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  1. What a treat to click on Cruise Critic today and find your review!! I loved it! It was 14 years ago yesterday that we began this great adventure of cruising—-with a cruise/tour of Alaska. We were on the beautiful Ryndam, and your review and many pictures brought back so many great memories. I’m so glad you included several pictures of the two of you. The lovely K is as beautiful as ever, and I think the beard and moustache are a great look on you!! Hopefully, one of these days, we will cruise again with y’all. Wondering which future cruise you chose—-it will be great, wherever you go.
  2. Calliope, we hope to be on that cruise also. Have you heard any more of when that might be? I have registered to get updates and info on when they will start taking reservations, but have received no info yet. I must admit that as excited as I am that we will be cruising on the Delta Queen, I am equally as excited to meet you in person! I have benefited from so many of your posts here on Cruise Critic.
  3. We did the Thanksgiving cruise—Memphis to New Orleans—and had very nice weather. Great cruise!!
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