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  1. I’ve often wondered if the reason you’re so busy is to distract you. Sending hugs, it takes time, and some r and r might be just what you need.
  2. Good morning and thank all! Sending good wishes for all those medical appointments today. I’m heading off this morning as well. We thoroughly enjoyed Kochi, beautiful vintage silk kimonos were also for sale! I may have purchased a few. There is also a lovely castle to visit, slippery ladders to climb and a beautiful bridge. Don’t miss their hay smoked tuna.
  3. yes we encountered them the first night jet lagged, but there were also very modern ones, Here’s one from France, 😱😉
  4. For those that are interested, we stayed in a Machiya, a former store in the historic centre of Kyoto.
  5. Good morning and thanks all! Happy fifth to the daily! Thanks @rafinmdfor your timeline, and to @ger_77 for the reminder about that zoom call! It was fun! I will gladly celebrate those dear Brave hearts and super heroes! Everyday! @smitty34877 yikes! now you have to look after you or you’re no good to anyone! I just hope it heals well and quickly and you get a little r and r! @Cruzin Terri sorry to hear of your loss, sending prayers for support as you navigate these new waters. @Seasick Sailor that will be a fabulous cruise to celebrate on! Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto are often visited from the same place, usually Osaka. Highly recommend the Kobe beef and a visit to Kyoto, preferably for a few nights! We stayed in the area where the cattle are raised, and although extremely expensive it’s worth a try. They have unusual but delicious breakfasts, salads often served then; as well as the most unusual toilets.
  6. Aw thanks! And to @JazzyV as well, CC not cooperating again! Most are by DH so credit to him. I am planning to do a little photo book but he got a new better camera, lol!
  7. Aw thanks @DeeniEncinitas @Quartzsite Cruiser and @marshhawk you made me giggle! Went to another spot and found this baby eaglet. So much fun, to see the babies!
  8. Good morning and thanks all! Today CCs working and I use safari, go figure. Hope everyone stays safe in these storms. Our fire season has started very early, eek! Summer used to be something to look forward to. We love Brunello, apparently was the late Queens favourite. We’ve stayed near Montalcino and enjoyed it immensely. Went back to visit the owls and saw mom, and perhaps a few feathers of baby’s?
  9. Agreed! When we visited years ago, we were sure they had special cars they didn’t care about! oh my, the great cracker shortage! Your dinner sounds amazing, lobster dumplings, best left to the imagination! I bought my collapsible hiking poles from the big box store. I have two sets and they’re great. So wonderful how HAL has looked after you! Thanks for taking us along!
  10. @Haljo1935 sorry about that, the photo was too high of a resolution and I never know until I try but CC has not been kind to me so I couldn’t edit it as soon as usual. Here’s another one from a few weeks ago, I rpresume this is the male, you can’t see the nest as it’s in a hollow of a tree.
  11. Good morning and thanks all. With a special thanks to those who stepping up for those who are away. @dfish a very happy birthday to you! @ottahand7 hugs on this day, how supportive John is! @aliaschief thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful ship. @Seasick Sailor we love the Merlin app as well. It’s so nice to see all the birds coming back, the Sandhills cranes, herons, tundra swans, finches…. And speaking of tundra, it is actually incredibly beautiful, small plants that grow close to the ground. My favourite place to see it is up high on the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier national Park Montana. @kochleffel thanks for the different drink recipes and info on Audubon. I wasn’t aware. @marshhawk extra hugs! Our local great horned owls are nesting in the same place.
  12. @rafinmd woohoo! So glad things are going in the right direction!
  13. Aw, practically blushing. He is an amazing painter, and sculptor but has had recognition for installation type art, in the MOMA, the wit de Witt in Rotterdam, Berlin, San Francisco and a few other places. As DH says the kind you can’t sell. He’s gone a different direction now, but is also involved in theatre and film. He even was accredited in Cannes. Ok, I’ll stop now! LOL! The Biennale is amazing as is the glass in Murano. Those ravens wings were also glass, hard to reimagine it on that scale. We had our chandelier made by one of the only female glass blowers in Murano. DH thought we were just going to look. 🤷‍♀️ The one we had made and shipped. All the fruit is hand blown with real gold or silver for colour in the glass. At the time it was pricey but not insane. ooh, do renew the Irish passport! I
  14. @RMLincoln my condolences on the loss of your DSIL. So glad your DH is doing well!
  15. Good morning and thanks all! @ger_77 wishing Maurice a very happy birthday! @smitty34877 sorry to hear Tana is needing more help, but glad your family was able to help provide some respite. We’ve visited Santorini several times and have stayed there for a few days. Last time we were extremely fortunate to be the only ship that could visit because of the dynamic positioning on the Koningsdam. We find it much easier to take the small boat over to the small port of Ammoudi below Oia and the bus up. They are usually waiting at the dock and it completely avoids the cable car up. But unfortunately not down. Like @RMLincoln we think Akrotiri is well worth a visit and perhaps the red sand or black sand beaches we also love Oia and highly recommend the local walnut cake with Mastic Icecream! Some cute posters in the local church.
  16. @Host Bonjour thanks for kind words. We've visited Venice a number of times, separately and before, during and after cruises. Last time was our second visit to the Biennale and we spent a week after our visit to Puglia. Our son is an artist so he spends literally days there. We were surprised by the depth and breadth of the art, in church’s, villas, throughout Venice. The Villa D’oro was open with a special glass exhibition that was astounding. We love the Murano glass, had to even buy a chandelier one year! a few more photos
  17. @Quartzsite Cruiser thanks for the kind words! So magical under the sea! There is also an Enterprise in the industrial section very near to Target. I wasn’t aware the Marriott one was closed as we usually rent at the airport. @RMLincoln let the healing begin! So glad it’s behind you!
  18. @0106 the whales are pretty awe inspiring, we’re fortunate that we can watch them right from our condo. I think Hertz is right in the Courtyard Marriott right at the dock. There’s some pretty decent cacti gardens by the old airport, really near the port. You only need about half a hour to walk through them, There are some major ones by Hilo as well when you’re over there. South of Kona there’s some Greenwell ones and just generally a very different landscape, maybe visit a coffee plantation. some photos from the old airport gardens
  19. Ooh, lucky you! In January you will likely see whales even on a snorkelling trip or from the shore. I think snorkelling is one of our faves, I think Debbie @dfish went on one this year. The snorkelling at Kahuluu Beach Park is usually excellent, as is Kealakakua Bay where we used to see the spinner dolphins as well. Not sure you will need wet suits, the water is usually pretty warm. We just wear reef shirts. Kahuluu has beach access, but it is rocky so you need beach socks that will go in your fins. We also enjoy seeing the city of refuge that has been posted, and two step next door offers good snorkelling as well. You could also rent a car, and see a number of things. Beautiful beaches north, botanical gardens etc. I’m happy to answer questions, really depends on what you’d like to see and do.
  20. @JazzyV so glad things went well! Wishing you continued improvement! I’m not sure why the sunsets are so amazing either. I’ve never seen such incredible colours. And we live by the Rockies, so they can be quite spectacular here too. We have a friend that was in the USN as well, who says you can’t beat a Kona sundown! That little spider was there for two months. He hardly moved and we tried hard not to disturb him or her. I loved the little face and the ziggy zaggy, lol! Here’s a few more, including a green flash which we see quite often but rarely capture on film.
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