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  2. You may receive some replies on this Princess board, but I suggest you also post on the Roll Call for this cruise here...
  3. If your itinerary does not include non-EU ports, there will be no customs/immigration disembarkation requirement.
  4. Not all suites...try doing what you suggest on the balcony of a PH suite on a Royal Class ship.
  5. A non-suite guest joined us for breakfast at Sabatinis on the Royal a few years ago after clearing it the morning before with the head waiter. It was the one and only time we asked.
  6. Regulations do not allow non-suite / club class guests to join those entitled to specialty breakfasts or club class dining, but I have first-hand experience that exceptions are made. For us club class dining is not so special that we are unable to forgo it in favor of dining with friends.
  7. I've seen it offered once many years ago, but not lately.
  8. This year the Sky sails to Fort Lauderdale on its maiden TA. You can check Sky 2020 itineraries on the Princess website.
  9. Those who have traditional dining should dine in the traditional dining room, Horizon Court, International Cafe, Alfredos, or a specialty restaurant. There are plenty of options without creating congestion in one of the anytime dining rooms.
  10. It can depend on the tide, but for the most part we have disembarked on deck 5...
  11. What Colo Cruiser states about Pam's experience is correct. Our cabin was just below hers on Riviera deck on the Maiden Royal TA. The locations of quiet and noisy cabins on Marina deck is quite spotty. Personally I wouldn't want to take a chance with a cabin on that deck.
  12. There must be more involved beyond email confirmations of booked tours. I just print the tour confirmation page in my Cruise Personalizer and bring that with me in the event there is an issue onboard. Happily I have never had to refer to it. You have a TA...he should be able to handle any issues without you having to take part in a conference call with Princess. If he is unable to do so, start looking for a new TA.
  13. With some airlines paying and ticketing is not required for seat selection. United, Delta, and American are three that come to mind. Once you pay and are ticketed you're subject to the airlines' rules. Lower eZAir fares will not be available to you.
  14. When you get off the ship on your turn-around day, most times you will need to get in the same line as those embarking. After going through security you can go directly to your cabin. Be sure you have your In Transit card with you. I say most times because one time we were directed to a separate entry door bypassing those embarking.
  15. Good point...but only 2 of the 3 cruises missing those OBCs were re-fared. We've re-fared many times in the past, but this is the first time we've lost OBCs in the process. If re-faring causes an issue with Shareholder OBCs, it's a bug that needs to be addressed.
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