken away at any time. While you think you´ve Paid for These perks, the People in Suites and purchasing Key actually have Paid for it, as it´s part of the cruise they Paid for - this one, not some done deal in the past. I´m D+ as well, quite well on my way to P, would have made that one already if I had not cruised other lines as well. I´ve never booked a cruise for Status and perks, I book for ship, itinerary and having a good time. I for sure am not unhappy with anything they give me, as I do not believe I´m entitled to anything. It´s their choice to reward me for my Business with whatever perk they decide to give me. If at some Point I wouldn´t be happy with their product and Maybe would not appreciate their efforts to Keep me as a customer, it´s my decision to go elsewhere. Maybe you should rethink this. Certainly not every D and D+ is furious, as I for example am not one bit and I have not made your Experience in the DL and CL. I have to say I fortunately have not experienced this, as I would have had to leave. I´m not spoiling my vacation time with sitting in a lounge and listen to those entitled complainers. To top it all off, your complaint is not even About a published and promised perk. The listed perk has been priority embarkation not check-in, not security.
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