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  1. LOVED Rudi's for the first time a few weeks ago on the Eurodam in the Pinnacle. We asked when making the reservation at lunch in the Pinnacle if the 4 star mariner discount was available for this dinner and were told NO it did not apply and made the reservation anyway fully expecting to pay full price as the menu sounded delicious. Our tab ended up being picked up by our most gracious casino hostess. I do have a question now going forward. Is the Mariner discount supposed to be applied to Rudi's or not? Thanks in advance.
  2. As USAA members we do single trip and they contract with CF Travel Insured International. Great USAA discount, excellent coverage as stated above. Wishing they would do an annual policy. (They might just haven't looked into it but will now that we are traveling more often) Wish I had found this years ago, could have saved a bundle with much better coverage. Also confirming Hanks great posts-we have Amex Platinum US for both business and personal. These cards will never cover everything or replace a decent independent policy. Bit's and pieces perhaps but not enough in case something catastrophic happens. Great cards for us for different reasons-comprehensive international travel insurance is not one of them.
  3. Apologizing ahead for being vague as we don't partake. We just got off the Eurodam yesterday and there was Ballroom mentioned on the daily program and it seemed to be more than once during the week. I am not sure if it was daytime classes or evening events but it was definitley offered.
  4. Gf42-I don't want to give you bad or incorrect info. The only way we figured out where the noise was exactly coming from in 8079 was to take a walk up the stairs and identify the galley entrance (doorway) directly over the cabin (I am assuming it's the same on the other side too and same place) Husband also thinks looking at the deck plan that same would occur on the direct opposite end and only at the begining of the lido dining. Thinking anything NOT directly under the exact galley entrances would be fine and not noisey.. LOVE deck 8 and easy flight of stairs to the upper decks, this was our first and only stinker (noise wise) Can't speak to the Pacific crossing but have hit some rough days on Eurodam and truly felt no difference in motion from direct aft wrap to center. Hopefully someone else will chime in. Happy cruising (and the planning is almost as fun too 🙂)
  5. We just disembarked the Eurodam this morning-cabin 8079. Directly underneath one of the busier galleys on the Lido deck buffet. From very very early morning until late at night the cart's rolling into the galley could wake anyone and we are sound sleepers. We were in a gaurantee at a great price so we dealt with it as well as a ceiling leak over the bed late one night as the kitchen floor was being sprayed down. First time we have ever had a noise problem or any issue on deck 8 and usually love it. Would much rather be under the aft or lido pool anytime. Have a great cruise on the Eurodam! It's become one of our favorites.
  6. You bet! Nice jeans with a collar are good any night in Tamarind particularly on embarkation day at 5:30. We go to any specialty with nice jean's/jacket/shoes even on gala nights and have never once felt out of place. Always some folks are way under dressed, and always the people we compliment for the effort in tuxes and gowns that look great. Somewhere in the middle for us has always worked.
  7. We haven't participated (wanted to, but were always a few cocktails in before it started and knew we couldn't keep up 🙂) but every time we have observed it looked like everyone was having an absolute great time!
  8. Excellent!!! Even better for the redemption cruise :))) Enjoy every single beautiful second!
  9. You have already posted on 2 other boards that you are done with HAL. You have bashed HAL mercilessly. Question - Why do you still choose to sail with HAL yet complain about everything on every sailing??? Hopefully your upcoming 5 day on Virgin fits the bill 🙂 . I don't get it. Hoping you guys finally find a good fit like we found on HAL.
  10. Exactly the same excellent experience for us too. Thanks for chiming in! Even as 4 star mariners with the included perks going forward if we choose a lower cat than a NS in the future (and we will 🙂 ) we would seriously consider the up-charge for a longer itinerary based on what Club O delivered on the Koningsdam for breakfast's & dinners. Always more valid and refreshing to hear from people that have actually experienced something first hand rather than those speculating about it.
  11. Us too. Have held off to buy OBC/Beverage cards hoping another would come through. Thanks much for the heads up, will keep an eye out.
  12. A lot of the HAL ships do still offer smoking in the casinos in certain designated areas. They will on occasion offer several "non smoking nights" on these ships depending on the length of itinerary too.
  13. Loved it, loved the presentation. Pretentious no! Decadent, FUN and delicious while having a special meal? You bet! Best bite ever is to save a 1/2 slice to make the perfect bite on the pork chop or steak.
  14. Still dreaming of the Peruvian chicken in CO on the Koningsdam. We were lucky enough to have it twice on our 10 day. Happy to hear you enjoyed the concept as much as we did and thanks for posting photos.
  15. Excellent inspiring post LuAnne. Go, Go Go while your legs (even scooter or walker) can still take you there!! Love Benniebear quote too on the ski vacations, one to put in the verbal arsenal for the kiddos when we retire for sure. Hank! What a beautiful post also. So nice to see such a positive thread.
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