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  1. red212fire212

    Best way to get to La Datcha beach?

    Hi, what is the best way to get to LA datcha beach? we want to do the see through kayaks there in January. How much would a taxi be?
  2. red212fire212

    where does the tender drop you?

    As the title says... Where does the tender drop you, trying to figure out a route to Shell beach and wondered if all tenders drop you at the same place roughly?!! Thank you
  3. red212fire212

    Taxi to St Annes Beach from Cruise Terminal

    Hi, did you ever find out... I am hoping to go there and would like to know?
  4. red212fire212

    stingray swim/snorkel, or horseback on the beach?

    scrap that, just emailed and they do other times!
  5. red212fire212

    stingray swim/snorkel, or horseback on the beach?

    Thank you but just noticed the tour time is 8am and we don't dock til 8 so don't think its viable! :(
  6. red212fire212

    stingray swim/snorkel, or horseback on the beach?

    just been looking at doing the stingrays... can anyone recommend the best way to travel there from the port in St Johns?
  7. red212fire212

    Best value boat/turtle trip?

    Hi, I am in Barbados in January on a cruise and its my 40th birthday that day... so would like an all inclusive (drinks!!) boat trip that includes seeing the turtles, who do you recommend? an idea of price and whats included if possible?
  8. red212fire212

    My six month B2B last call SUN

    I was on the 14 night San Fran to Vancouver too... ISP was my favourite day EVER!!!! I got sun burnt that day (pale skin, red hair) on the shore line watching the whales going back and forth all day bubble feeding, they came so close at some points you heard them trumpeting really loud. Then when we were back on the ship and they bubble fed right next too it, we were looking down on them as they came up... Was AMAZING!
  9. red212fire212

    What is the best month to cruise Alaska?

    We cruised last 2 weeks of May... AMAZING! , Weather can be un predictable yes, Ketchikan was glorious sunshine, Juneau the next day was dismal rain, That's Alaska any time of year I think! We saw Bubble feeding off the side of the ship in ISP, The best moment of my life!!!! I got sun burnt that day watching the whales for hours feeding up and down the bay. Saw Orca, Friends bumped into bears on their walks... The Snow on the mountains and all of the waterfalls running down were beautiful and I heard its not as impressive later in the season. Luckily we had 3 different glacier days as Hubbard glacier was a washout to us so was glad we had 2 other good days of viewings...
  10. red212fire212

    Glacier Bay Foggy Did not see Glaciers

    we went to Hubbard glacier in May and saw NOTHING, literally nothing! there was an ice belt that meant we couldn't get very near and fog so we couldn't see it... that afternoon apparently another ship saw it in perfect conditions!!! I would have been crushed if it was the only glacier on the itinerary but we were on a 14 night with 3 glacier days cruise so got to see others!
  11. red212fire212

    Never cruise again

    I get this, can last a few weeks after the cruise! has made me feel sick sometimes I feel like im 'bobbing' on the water so much! The good thing about it is I am alright in bad seas, that's how I look at it... I get such good sea legs that I just have sea legs for a bit after too lol
  12. That's a great loss this month Belle! Well done. I am down 3.5 this week! 66.5 down since October... If it wasn't for lots of holidays I'd be at a 100 lost lol
  13. red212fire212

    7-20-17 Thursday Weigh-In...

    Hi all, cant remember when I last posted here! Haven't been on here much without a cruise booked, well that changed today, I booked a 14 night Western Caribbean one for my 40th birthday (Jan 2019)... only 533 days to go!!!!! lol I have still been losing, even with a little trip to Spain 2 weeks ago, I managed not to let it be the free for all I normally go for. This week I lost a solitary pound but that pound puts me back to where I was 10 weeks ago before my 21 pound gain on the Alaska cruise... So am ready to get further on with my journey now! Keep at it Lorna x
  14. red212fire212

    AWESOME 14 day NCL Sun Alaska cruise with NO PLANS

    I started reading this as I was on the same cruise! The bit about the renovations at the hotel in SF sounded familiar... The Glacier bay day running from side to side of the ship sounded familiar... Obviously by the time I got to "BOBCAT" and the wing mirror incident I knew it was you!!!! lol Lorna xx PS "WHALE" "BLOW" "BACK" "TAIL"
  15. red212fire212

    Juneau Whale Watch Is it Cheaper to Buy on Pier?

    When I went to Juneau on a rainy Saturday aft in May, I went to the booths and asked for a whale watching tour, was first quoted $140, the booth next door but one said $115, as I walked away he called me back and said he would do it for the lowest he possibly could $88. I was happy with that