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  1. Thanks for the quick response. Looking forward to seeing Vienna.
  2. Looking for information from anyone that may have attended one of these concerts. We are doing an Avalon cruise and this is an optional excursion they offer. In particular we are wondering what kind of clothes people wear to the concert. Any info is appreciated. Thanks Dennis
  3. We are in Prague 2nights prior to our Avalon cruise. Avalon offers 6 hotel options to stay at, Hilton Old Town, Prague Marriott, Art Deco Imperial, Alcon Hotel, Cosmopolitan and Intercontinental. Any info concerning any of these hotel options is greatly appreciated. Thanks Dennis
  4. I know Allure was set to be amplified March 2020. Can’t seem to find if it happened or not. Any info would be appreciated. Dennis
  5. Thanks for the responses. We don’t believe the extra cost would be worth the cost. Dennis
  6. Considering a cruise to Alaska, surf internet is included. What is the cost to upgrade to stream internet? Thanks for any info.
  7. Our travel agent set us up for Select dining with a 6:00 reservation each night. She linked 3 reservations together.
  8. Does Celebrity allow reservations with anytime dining? We are signed up for Alaska cruise, early dining is full and 8:30 is too late for our group to eat. Princess and NCL take reservations for times during anytime dining. Thanks for any info. Dennis
  9. Thanks so much for the info. I think we may do the upper because we can do an add on for Prague and Berlin. Dennis
  10. We want to do a Danube River Cruise in 2021 but not sure on where. Did a Rhine River Cruise and loved it. Is lower or upper more scenic? Looking forward to hearing input from everyone. Dennis
  11. As others have said Freedom will sail from Pan American pier. We have sailed from San Juan 4 times. We try to stay in Condado beach area because one of our favorite restaurants is there, Oceano. Outdoor dining on the beach. It is expensive but we feel we are on vacation so it doesn’t matter. Dennis
  12. We will cruise with Princess, hopefully next year. Booked for Panama Canal for end of February and Baltic in August. On Princess website there is a safety outline for future cruises. From info I read on different cruise lines threads they all are pretty slow in refunding money. Dennis
  13. When I called at the 90 day mark the representative told me the status of my refund was “in process “ . She said if it has that status it shouldn’t be too much longer. It was refunded 3 days later. Hope you receive yours soon!!!
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