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  1. We used to always go in the summer, but IMO Fall is the best, the sea is still warm enough to swim. Earlier in the year the sea can be quite cool of. Or downright cold, even for the locals. Less busy too hopefully!
  2. @JazzyV oh so sorry to hear you’re not well, do take good care and hope you feel better soon!
  3. Good day and thanks all! A very happy birthday to Allen and Keith! Hope Ren heals well! @Cruzin Terri so sorry you’re not feeling well still. Take the time you need to rest and recover. @kazu hope all goes well today, but of course it’s normal to feel how you do! Hugs, I would like to think that Jose knew you needed a companion and karma gave you Ivan on such a memorable day! @ger_77 glad your party went so well!
  4. You will definitely survive, seems strange at first but it’s handled really well. It may not apply in every hotel, but for most it seems to be the case. Greece is definitely worth spending time in, but we prefer the islands to Athens. We’ve spent several months there and would go back in a heartbeat.
  5. @marshhawk just so sorry things weren’t better! Sending prayers for peace and strength for both of you!
  6. Early good afternoon and thanks all, the joys of these many time zones! Thanks Tony, Sandi, Lenda and Carolyn for such wonderful photos! @kazu happy 10 th birthday Ivan! Praying all goes well for these weeks! Nice to hear such great feedback about the wonderful recipes @dfishhas been sharing, peanut butter yum! @smitty34877 Bok choy and peanut butter, sounds great, glad Tana has been thinking of that! @RMLincoln so glad your DH has had some relief, it can be so all encompassing when we’re not feeling well. @Seasick Sailor glad your DS got such definitive results, and that the surgery can be planned. Continued prayers. @Cruzin Terricontinued prayers as you navigate this new normal. You have been greatly in my thoughts! @luvteaching I so feel for you, so hard to be away when so much is going on, but so glad that your DM is home. Oh no on the fall! Your mom is so like my DD DM, who fell when we had taken our DD and family to Hawaii for her wedding gift. And also needed a pacemaker, and then fell in hospital. Sending hugs and prayers. @ger_77 too bad we weren’t closer! Sounds like a blast! Tell DH to take a video of any storms tonight and show you in the morning, lol! @marshhawk. Hugs and prayers! We lost a lovely shipmate this week, she was a concert pianist that we had the good fortune to hear onboard when we visited st Petersburg. Thought I’d share our more vegetarian intensive lunch. We have a wonderful Japanese tea house in the mountains that makes a fabulous grapefruit ginger dressing.
  7. Late good morning and thanks to all! Another hot one, they are thinking we will break our all time record ever today! Eek! Sorry to hear so many are dealing with Breast cancer! @Vict0riannhoping your radiation doesn’t leave you too fatigued. I decided to go to France immediately after, probably not the best decision. Prayers for your sister Bonnie, @Seasick Sailor Prayers for your good friend @doobieb @luvteaching so sorry to hear of your mom’s fall, always is so hard when you’re away! @kazu glad you have a date, but sorry you have so much to juggle right now! You and Ivan are soulmates. I’m sure that real estate strategy will pay off! @smitty34877 so much to navigate, I remember a discussion with a nurse when my brother was needing more pain meds, and she was worried about addiction when his condition was terminal, sigh! Sending extra hugs! @cruising sister my friend went on that ship earlier this year with her family, her first cruise and had a ball! so pleased with my peonies right now!
  8. Ok Neighbours, what do you have against the letter U? Cheques, Favourites etc? And it’s prominently in your name USA. 😁. Hoping the popcorn fixes you up @dfish my favourite! Yikes, the appliance gremlin struck! New dishwasher ordered! I’ll celebrate they can install it Thursday, and it’s been nearly 18 months since our fridge suddenly died. @USN59-79 we have a lot in common, besides the M Ed, we agree on the current policies making us avoid travel to that area. We had friends that lived and worked in Hong Kong a number of years ago when it was under Britain and the stories about giving birth gave me pause. My favourite is a bacon and Brie Butty, lol! I’ll leave @grapau27to translate. Seems to me that UK bacon, is half side bacon which they call streaky and half back bacon which is also called Canadian. Peameal may or may not be present. I like both, but the Sid bacon better be crispy. @marshhawk eek! That’s creepy. Though I do wonder about these smart phones.
  9. Good day and thanks all, I must try that thai salad! Thanks so much for the photos of Hong Kong, it has always been on my list, but when we had it booked two Canadians were taken hostage and I doubt we’ll ever go now. @dfish hope it’s just a little blip! I had a similar thing with a high fever and teeth chattering and felt fine the next day. Who knows? @marshhawk glad you were able to reconcile, hoping you get good news. Time for some boring! @RMLincolnwoo hoo on the drops! It’s been a long haul, but you’re there! @kazu I’m sure that felt good! Nice to have things in place! Glad DSIL got back from the branch office in Houston last week. Hope there is no loss of life! We are in a heat dome, going to 34 tomorrow! Eek we’re not used to this! Thank goodness for air! prayers for those that need them! my crown of thorns has finally taken off!
