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  1. Thanks for your information, as you can imagine it is difficult to disseminate the various media reports as to what is true and what is exaggerated. I am looking forward to coming back to Chile and my heart goes out to the people of Chile as it undergoes "growing pains". It won't stop me coming, and if I have to take a little extra care about being their it is nothing compared to the upheaval the citizens are experiencing. Stay safe Fjoblete
  2. same reason for us travelling, thought we would try a new (ish) ship, although i would find four days barely long enough to read a fly cover so good luck with that. My real trip is 5 weeks in Feb / march/ Japan...aah...the world cup?
  3. Hi Mummsie, yes, a group of us are getting on in Auckland as well for a quick break across the pond. It was such a good deal it was hard to turn down. Beejay, I will be doing a blog on here, https://butarewethereyet.blogspot.com depending on what their wifi is like.....assuming it has wifi, i have had a problem trying to find out if it is available and what the packages are.......
  4. Enjoy the sand dunes of Walvis Bay LadyL, thanks for the updates to those of us landlubbered....
  5. here's a blog of our trip through the chilean fjords, it was magnificent...you will have a great time! https://roscoesseafever.blogspot.com/2014/02/iceberg-dead-ahead-amalia-glacier_2184.html (there are South American ports either side of that blog if you are interested)
  6. enjoy stu the weather Stu from a very sunny and warm Auckland......
  7. no don't it will be a great contrast under your tux~!
  8. yes hopefully it will be sorted by then, the president has rescinded the plan to increase the transport charges which caused the whole trouble. Latest Government alert I got was that normal services are available apart from the curfew which is at night. My hotel is right dead smack in the middle of the riot area so hopefully by February it will be a far distant memory and we can explore what seems like a fabulous city.......
  9. small price to pay, but at least you got a great mayor back! regards Roscoe
  10. hahahahahahhahhahah Ernie.....hahahahhaha...that had me laughing....you live in Christchurch!....theres plenty room for more! Im sending some JAFFA'S down immediately
  11. ooops there goes what little of my credibility I had, thanks Hattie, Enjoying your reports keep them coming.
  12. Queen elizabeth - current cruise, not just on the one table so they have not been bought on as a floral arrangement by a passenger..... from some $2 shop..
  13. Good luck with the northern lights Hattie, it’s definitely a bucket list must see.
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