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  1. A great article! Can vouch for moose’s tooth pizza and their salads! Also liked the spruce tips ice cream. That museum is incredible, the photos I had of fishing was from that creek as was the salmon. The only thing they missed is the Fstreet station in halibut and chips is incredible. We spent nine nights in Anchorage so visited most more than once. @cat shepard glad you earned another tiara!
  2. Good morning and thanks all! @cat shepard a very happy birthday Anne! Anchorage is beautiful, we watched them catching King salmon aka Chinook. Fresh sushi, and some of the best pizza and halibut. Highly recommend you spend a few days there and visit the main museum.
  3. Another option is Viterbo, an interesting town and close to the Villa Lante and the Bomarzo monster gardens. As well as the beautiful pentagonal Palazzo Farnese, The map room is spectacular and we love the local chicken stuffed with potatoes and olives. One time there was a lovely music festival on as well. We also enjoy Orvieto as well as Pitigliano, so lots of options particularly if you don’t mind driving. Tarquinia is an easy bus ride from Civitavecchia, the museum is outstanding. I think it would be fine for a night.
  4. Good morning and thanks all! @rafinmd I want that lingonberry soup @ger_77 happy royal birthday, if the king and late queen can choose a better time to celebrate why not! Love your story about the caretakers, my father raised me to treat all equally. So important. @dfish congratulations on the new baby Addi! Love the note! @RMLincoln those notes are so precious. @marshhawklove the tshirt! @Seasick Sailor hope you don’t get many more port changes, we had one only a month out, so a lot of scrambling. Two young girls at a school I taught at were found dead in the 70s of unknown causes, last week DNA advances found they were killed by a serial murderer, so at least closure for those families. Another family I know hasn’t been so lucky, over 15 years and nothing, just a complete and utter disappearance, so tragic. We have a local celebrity, a Lewis woodpecker.
  5. We had a lovely Barolo the other night La Villa 2016. I think Puglia is a wonderful place to explore.
  6. Good morning and thanks all! @Heartgrove happy birthday Jack! @StLouisCruisers sorry you’re not well, I wish you’d get to see beautiful Brugge and have some of the best chocolates on The planet, not to mention the Kriek and mussels and incredible town. Gladly will celebrate brother’s day although mine has also been gone far too long. and gotta love a good tiara! Our DGDs loved them when they received them at the Banff springs when we celebrated our anniversary, but they loved their fairy wings more, lol!
  7. Good morning and thanks all. @smitty34877 wishing Tana a lovely birthday celebration! @ger_77 glad Maurice is home safe and sound and you can both get some needed rest. @Seasick Sailorlol, I’m glad I’m not the only one to think of the caramel turtles or honu!
  8. Good morning and thanks all! @ger_77 praying all goes well today! @kazu I am so sorry to hear your news! Foot infections can be so nasty, I’m hoping you get some improvement soon! When DH had foot surgery his surgeon wouldn’t even allow him to swim in the ocean a month later just in case. And yikes, poor Ivan, nothing scarier. I am hoping he is okay, poor guy! I am so over these entitled people, our elderly lab was attacked by a standard poodle and the owner was ridiculous. beautiful San Diego
  9. Wow those are big guys! Hope you had no damages!
  10. Good morning and thanks all! I love tea, probably bordering on obsession. My current fave is a passion fruit green tea from Taiwan, pricey but wonderful and I feel good about Taiwan as a tea producer. And Japanese Matcha! I’m praying all goes well for those healing and for Maurice tomorrow! And for Jacqui today! @RMLincoln you have struck a chord with me a few times lately. I so agree about the joy, sometimes it’s not there as travel gets more complicated. And sometimes it’s the timing. We chose to cancel a cruise after so many changes and it has been nothing but a hassle, yesterday we received a cheque for DH FCD, and now when we checked all have disappeared. Sigh, a phone call I don’t want to make. We even decided to drive home for 12 hours after our recent one hour flight stretched to eight hours. I’m hoping you find the right thing and the right time. For us, Hawaii is our heaven. We celebrated a birthday and anniversary there, albeit delayed. @Sharon in AZ sometimes customer service attitude makes all the difference! Don’t blame you for being so annoyed, it should have been made right initially. have to head out as we get some rare sun, back to rain tomorrow. Haven’t even got our plants yet!
