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  1. So glad to hear this. Thanks for responding! We chose the Pittsburgh to Louisville route on the Duchess in the Fall. That cruise was cancelled and we are now on the same route—-not on the Duchess and not in the Fall. We are looking forward to it—-but several friends have talked about enjoying Maysville—-which is not on our route! I will just be happy to be back on board and on the river!!
  2. Would you recommend the trip from Pittsburgh to Louisville? Or the reverse—from Louisville to Pittsburgh? Some of the main ports are the same in either direction, but the smaller ports are different.
  3. I don’t remember the exact time of sailing, but it seems that the Pittsburgh City tour runs from about Noon to 4:00. So I would imagine around 5:00-5:30??? Just a guess!! Also, thanks “stowite” for the link to another web cam!!
  4. I forgot to say that it was an unforgettable trip to ALASKA! (I want to go back!)
  5. Finally I’ve had a chance to sit down and read through today’s “Daily”. WOW! I have laughed 😀, cried😢, prayed 🙏, and been amazed all in the last few minutes!! I don’t post often, but I do try to keep up. Thank you all for the beautiful pictures, especially of the children and those of Mt Fuji. Maybe one day I’ll get to see it! Exactly 16 years ago we were getting home from our very first cruise ever—-a week on land followed by sea cruise on the Ryndam. I fell in love with cruising the first day. Loved that ship and her captain!! The people on the HAL boards wer
  6. So true. I’ll just have to imagine it all!!! (And rely on pictures posted here by those aboard!) Thanks for trying!
  7. Is there any web cam or anything there?? We were supposed to be on that sailing, but had to postpone due to my sister’s cancer diagnosis. I will be staying with her through surgery, and we will do the same cruise next year (but on the Countess). I’d love to see her out on the river!!
  8. Oh, I do love the cartoons you post here!!!
  9. So thankful for answered prayers!
  10. Praying for all on the prayer list, and especially for Roy as you undergo surgery tomorrow. Bless you!
  11. I’m really enjoying your commentary and the great pictures. We did that Memphis to New Orleans Cruise a few years ago on the American Queen. We LOVED it!! It is a beautiful boat with a great crew and we thoroughly enjoyed the ports. That was, of course, a couple of years before the COVID pandemic appeared. We had been scheduled to do the Pittsburg to Louisville Cruise last year on the Duchess. That one was cancelled of course, so we switched to June 13 this year. SO CLOSE!!! Then my sister in Texas was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer, and I will be there with her in J
  12. I think that 9:00 is the time they want everyone OFF the boat so they can get all the extra cleaning done before the next cruisers board that afternoon. I think you can leave anytime after the boat docks.
  13. Congratulations on the re-booking! We will all be watching out for any reports and updates you will be able to send. Unfortunately, yes I do believe that masks will still be required, but hopefully to a lesser degree than now. About 3-4 years ago we stayed at the Sheraton before our American Queen cruise. We were very satisfied. The hotel, together with AQ, did all things right. Checking in and out was simple; rooms were spacious, clean and very nice; breakfast was plentiful and delicious; the AQ check-in area was large and well organized. The hotel had a room to store your lugg
  14. Oh, no!! So sorry about the cancellation. The bright spot in this could be that if you reschedule for a summer or fall trip, the vaccination of all passengers and crew will be in place. (That would surely make me feel better—-our cruise is in June and I wish their target date had been June 1 instead of July 1!)
  15. Thank you for the Daily, Rich. I love that it is National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!!! One of the BEST comfort foods ever!
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