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  1. The flowers look like Moss Rose (a species of Purslane). So pretty!
  2. I love these pictures! My grandfather was a dairy farmer in a small town in Texas and delivered milk (in bottles!) to the homes of all of his customers in town. My mother had many tales of riding on the milk wagon with him when she was a little girl. I wish I could have known him, he died shortly before I was born. We did recently discover some of the “caps” that fit onto the bottles, as well as a couple of advertisements that had the name of his dairy. Treasures!!
  3. College Colors Day—-Red and Black UGA———-GO DAWGS!!!!
  4. I agree with the above posters. It crossed my mind——but then I realized that doing a river cruise in the US is not much different than taking a road trip: no planes no middle of the ocean no thousands of folks on the ship Other benefits include not having to find restaurants and hotels every day! We have transferred our cruise on the Ohio River to June of 2021. I surely hope AQ will be cruising by then. We are looking forward to the Duchess—just 166 passengers!
  5. First, HAPPY THANK YOU DAY to Rich and Roy!! 👏💥👏🎉👏 The meal suggestion sounds great. One of our favorite meals is Chic Fil A’s Southwest Chicken Salad with Avocado Lime Dressing. I think I’ll just have to drive through and pick a couple of those up today! (No indoor dining there yet).
  6. You brighten every day with your cute cartoons. I love them!! I think “Lemon Aid” is one of the best yet!!! And I think that veggie pizza with cauliflower crust sounds delicious!
  7. I entered this into the “Picture This” plant identification site and got this feedback: Summer Ragwort, a species of Leopardplant. Also known as Big Leaf Golden Ray. Love all your flower pictures!
  8. After receiving the “no sail” e-mail from American Queen yesterday, I contacted our TA and easily moved our cruise to next June. Very smooth process.
  9. Thank you for this info! We saw SAMSON a couple of years ago, but really look forward to seeing JONAH. Rich, thank you for the daily update. We actually drove through Athens today! Small world!
  10. Wow!, I never knew that all of us who are “middle children” have a special day! Most people think of the middle child of 3 siblings. I happen to be the middle child of 9!!! So true about the luggage. It probably belongs to the person who took mine!
  11. I did not see an update published that extends till the end of September. Did you see this on the American Queen site? Not sure where else to check.
  12. I got the impression that they are not (planning to cruise in September). So was a bit surprised to see the extension only through August. Hope they announce (soon!) their plans for the rest of the year, as they are not giving cruisers enough time to make or change plans before their cruise dates.
  13. I did e-mail AQSC on Monday evening, asking for a call, and I did get a call on Tuesday from a very nice lady (Ann), who patiently answered my whole list of questions. She was unsure about a couple of things, but is researching those and will let me know. She did say that the quarantine does not apply to visitors on the cruise, but not sure how that would play out—-how would anyone (officials) know if you are from a cruise or not? She said that AQSC will be coming out with a new COVID directive soon, probably within 48 hours, so I’m waiting for that before we take any action. We have decided to transfer to a 2021 or 2022 cruise (hoping the Lewis and Clark Cruise will be offered then.) Our main concern has has not been the health measures taken on the boat, as I think AQSC is doing everything possible to provide a safe environment. Our concern is about getting back on the boat at every port stop with a whole group of passengers that may have been in situations where social distancing and wearing masks was not practiced. Even though they exhibit no symptoms for several days, they could be spreading COVID and not even know it. Just too big a risk. So sad not to be cruising this September, but for this year, we will stay at home or take a little road trip.
  14. So true! I wish I had a list or map of Lewis and Clark historical markers and sites along the Ohio River. Will have to look that up on the Internet. I plan to call AQSC today to see how they handle the fact that several states we cruise through require 10 to 14 day quarantines for any visitors from states with a certain amount of COVID cases. They include GA on the list. Looks more and more like we will be changing to 2021 or 2022. Not sure when they might offer the Lewis and Clark Cruise again. (Also, no apologies necessary! I find much of the info from AQ to be a bit confusing. Different brochures and AQSC e-mails seem to have conflicing information. Have to dig deep sometimes!)
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