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  1. I found this interesting, so I wanted to look into it. We were booked on Sky Princess for August 13,2020 to the Baltic. When we book the trip in February 2019 we paid $8100 for a deluxe balcony. I checked for August 2021 and the same cabin was quoted at $7190, trip insurance would. Maybe it depends on date and itinerary. Dennis
  2. Another vote for Hotel Jazz. We stayed there a couple of years ago after our Med cruise. Really good location.
  3. Our Baltic cruise for August was cancelled yesterday, our TA said refunds should take approximately 90 days. So we will see. Dennis
  4. We received our email last night concerning our Baltic cruise on Sky in August being cancelled. So sad but in all reality would we feel safe being on the ship without a vaccine or treatment available. Dennis
  5. Maybe two tables, one for 8 and one for 4. We have 8 adults and 4 grandkids ranging from 13-17. The kids probably enjoy sitting on their own.
  6. Thanks, I will definitely have our travel agent do that. I thought the max might be 10.
  7. We are a family of 12 and planning a cruise on the Harmony in 2021. Are there areas where the 12 of us can sit together. Dennis
  8. It is scheduled to cruise the Baltic, we are booked on the August 13th cruise. I am surprised though after reading what Carnival CEO said as well as Princess head that when cruising starts it will be at a very reduced number of ships cruising. Since cruising will not start until after July 1st and Sky’s TA is scheduled for September back to US, just surprised ship would go over for a short season. Don’t even know which ports will be open in Europe.
  9. Just looked at bridge cam from Sky and it says heading to Europe. Date stamp shows today’s date. Not sure what this means for Europe cruises. Dennis
  10. Hope the video board is correct. We are scheduled to be on the Sky in August to sail the Baltic. Dennis
  11. Since TA cruises were to take place in April, wondering if ships will still sail over in April, just empty. If any Europe cruises will take place ships need to reposition sometime. Dennis
  12. We are cruising the Baltic in August with Princess. Our cruise price has been reduced by $850 per person since we originally booked it. The price reduction happened 2 weeks ago. Dennis
  13. We have always felt safe with cruising. Yes people get sick on ships but we believe no more than at an airport or on a plane and even at a grocery store. You must keep washing hands using hand sanitizer etc. Dennis
  14. Soooo happy to read Princess is doing the right thing for the crew on the Diamond. Shows a lot of class on their part. Dennis
  15. Will taxi drivers accept US dollars or Euros? Also can you use a credit card. Thanks Dennis
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