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  1. Sure, look here Nude Cruises - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community, on these cruises the temp checks are taken rectal.
  2. Nah, not a problem, he´ll wear a mask and he will have been in quarantine at the North pole for 365 days before starting his trip😜 In addition he´ll wear a mask and adhere to social distancing, as he´s used to that . We all know he´ll only show up when everybody is asleep.😉
  3. Not quite sure why you think this is interesting. To me it doesn´t really says much. To me this is more like a standard procedure. If you are facing a new situation like this where no one has any experience, you start looking for best practice examples and to find those you have to look at the good ones as well as the bad ones. You have to take a look at bad practice examples as well as only that will make you find a good strategy. Having to find out what to do you need to find out what not to do as well. In the end I don´t know if they talked to him or not, but it does
  4. I´ve not read this entire thread and to be honest I won´t. But I´ve a few thoughts for all the mask denials, even though I know it won´t change much. How many of you who say masks are not sufficient and even dangerous will want to go into surgery with the knowledge that the surgical team will breathe, sneeze, cough into your open wound without any mask protection? It is the same you do to others in this covid-pandemic with others by not wearing masks. I wonder how many of those being anti-mask are also in the group of non-smokers and arguiing how the smokers
  5. That will be very easy. If the need arises they will simply cancel the booked itineraries completely cancel everybody and put the ship up for a different (maybe even just slightly different) cruise and sell that as a new cruise at limited capacity. A bit like following the currently sailing ships who have had their scheduled itineraries cancelled and come up with itineraries that they sail now and nobody gets moved shifted from the original cruises to these.
  6. Thanks, of course I´m not sailing from the US. Nothing is set in stone these days, but I´m very confident it will happen, as this ship / itinerary is running for several weeks already. No guarantees of course and tomorrow something could happen, but I see no reason to be pessimistic.
  7. I need a Gangway down to the pier to get back on board. I´m much more worried about flying right now than going on a cruise. So right now I chose cruises I can drive to. On a ship it´s easy to social distance, not so much on a plane. Many currently sailing ships have good hygiene concepts and I feel safe going. I do not think it needs a vaccine to restart cruising. I also don´t think it needs covid testing, as those tests are not giving a real safety. I can be negative tested upon boarding but still could be positive ue to exposure on the way to the pier. I don´t
  8. Yes I would! Actually I should say Yes I will in about 4 weeks from now getting on a ship again.😎 Can hardly wait.
  9. I highly doubt there will be a stocked mini fridge. Every hygiene concept for Hotels and ships I´ve seen so far included the point about empty mini-bars in the rooms. It is rather easy to clean and disinfect an empty fridge, but if you put items in there they need to disinfect every single item that goes in there before putting it in there and again upon every change of guests. That´s just too much effort and cost prohibitive. Things might change until RCI re-starts their operation, but those ships and hotels that have opened up again have an empty fridge
  10. Huh? It´s been written down on their website ever since they started it. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/CAS_Member_Benefits_Grid_APRIL-2019.pdf 14 One Cruise Point for each completed night of sailing and an extra Cruise Point per night when you purchase and sail in suite accommodations (categories RL, RS, PS, SL, TS, A1, A2, A3, CL, OS, FS, GS, JS) and/or sail in any category and pay a single pricing type for double occupancy staterooms.
  11. Who said it would even cover 0.1% of the cruise fleet capacity?😕 I simply stated "no cruising for anyone anywhere" is wrong and people are cruising again already in other parts of the world. Yep and I´m certainly not falling for it. @Jimbo can think whatever he wants, but some of those cruises have sailed already and some have disembarked their first cruises already and started the next round. He can do his own homework. He´s been proven wrong, but I know there´s people who can´t focus on reality and facts, but instead think i.e. if you don´t test there´s less cases.
  12. As it´s been said already, your point of view is a very narrow one. You are just looking at the US and most likely only at the big lines. In a more broad view cruising has started up again already and cruises are underway / have been completed already. The following is only cruises I know about and there might have been earlier ones worldwide. Also the following are only a few of those I know about, there´s actually more sailing again already.... First River cruise started as early as June 3rd in Germany and River cruising in Europe has started up quite a bi
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