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  1. Ship -Freedom Deck -8 Stateroom # -8244 Stateroom Category –Balcony Starboard or Port Side -Port Quiet Stateroom? (With comments on problems) – Quiet, for the most part. We were surrounded by families with small\loud children though, and the kiddos did make a lot of noise a few times. Was stateroom a connecting stateroom? - no Balcony View - The view was great! We were able to watch as we pulled into Cozumel, watch as the tenders pulled up in Belize, and watch as we docked in Roatan. All occurred on the Port side, giving us a great view of everything. Balcony Size? Normal or oversized for class? -Normal Was wind a problem? - Only when arriving to and leaving from Roatan. If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - N/A Any specific problems with this cabin? - No problems. You're only a short set of stairs from the Lido Deck, food, and fun. No waiting for an elevator to get you there.
  2. My mom is returning to NOLA on the Glory tomorrow (4/18/19). I'm very concerned about the weather there tomorrow morning. I'm wondering if the Glory will even be able to transit the Mississippi. My question is, would the ship possibly steam and return early, or will it wait until it's safe to make the transit and dock (even if that isn't until tomorrow evening)? I'm worried about their arrival, because 1.) It's my 70 yr old mom and my aunt, and 2.) They are supposed to drive straight back to Texas so that my mom can stay with my kids while my wife and I leave out of Galveston on the Freedom on Saturday. Any info on how NOLA arrivals are handled, would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Interested in the OP's take on Starfish Island and the snorkeling. I'll be there on the 23rd and hoping the snorkeling is good. I've heard mixed reviews. I've also heard mixed reviews on Starfish Island itself. Any insight would be awesome!! TIA.
  4. I think there is a limit to how much you can get for the Cruise Bar Cash with your fun points. I want to say it's like $200. We aren't big drinkers, but my wife likes that specialty coffee's, so we used our fun points and got $150 in cruise bar cash, plus our $50obc. We figure that this should be enough for us.
  5. It's not the 1st sailing after dry dock though. This is, I believe, the 3rd sailing. In any event, between my PVP and John Heald, I'm comfortable enough to believe that my cruise in 3 weeks, will be fine.
  6. I asked John Heald, and he had not heard about it either.
  7. Just spoke to my PVP, whom I trust completely, and was told that this does not/should not happen. I feel better about my cruise now.
  8. We both work for the state, so it wouldn't be much to cancel the leave request last minute, but finding time later on to be able to schedule leave would be difficult. Besides, when you book a cruise, you circle a date on your calendar. You plan for that date, you use that date to keep you going when work\life gets you down. To have it stripped away from you at nearly the last minute, would be unforgivable as the cruise line could have avoided the "overbooking."
  9. Interesting. I hope it's just the one for this weekend, and not more than that. My cruise on the Freedom is for 4/20, and my wife and I have already submitted our leave requests at work. A reschedule due to overbooking, when we booked it back in September, would not sit well with me at all.
  10. Thank you all for the responses! We don't have a color printer anymore either, but can get access to one if needed. As for the tags, we have some plastic tag holders that were specifically designed for cruise tags. They are like a really heavy duty zip-lock style and have a wire cable that you can run through a metal eyelet on the tag holder. The wire has a locking mechanism on it to keep it from coming off unless you actually unscrew it. My mother bought them for us when we booked our cruise in September. Now, in just 24 short days, we'll test them out. We will also be taking the suggestion to put a copy of the tags, inside our luggage as well, just in case.
  11. I know this is probably a silly question, but does it matter if you print out your boarding passes/luggage tags in color or not?
  12. Thanks for the info. We're from Texas as well, so we know all about the heat. At times during the "winter," even with the heater going, my wife will turn on the ceiling fan in our bedroom at night. I may still bring a fan for her, just in case.
  13. Curious to know how the room temps were. I've read elsewhere, that even post dry dock, some of the rooms were still pretty hot. My wife and I will be sailing on 4/20 and will be in a balcony cabin on Deck 8. If these reports are accurate, I'm thinking I should bring a fan.
  14. Thanks for the info. Maneuvering speed is 12 knots? Is that to compensate for tides? I would have guessed a bit slower, like under 10. Still, it's knowledge I didn't have before, and quite interesting too. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks Cheng! Old salts like you and me, understand how that stuff works, how to calculate Kn to MPH, etc. I think the best explanation, is to say that these sites give last reported position and are based on available data at the time. Looking at the last course and speed reported, one could reasonably extrapolate an estimated ETA or a change therein, based on what was reported and what some of us know based on experience. I'd like to think that I predicted it pretty close to the mark, give or take an hour. Question though. Do the Cruise ships get close, such as off the coast of Galveston, and jog for a bit before getting clearance to enter the channel? I've always wondered about that.
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