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  1. @Nickelpenny so sorry to hear your news! More very gentle hugs on the way! @marshhawk yikes, so sorry to hear your news, More hugs on the way!
  2. Good morning and thanks all! So excited to see blue skies! @summer slope Happy 58th anniversary! We too are in the it won’t last club, 51 years now, an elite group for sure, lol! hoping all goes well today for @Nickelpenny and @catmando @RMLincoln praying things go in the right direction! You’ve got this! @kazu hope things are improving! well the owlets attempted to fly and both are out of the nest! What a scary time for them! One was taken by parks, don’t know if it was injured, the nest was probably twenty feet up, the other was on the ground but with both bleary eyed parents watching closely.
  3. I’m sorry you missed the inside passage, it would be disappointing. But almost all the ships I’ve seen that stop in Victoria route outside Vancouver island. So I can understand the confusion. It seems yours was to be a one off. Many cruise lines advertise the inside passage but only do the part by Alaska rather than by Canada. IMO it is very healthy compensation. Probably nearly enough to pay for an Alaska cruise. So perhaps a way to find a silver lining.
  4. Good morning and thanks ALL! Welcome back @richwmn Thanks to @kazuand @StLouisCruisers for keeping things going and all the regular contributors. It truly takes a village and everyone does their part! So appreciate everyone’s contributions. Don’t want to miss anyone. @Nickelpenny hope all goes well today! welcome home @AncientWanderer glad you had a fabulous time! The inside passage is spectacular and usually calmer so maybe that was the concern. The aurora at sea must have been spectacular. Truly makes one awestruck. Unfortunately the smoke is still with us, sigh! But I’m so happy to see some wild wood violets!
  5. I think today is also difficult for many! For many reasons! Hugs!
  6. A beautiful photo, love the sentiment on the wall! I’m sorry for your loss, It’s hard to lose your mom no matter what age!
  7. Thanks, my grandmother (the one with the glasses) was half Swiss and half English, so you never know.
  8. Korakuen, the nearby gardens to Himeji, are just a short train ride away, one of the top three in Japan
  9. Just arrived home last night, and after an hour the smoke descended. Sigh, it’s so early! Himeji is a lovely small sized city with a beautiful castle, highly recommend a visit! A photo of our interesting breakfast there and a ramen house for dinner. It is also very close to one of the top gardens in Japan.
  10. Very late to the party after deciding to drive home instead of fly! But bonus we visited our friend last night, who lives part way up a mountain so some early northern lights. Sorry to hear your news @1ANGELCAT Bon Voyage @StLouisCruisers @Niagarawine. @MISTER 67 @marshhawk I too see some celestial beings. The light ray may be the phenomenon called S.T.E.V.E. Coined by local aurora watchers and officially validated by NASA. It often shows up in conjunction with the aurora.
  11. @Quartzsite Cruiser thanks for the info and photos of the sunspots! Wow! @marshhawk take good care of you! @Niagarawine it is SO beautiful! We found lots of great hotels nearer to Vancouver airport. Maybe that area is worth trying or downtown, the Coast Coal Harbour by APA was great. But Vancouver is very pricey! @AncientWanderer it is so exciting!
  12. Sorry to be so sporadic but when travelling….. th aka for all the kind comments about DS. Now we’re off to see my aunt who’ll be 100 next month @luvteaching glad the day was ok! @smitty34877 sending hugs your way! And to @Nickelpenny some photos of Bletchley and the enigma machine
  13. Good morning and thanks all! Well we’re recovering from a wonderful celebration. It’s been an intense four years, so proud, DS won one of the major awards for graduands. He won the Chancellor’s award last year. He has actually officiated his first wedding.
  14. I am so sorry to hear your friend’s sad news. Praying her one DGS heals well and that she has lots of wonderful memories to console her! @kazu praying you soon start improving. @ger_77 sounds like the monsoons have hit the prairies. Glad to be in lotus land, lol! We found the last fallen cherry blossom.
  15. @kazu glad you got the antibiotics pronto! Hope they work quickly! @JazzyV so sorry to hear about your BFF. You both deserve a different kind of break!, @USN59-79 yikes on red tape! In my case DS is Dear son, it is confusing. I used to think LOL was lots of luck, lol! @Niagarawine West jet settled today but not until they cancelled our flight yesterday! Arghh! Vancouver is truly spectacular in the sunshine. Love the bluebells
  16. Good morning and thanks all! Welcome back @kazu hope the dr gets to the bottom of things! And you are soon on the road to complete recovery. Love the photos @Cruising-along and @Quartzsite Cruiser @StLouisCruisers thanks for stepping up, glad you had a good time at graduation other than the house guests. Rhymes with… I’ve been awol, but with good reason. We’re actually in Vancouver as well, for DS Master’s convocation tomorrow. But unfortunately WestJet had a lockout that started yesterday and cancelled, then delayed our replacement flight nearly four hours so I spent an inordinate amount of time zigging and zagging, we may even drive home. Sigh! But the flowers are gorgeous and there are leaves on the trees. Hopefully we’ll also make it to Seattle as my only remaining aunt will be 100 next month.
  17. Good morning and thanks all! We've had several visits to Provence, and spent several weeks there, but not Marseille. Mostly pre digital, so I’m enjoying the wonderful photos! We had the good fortune to stay right near Pont du Gard, and see the running of the bulls in Uzes. We loved the tears on the gates of the cemetery in Loumarin and worried if we’d see our teens again after they visited the market in Isle de Sorgue. My prime memory of Les Baux was the squat toilets we talked about a week or so ago about, as my then teen daughter could not face them. We also ate a restaurant in St Remy run by a former matador from Arles. Our favourite used to be Aix en Provence. Such beautiful fountains and shoppes.
  18. Rabbit x 3. Good morning and thanks all! @smitty34877 glad you got checked out, and as hard as it is to do. Please take care of YOU. There’s a reason on the airplane they say to put your oxygen mask on first. Hugs! @kazu anniversaries are always hard, but sending you extra hugs today as your remember Jose! @ger_77 oh I am so relieved to hear your news. Our friend had that surgery in November and was able to go to Hawaii in January, truly a wonderful outcome. So hoping that will be the case for Maurice as well! Loving all the doodle photos. The Fault in the stars is such a great book. I am reading another great one, the Covenant of Water, over 700 pages and I will be truly sad when I finish. We've enjoyed Juneau a couple of times
  19. @RMLincoln so sorry that you are having to deal with so much! Prayers things improve for your DH soon, hugs!
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