  10. The lunch at the Parador next door to the cathedral in Santiago
  11. Good day and thanks all! @luvteaching Bon Voyage! @dfish yum! We had the good fortune to visit Santiago de Compestela. And attend a pilgrim mass. So touching, I would love to walk the Camino! Also highly recommend a lunch at the Parador.
  12. lol! I feel your pain ever since we got a new iPhone 15 pro, I’ve resorted to screenshotting the photo!
  13. Good day and thanks all! @kazu glad to hear you’ve made a good decision to lighten your load and still keep the best Ivan and some plants! Sending extra hugs, and hope the surgery will be soon! @smitty34877 we all have those moments , and you’ve been under a cloud for a long while. You are stronger than most! Sending love and light! @Heartgrove so hard to make all these decisions, wishing you all better days! We had the good fortune to spend ten days in St. John’s. We fell in love with the people, the accents, the music, the home made food and stunning scenery, We sure hope to go back soon, it’s a longer flight than going to the UK. And other than the Tim Hortons, you would not believe you were in Canada, the dialect can be completely foreign to our ears. We had quite the storm last evening, here’s the tail end of it.
  14. Good morning and thanks all! Happy Fourth of July to our American friends! Hugs to @StLouisCruisers and @marshhawk as you remember those dear to you! Hope everyone has a great day. The lilacs were still in bloom at the campground as it’s further north. Our daughter’s campsite we nicknamed lilac lane. Ours is the snake pit, we found multiple shed snakeskins. We also had the pleasure to see and hear a purple finch for the first time.
  15. @DeeniEncinitas beautiful! Hawaii is so inspiring! I guess I have a thread to read, lol! @erewhon I would so love paper bags instead of those awful bags you can’t open. @Cruising-along what a marvellous trip, we love the southwest and Glacier!
  16. Just catching up as we’re home from camping. Woo hoo my first normal shower in a month as indoor water restrictions were lifted! @kazu so glad you have an answer, just wish you didn’t have any pain. Makes me never want to have a pedicure again! @smitty34877sending lots of gentle hugs and prayers for you, Tana and family! Great photos of Rhodes, a couple more.
  17. We received a move over offer on princess. We wished we could have taken it but were already in Europe. they’re a great deal if you’re flexible
  18. Good morning and thanks for all the Canada Day wishes. We first celebrated dominion day. Then Canada Day. Not Independence Day. As we kept our ties with the monarchy. The Queen is on our money as will soon be the king. Also my dear mom’s birthday 🎂
  19. A late good day as we are up at our fifth wheel. Laughing at the cowboy cartoon. There were fireworks last night but even with waiting until 11:30. It still wasn’t dark an hour and a half after sunset. @JazzyV I don’t know how you do it. Dh appreciates the good wishes. very low internet. So will read as I am able.
  20. Good early morning and thanks all! My grandmother was very frightened of lightening storms as when she was a young girl, someone was struck by lightning at the dinner table and killed. @marshhawk ooh, your poor mother! @smitty34877 yikes on the oxygen. Things always are worse in the night. Hoping you have some days of calm. @kazu hope all goes well with Ivan’s appointments. @Vict0riann let the healing begin! We found this beautiful goldfinch just before all the rain.
  21. Good morning and thanks all. Love the Zenato wines! Love the wonderful photos of Arhus! Thank you! @Mr. Boston hope your DH feels better soon, what timing! @kazupraying there will be good news from the surgeon! Gentle hugs! @luvteaching hugs today, what a lovely memory of the Mexican restaurant. Your area seems to have some really good ones, you’ll have to whisper the name to me, as every so often we visit my dear aunt in Everett who is 100 today! @ger_77 congratulations on the ten years, Love how your DH took you off in style! You prompted me to check, as I am ten years officially retired this week as well! What an auspicious day! @marshhawk wow! Congratulations. @Vict0riann🙏 all goes well! Discovered this lovely group of wildflowers, wondering my Texas friends if they’re like th blue bonnets? It’s been a while since we saw any. Google says they’re lupine. But they’re much smaller.
  22. Good morning and thanks all! @mamaofami happy birthday! @Cruzin Terri hope all goes well, time for some good luck! @Nickelpenny yikes, so sorry to hear that you had to experience that! Not fun, last year it took two months for my incision to fully heal. I guess healing slows as we get older, not what one hopes. @Vict0riann hope all goes well tomorrow! You’ve been on my mind! I think looking good helps. The only problem with the new IPhone 15 is that the resolution is too high for CC so I have to screenshot them! But I wanted to share some of my irises.
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