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  1. UGH We had one of those sewage smells on Royal Caribbean once. They couldn't get rid of it. We are all Diamond.
  2. Sorry about that. Yes, it's the Seaside. Thanks for the assist. I will book the balcony cabin on the port side.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to book a Yacht Club Deluxe cabin with our kids in a YIN across the hall but I'm not sure which side of the ship to book the balcony cabin. I can't find anything that shows which side the doors of the YIN are on. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide!
  4. Hi Roger, Thank you for your help so far! We are thinking about Illetas Beach. Should we ask to be dropped off at Balneario? Where do you think we have the best chance of getting loungers and an umbrella around 10am? Many Thanks!
  5. Thank you! That's exactly what we'll do.
  6. Where is the Diamond Lounge currently located on Oasis? TIA
  7. Thank you. I'll try giving MSC a call.
  8. I should have been more specific. They're grown children. Hopefully they'll be able to bring in a roll away or something. Thanks!
  9. What if you have 2 kids that cannot sleep together? Do you know if there is a 2nd sofa bed? TIA
  10. Just curious, why not around your neck? I purchased a couple for my kids. They typically keep their phones in their front pockets. I thought the slashproof lanyard would be good for them and they could put their passports in it too.
  11. Thanks so much for the quick reply. There are 4 of us. Do you recall an approximate price for the taxi? I've seen varying amounts. I really appreciate your assistance.
  12. Are taxi's readily available at Palma Nova beach back to the ship? Royal offers round trip transporation for $21 pp. Many thanks!!
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