  11. @Heartgrove you bought tears to my eyes, our old lab, Benny, my avatar had the same and had to drag himself at the end. Gotta love the head butts! @Quartzsite Cruiser sending very gentle hugs to you, dental surgery is no picnic, but glad the dentist was quick! @57redbird hope you’re healing well!
  12. Thanks for your lovely explanation. Giggling about the playoffs, even though we’re from Alberta we can’t cheer for Edmonton. So Canuck’s it is!
  13. Good morning and thank all! Happy Victoria Day on a drizzly day, but our province is glad because it’s helping the fires! @ger_77 hoping Maurice is recovering well. Just a thought on the delay, perhaps there was a reason like a panic attack. Those can happen, although wouldn’t be anyone’s intention. We never really know what is going on in others’ lives. @Cruising-along beautiful flowers! @Heartgrove hope poor Sam is ok! Heartbreaking! @smitty34877 glad you have a place that gives some solace! Pace yourself! Love hearing all the cruising plans! @marshhawk love the photo, here’s another of Lake Louise named after Queen Victoria's daughter. Very appropriate for Victoria Day.
  14. Those are fabulous! A few years back we went to the Tate modern, DS who is an artist was enamoured with an art installation that looked like stepladders, paint cans, and peanut shells. I thought it was just under construction, he informed me that the peanuts were carved out of styrofoam and painted. I guess the janitor agreed with me, as he cleaned it up and was fired. Later hired by one of the local papers as their art critic!
  15. Good morning and thanks all! @Norseh2o happy anniversary, great photos and quote! @mamaofami congratulations to Jeremy! @ger_77 sorry to hear Maurice is ill, hope he recovers completely and quickly! @kazu praying no news is good news! Good luck at the vascular surgeon! @superoma hope you feel better soon as well! DS is also ill with a cold, and his kitchen tap started linking, always something. But fortunately the plumber came yesterday after DH had no luck. Thankful as it’s a long weekend. Missed these beauties in Vancouver, at the Van Duesen Botanical gardens. I’ve tried with no success to grow the Himalayan blue poppies.
  16. Happy birthday to your DGS @Cruising-along! How exciting about the world cruise! And for you too @AncientWanderer Happy anniversary @aliaschief
  17. But if it wasn’t planned in the first place as per the map, that’s a different kettle of fish. A lot of cruise lines promote the inside passage but count the US portion. Makes things very confusing for all concerned, I am very curious what was in the original documents as to the route. But bottom line, the captain put it in writing and passengers were compensated so something most certainly went awry. Me thinks it was much earlier or the pilots would have been engaged.
  18. Interestingly, this year’s map appears to show both the inside passage and going on the outside of Vancouver island. But the arrow points north to the Alaskan part. I think that’s a big part of the confusion. It was hard to find the map as the cruise is over but this one appears to be accurate? If anyone has theirs from the booking it may be worth looking at. Maybe the FCC is very lucky if this was what was planned initially? In 2025 it appears to go to Vancouver on the true inside passage, but the arrow still points north.
  19. I am eagerly awaiting the end of revenge travel or a recession. Flights are ridiculously delayed and crowds are overwhelming most places, not to mention the ridiculous prices for hotels.
  20. And almost always Seattle cruises go on the outside of Vancouver island and Vancouver ones on the inside. One would have to backtrack to do both Vancouver and Victoria and end up in .Seattle. I’m wondering if Hal marketing are the ones that messed this up. As the pilot would need to be booked well prior, seems someone dropped the ball. But kudos to the captain for taking responsibility We once ate with the Canadian pilot and the Seymour narrows is challenging and timing is everything.
  21. We’ve visited Greece many times of the year, I’d avoid July and August because of the heat. September would be great IMO if you like to swim, the water is still warm whereas in spring it could be very cool. But a lot of islands closeup in October. The earliest I’d consider is late April.
  22. Good morning and thanks all! @cat shepard yikes on the tornado, glad you are well. Too bad on the wine, we were just in the Columbia valley, love Viognier. @mamaofami nice to hear from you! @kazu glad to hear from you, but hoping the news will be better soon! @ger_77 hope all your planning goes well, your doctor is probably very wise, seems to be more sick around here lately. @marshhawk and @Nickelpenny wishing you a better day! We've visited Athens many times so last time on an overnight port visit we took a private tour to Meteora.
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