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  1. Unfortunately, they don't seem to know what the program is for the ships that have the new internet. We are sailing on the Grand later this month and nobody seems to understand how the pricing will work for elites. I have spoken to two different Customer Relations agent and they don't have the answer.
  2. LOL, I started another thread but dated it 3/18/18. Silly me. In any event I lost one more pound and which brings me up to a total of 10. Yeah me! Now I just need to keep plugging away until I get to where I want to be.
  3. Woo Hoo! I am down another pound which makes 10 total. :D:D:D It's going slower than I would have liked, but little by little, I will get where I want to be. This week was a little more of a challenge. For the first time I had a couple of days when I felt hungry even though I had eaten properly and drunk quarts of water. Good news is that I made it through without caving in to temptation.
  4. I just threw myself a curve and booked a 15 day cruise from Tokyo to Vancouver this April. I hate being away from home in the spring when I can work in the garden, but this came up and it was ridiculously cheap--15 days for $599 for an outside cabin. The balconies were all sold out, but it's primarily a crossing so it's not a huge deal. So, now I really do need lots of extra help to keep myself on track because my birthday (my next target date) will still roll around on June 8th and my family cruise will still be October 6th and I really want to look great for that. I guess I will eat a lot of salad. :)
  5. I have been pretty much perfect for the past 8 weeks and have been losing a consistent one pound a week. I'm fine with that. This week, however, I lost 2 pounds and I am totally amazed and thrilled. I am still shooting for another 15 pounds off before my birthday on June 8th, but if I happen to have another week when I lose 2 pounds instead of one, I will celebrate. Total to date: 9 pounds down.
  6. I have been concerned about my weight for over 60 years and handled it with varying degrees of success over time. I lost 9 pounds last fall and then turned around and gained them back as a result of a long cruise and lots of holiday parties and dinners. :-( I started being careful again in mid January and have to date lost the 9 pounds once again. This time, I am determined to go all the way back to my old Weight Watchers goal weight, which is now 35 pounds away. My 74th birthday is June 8th and I am hoping to be down another 15 pounds by that time. I am taking an extended family cruise in October and would like to hit my goal by that time, but will be happy if I am just down thirty additional pounds by that time. Truth be told, I don't even know if my old WW goal is appropriate at this age. It was 12 pounds under the WW high goal at the time it was set and they have raised thei weight ranges since that time, so we will see. For now, I am content to plug along losing one pound a week, working out regularly to keep myself toned. I tried on my old Miracle Suit yesterday and I really didn't look too bad for an old lady, but I hope to look a whole lot better when we sail to Cuba. Waywardspirit, are you hoping to lose and additional 60 pounds before your cruise, or 60 pounds total? I wish everyone success in taking control of their body!
  7. I am down another pounds this week for a total of 7. Looks like this will be a long journey. I saw the doctor today and told him all about my plan. At first he thought 1,200 calories was not enough but when he thought about the fact that it causes me to lose only one pound a week. He said it must be the perfect amount. I have a very low metabolism. He was also please with my exercise progress and the fact that I have been getting my heart rate up into the 140s, with an average of 126 during my workouts. One week at a time.
  8. You go, Mike! I am only down 1 pound again this week, but that is a 6 pound total so, little by little, I am getting there. Even if it continuous to come off this slowly, I will be looking decent by my birthday, which is June 8th, and even better by my next cruise which is September 14th. Moreover, I will have to be good during my September cruise because I have another October 6 with some extended family, including both of my sisters, and I really want to look good for that. The most important thing is that I am in it for the long haul, and realistic about my goals. I haven't had any wine, or any kind of alcohol, in a month and I don't miss it one bit, even at parties. My new drink is soda, ice, lime a d bitters, which looks good, tastes good, and can be ordered in any bar air restaurant, For my cruises, I plan to take a case of Perrier and a bottle of bitters to make it easy on myself.
  9. Hurray for Me! I am down another pound, and in a new decade. It's amazing how easy it is to lose weight when you stick to the program.
  10. Thanks, Mike, for starting the thread. I came on to do it and it was already there. I was down one pound and was a little disappointed because I was absolutely perfect with my food all week and did a pretty good job on my exercise. Oh well, three last week and one this week is four. If I keep at it, eventually I will get there. Thanks for being here. It encourages me.
  11. Sharon, you can probably ask someone at your church where they send people in need of shelter. We have a Martha's Workers group at our church that does a great deal to help those in need and they always have great ideas. I was so proud of myself today for finally giving away the kids encyclopedias. Even knowing that they would never use them again I their lives, it was hard to part with them. I wasn't quite so proud of my eating. I just didn't feel like eating dinner so I had abagbof popcorn instead. I managed to stay within my 1,200 calories a day, but it certainly wasn't the healthiest choice. Oh well, I enjoyed it and feel like I had a huge indulgence without really doing any damage. We have a fabulous store in the Northwest called Fred Meyer and they sell just about everything. They have what I call "Old Ladies' Day" on the first Tuesday where all seniors get a 10% discount not on their entire order, so tomorrow I shop. I need to stock up on food and I. mignt buy a couple of little blacks T-shirts if they have them on sale. They have a V-neck and are very light and easy to wear around the house. They also look good enough to wear out and about. It's funny to hear about snow. It's cold here, but not that cold. My husband mowed the lawn today and I thought about pruning roses but decided to wait for a nicer day. I am such a whimp.
  12. Diana, you are so lucky to be able to grow veggies so early in the year. My husband had a hip replacement last August so he is still healing. Of course he goes skiing several times a week, but says it is too soon to turn the solid in the garden. It has been an amazingly warm winter and it looks like all of my geraniums have made it through, which is very exciting. They are always so much bigger and more beautiful if I can keep them for more than one year. The diet is still going very well and I have been building up to the point where I am able to go for over 15 minutes straight in my Simply Fit board. Good luck to all,
  13. Belle, I will start a weekly thread. I won't forget because I am excited to see how much I will lose by Thursday and will want to share if it's great, or get encouragement if it's not so good.
  14. I started a private Facebook support group with my friend Sherri who also started on her weight-loss/fitness. Let me know if you would like to join and I will add you. My name is Della Maricich and the group is called Snerri's Support Group. Let's do it! Now I need a nap.
  15. I am so exhausted. I have spent the last three days cleaning like a crazy person. Our suite has three rooms, plus a bathroom. I got through our bedroom, our sitting room, the bathroom and about half of our dressing room, plus totally gunned out two closets in our upstairs hallway and one cabinet I our main bathroom. My next big project is to clean my vanity, which is a major project which I can't do until the garbage is emptied. I have one cupboard where I out all of the shampoo, conditioners, etc., that I pick up from my travels, plus all of the amenity kits that I get when we fly. I gave away a bunch of amenity kits to family and packed up all the rest to take to a women's shelter. It feel really good to have it all nice and clean. Last night I got less than 5 hours sleep so I am going to go take a nap now.
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