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  1. @kazu oh those photos are exquisite! I love the of love on your faces! Hugs! thanks for the kind words, iPhone to the rescue!
  2. Thanks everyone! @atexsix that’s all I know too! who knew that CC could be so helpful, now I’ll know when I’m watching heartbeat!
  3. Seriously I have to ask, what’s a bob?
  4. We used to have fairie houses! Kind of miss those days!
  5. Good morning and thanks all! @Sharon in AZ a very happy birthday to you! @kazu happy anniversary, hoping great memories will be a comfort! @StLouisCruisers happy birthday to your DD @grapau27 welcome home, gotta love that rear view! @ottahand7 would love to see a photo of that beauty bush? @smitty34877 I’m sorry the news isn’t better but glad you have such good family support. Sending extra hugs your way. Wish there was more we could do. We had the most perfect weather finally for a couple of days. Went to see some of the new calves, swallows and bluebirds. But the big camera had a dead battery.
  6. We used Rome cabs to do a private tour of Odescalchi Castle, Cerveteri Etruscan site and time for a lovely lunch. We also rented a car and drove up the coast for a lovely fresh fish lunch and explored some of the countryside including Tuscania. On another occasion we took the local bus to Tarquinia, where the Etruscan museum is excellent. Viterbo and Orvieto are also an interesting spots. So lots to see and do, depending on your comfort level.
  7. We’ve done both, if you have never been to Rome, I’d highly recommend you take the train in. Just wandering in the old Center is magical. Just leave lots of time and check there are no impending train strikes. Or get a group and book a private tour, we used Rome Cabs and visited a few Etruscan sights, had a nice lunch and visited the castle where Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes.
  8. Good morning and thanks all! ooh that white Chateau neuf sounds great @cat shepard a very happy birthday to you Roy! @rafinmd
  9. Love the ideas shared! Prefer to stop along the way as well. And why not business? some of you may enjoy this thread Changing Mindsets: From Saving and Investing to Enjoying What You've Worked Hard to Save and Invest
  10. I feel the same way, and love cruising. We’ve had beds both ways and while I’ve thought about it prior, I found no difference. I do take chewable ginger, and meclizine just in case I need it. And green apples onboard! For some reason they really help.
  11. Good morning and thanks all! Good news Sandi and Jacqui! Glad you’re heading in the right direction! Love the Photos! We love Japanese eggplant, not bitter and we have it often in Hawaii. Also like Szechuan and Greek eggplant dips and in moussaka. @MISTER 67 hmmm 🤔 😀 missing our little houseguest, but we have a repeat engagement in July.
  12. I hope someone can answer about the credit if a booking is transferred. My understanding is that in the past that was the case but no longer. But I could well be wrong.
  13. Good morning and thanks all! Love the quote! Been doing yoga for a long time. Really helps with flexility and other things, but I do a very gentle restorative one. Well we were half packed up to head to the RV and then sigh a funnel cloud warning for later today, Sigh! There was a tornado very near there a few weeks ago, so not willing to chance it. Good news our water should be back to normal in another couple of weeks just in time for our big rodeo. @smitty34877 so sorry to hear that Tana is not well. I’m sure you are making your world a better place, and that’s all any of us can really do, I am too the same generation and snuck outside a concert to hear many of the greats, Janis Joplin and I swear Hendrix, but it may have been the lemon gin back in the day. @LambKnuckles loved that Howard persevered and you had many years together, hope those great memories help comfort you today. @ger_77 you tell the best stories, and I too giggled! Glad you caught the little devil! @kazu it’s your turn for some improvement! Soon I hope! Your peonies are incredible! Ours are still just in bud but it’s been cool, but that’s about to change. inquiring minds …. I giggled too! Ooh, now you make me want to go to Cobs! Love that your mom is still so active. We visited my dear aunt who lives near you who will be 100 next week. She is still great, but not the same as even a few years ago. Still recovering from the 12 pounds of lobster three of us shared! I am thinking I should make bisque with the leftovers, but this prairie girl may need help. I love how they were packed, with frozen chopped up bags of carrots to make it airline compatible. Great that we have some direct flights to the maritimes!
  14. Sending gentle hugs to both Terry and Terri! @Cruzin Terri@smitty34877 Ouch! @marshhawk hope all is ok! Thanks @Copper10-8 @ger_77 for the great photo and who’s who! DS made it home with quite the treat! I’ve never had Atlantic lobster this big! @Seasick Sailor
  15. Well DS returns tomorrow strike permitting. Good old west jet! The dear grand dog found a Special treat for us today 😂
  16. Sending gentle hugs! May good memories help comfort you!
  17. Good morning and thanks all. We’re thankful we have had rain, collecting it in lots of containers. @cunnorl we’ve used Stefano’s Rome cabs numerous times and they are wonderful. If you need to book well ahead. DH will celebrate sushi
  18. I would choose the itinerary with the most ports. HAL routinely has two week itineraries that circumnavigate Japan and take you to a number of less easily accessible ports. But I would combine that with at least a week preferably two pre or post. We spent 10 days pre cruise and that allowed us to really enjoy Kyoto. An overnight is just not enough for Kyoto, as well as visiting other worthwhile spots. It also allowed us to work up to Tokyo, a city of near 40 million. Keep in mind avoiding golden week. Japan is much easier than one would expect and extremely rewarding. Enjoy!
  19. Seriously the 7 11 stores have a good rate of exchange at their ATMs. We took some yen. But also were able to use our credit cards easily, @XBGuy love the French Chenin Blanc in the Loire! @Sharon in AZ yikes! Our first breakfast in Japan in the dining room, a woman asked if we weren’t sick of Japan. After that they went after the staff, hard to comprehend some people. I spoke to the Maître D and explained the staff weren’t the issue! But for the most part we’ve met and made some wonderful friends onboard.
  20. Happy Father’s Day to all! Also want to recognize all the pet dads! @Quartzsite Cruiser like you, I lost my dad the week before his 80 th birthday. @smitty34877 loved the hats they used to wear! @StLouisCruisers echoing others, worry you have a secondary infection! Please get checked, Three of my favourite dads!
  21. @Cruzin Terri so sorry to hear this! Hope you will be able to recover quickly.
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