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  1. Take a look at this thread...all may not be lost:
  2. I wouldn't bet on it. There are plenty of flights flying from the US to the EU right now...they're just not carrying US citizens.
  3. Citibank's statements notwithstanding, they're still your best and easiest option for a refund. You might get a judgment in small claims court, but there is no guarantee you'll be able to collect. You say Citibank would not credit your account because Princess indicated a refund was coming. That did not happen, so you should be able to reopen that case. Call Citibank and ask to speak with a supervisor. We charged airfare and a Vrbo apartment in London for a trip in June 2020 to our Chase Sapphire Reserve card. We cancelled the apartment under the terms of our rental agreement. The apartment owner stalled and Vrbo was no help in getting our full payment refunded. Also the airline cancelled our flights and offered us vouchers on future flights...refusing a refund. I called Chase and they credited my account for both within seven days. Banks are being inundated with refund requests right now, but Citibank owes you their attention in your matter. Give it another try with them and escalate the issue until you speak with someone with the authority to say yes. Good luck!!
  4. The cruise lines give so much business to the airlines that it's worth it for them to hold the seats. I guess the airlines know if they get commitment 45 days out it works for them. With Princess eZAir I can book the flights myself online after the cruise is booked. I provide frequent flyer numbers, Known Traveler numbers, and seat selection. I'm provided with a record locator number. I immediately go to the airline's website and my info is there. Sometimes the seat selection doesn't make it over, so I select seats on the airline's site. It's a pretty good system.
  5. We were in A&D...row 16 I believe. The 767 we were on out of EWR was configured like your first graphic...not your most recent one. All the cruise lines have deals with the airlines where seats are held without actually ticketing. I know Princess eZAir doesn't ticket until 45 days out. Up until 45 days you can change flights or cancel air with no penalty. Some airlines will let you select seats on non-ticketed flights, some won't.
  6. Yes...exactly! I'd go for something like 6 A&D, 8 A&D, 10 A&D... If they do block off seats, I'm thinking they will be 3, 5, 7, 9...etc. You're in PA, but if you happen to be flying out of EWR, get there early so you can spend some time in the Polaris Lounge...just beautiful with great food!!
  7. Last fall we flew EWR → FCO in Business Class on a United 767-300. We had selected center seats, but for some reason we were assigned seats across the left aisle from each other which actually turned out better for us. If we did United Business again, I would select the same. Seats were comfortable, but one negative was that everyone boarded through the most forward doors, so with all the foot traffic beverage service could not be started during the boarding process. In fact, we didn't get drinks until we had been airborne for about an hour...pretty poor service. On their A330s American boards aft of the Business Class section so there's no interference with the forward cabin. We're scheduled to fly JFK → FCO in September in Business on a Delta / Alitalia A330 codeshare. Some seats in the forward section have been blocked off as unavailable, so you may run into that when you book United. That will, of course, limit your selection.
  8. We have two future bookings and I've changed cabins on both. We work with a TA, but I called Viking directly to make the changes. The calls took less than five minutes. We received a confirmation email within ten minutes with a copy going to our TA.
  9. Hi Kent... I'll take the blame. I mentioned the Jersey Shore as a road trip stop if we don't cruise this fall. With everything on hold, there's really not much cruise-related to discuss. As is everyone here, I'm looking forward to getting back on topic...
  10. Thank you both for your suggestions. I will certainly look into everything you mentioned. Your mention of seafood restaurants has my mouth watering...
  11. Awhile back we did a road trip to Virginia Beach with stops at Rehoboth Beach and Ocean City, MD along the way. We enjoyed walking the board walks and the beaches and would like to do something like that again. As far as hotels go, they've run the gamut from some pretty basic on Coastal Maine to some very nice properties in Florida and Hawaii. Luxury isn't a requirement at the beach: however, something above what we experienced in Maine would be nice. Lunch at the beach or along the boardwalk would be fine with an option for something nicer for dinner. We didn't do the ferry last trip, so thank you for the suggestion. We did drive the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel and would likely go that route again. In addition to the above, we want to work in driving the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's been on our bucket list for a long time.
  12. Thank you for asking. Having never visited the shore I am in need of advice. The Today Show was on site in Asbury Park and Long Beach Island recently. Both looked very nice. I'm open to suggestions as we'll be driving and likely heading further south after spending some time there.
  13. You're correct, of course, about there being many variables. Always best to call to get accurate information. We were fortunate to get a PV1 in a location we prefer. It's actually the same cabin on the same ship we're booked on this October...both by chance. Hopefully we'll be able to cruise this fall, but just in case we're making alternate plans. One of our stops will be the Jersey Shore...it'll be a first for us.
  14. I've noticed it takes the website 30-60 minutes to update after a cabin is booked or becomes available. If you call within that timeframe, there might be discrepancies.
  15. I wanted a PV1 from the beginning; however, in the case I related that only available cabin, a DV2 #5011, was too far forward. When I noticed a PV1 available I called Viking immediately.
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