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  1. we always book on board to get the lower deposit or perks. but this has changed recently. do your home work prior to going to next cruise office. we booked an 11 nite cruise on board and only got $100 obc. then transferred the cruise to my travel agent and he said if you give up the obc i can reduce the price by $600. DONE!!!!
  2. call specials needs dept and discuss with them your issues- we always book a handicap room as we have a scooter but with your issues I don't see a problem. they are always very helpful there
  3. amazing review- thanks for all the tips and great pictures- is the next cruise office open on embarkation day to book a new cruise- heard when you book on this day you get a free bottle of wine- true or false have a great day
  4. what a review- it helps our group of 10 a lot for our jan2020 cruise on this ship. thanks so much!!!!!
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