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  1. Have you discussed this with Flights by Celebrity? If not, give them a call and ask whether you can pay for your flights in full now so your itinerary can be ticketed. If so, you'll then be able to secure your seat selection.
  2. Does it have to be Hertz? Does the vehicle have to be returned at the airport? We have learned that avoiding airports when renting and returning vehicles saves us a lot in rental fees. As long as I can remember, we have used Budget Car Rental before or after cruises out of Port Everglades. There are two convenient locations that used to offer shuttles to and from the port: 2520 Miami Rd Hollywood FL 33316 1515 SE 17th Street Causeway Fort Lauderdale FL 33316 Also, we have been using AutoSlash for some very good pricing. You enter your requirements on their website and they provide pricing and links to various sites where you can book if you wish.
  3. Limited to the sixty day period immediately prior to the initial deposit or booking date which is pretty standard for most travel insurance policies.
  4. The historical center is the Centro Storico.
  5. Our experience dealing with Chase Sapphire Reserve's insurance adjusters, Card Benefit Services, has been nothing if not frustrating. We needed to cancel European travel for fall 2021 which included two cruises, one on Viking Ocean and one on Regent. We insured all but $20,000 with IMG iTravelInsured, leaving the balance to be covered by Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Benefits. The claim with IMG iTravelInsured has been paid in full while Card Benefit Services is dragging its feet...unresponsive when not requesting additional information. They state they will respond to inquiries within five days which has never happened.
  6. Seems reasonable, but had to ask. Thank you...
  7. Question along the same line... If doing a B2B, am I allowed to bring 4 bottles of wine onboard at the initial embarkation?
  8. As in any port, if you arrive while passengers are still disembarking from the previous cruise it is unlikely luggage handlers will be available to process embarking passengers' luggage.
  9. I haven't done RIL'S golf cart tour, but knowing them as a quality tour company I would not hesitate booking with them. Having said that, I recommend you investigate My Best Tour for their offerings. We used My Best Tour in 2018 and found them to be excellent and at a cost much more reasonable than RIL.
  10. Well I guess that answers my original question. Makes no sense, but as Michael Debakey once responded to a question of mine...That's the way it bees.
  11. The cruises are marketed separately. I didn't become aware they had been combined until after I gave my TA the go ahead and paid the additional deposit. If I were to cancel now and reebok the three cruises separately, Viking would issue a voucher and I'd be required to pay another deposit equal to 20% of the unpaid balance. I may just chalk this up to a learning experience and remember this the next time I book a B2B with Viking.
  12. You're correct. My TA always gives me the maximum OBC allowed. I don't know whether she has any control over the combining of cruises. I'll ask, but don't intend to push the point.
  13. Those wonderful sea days on the crossing will be more than welcome. Enjoying multiple sea days after the initial port-intensive segments is why we prefer westbound TAs. There are a few duplicate ports of call and overnights where we can stay onboard to recharge our batteries along the way.
  14. True regarding the benefits you listed. However, with a voucher equal to 45% of the new booking, Viking still required a deposit for 20% of the unpaid balance. The ability to book shore-ex is a benefit, but not sure it's worth $1,600 in lost OBC.
  15. Yes, we're very happy Viking is offering a TA back to Fort Lauderdale in 2023. October 6, 2023 / Adriatic & Mediterranean Sojourn / Rome → Istanbul October 27, 2023 / Iconic Mediterranean Treasures / Istanbul → Barcelona November 17, 2023 / Atlantic Ocean Passage / Barcelona → Fort Lauderdale Any thoughts on my OBC issue?
  16. I recently booked three cruises as a B2B2B. For the three cruises of 22, 22, and 14 days, I expected an OCB for each cruise of $1,000, $1,000, and $600...a total of $2,600. Viking combined the three cruises into one booking of 58 days with a single booking number which resulted in one OBC in the amount of $1,000. On the surface I see no positives to combining the cruises and one negative effect it has on the maximum OBC available. Am I missing something? Is combining B2B cruises mandatory? Before I speak with my TA or Viking I would appreciate the thoughts of experienced Viking cruisers...thanks.
  17. Hello @MR_T... I''m not Miaminice, but I can help. I use an iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. Since I just updated to iOS 15, I checked to see whether copying a photo and pasting it into the body of a message still works and confirmed that it does. If you use Apple devices there's no need to go through the upload process as a simple copy and paste works just fine.
  18. I booked the 22-day Mediterranean & Adriatic Sojourn embarking Athens September 8, 2023 in a PV1. I also had this itinerary booked in a PV1 this September which I cancelled. The cruise fare increase over two years is 5.6%. I'm still trying to work through the 125% voucher received upon cancellation of the Mediterranean & Atlantic Crossing in 2020 you and I had booked. So the slight increase doesn't concern me. I also booked the following 8-day Iconic Western Mediterranean from Barcelona to Rome. This was booked to give us some flexibility in booking a TA from either Barcelona or Rome. We'll cancel if we can hook up with a TA out of Barcelona.
  19. Just completed booking our fall 2023 Med Viking cruises. Here's a link...
  20. Have you thought of calling Viking or your TA? Viking is open now...
  21. When you get off the ship in Lisbon you need to take a taxi directly to Pasteis de Belem to enjoy pastel de nata. My mouth is watering as I type this...
  22. Hi Jim... I can't thank you enough for relating your experience onboard the Equinox. Your photos and descriptions are bringing sailing on her to life for us. We haven't had the pleasure yet of sailing on the Equinox, but will be for 30 days in January and February in a suite. We don't usually like to wish our lives away, but we can't wait to get on the high seas again. Looking forward to much more...
  23. There's no obligation at all to use the brokerage account...I don't. The brokerage and checking accounts are completely separate with different account numbers.
  24. We've used a Capital One debit card as a backup to our Schwab card. We also converted to the Capital One 360 card. It seems whenever I come across an article about debit cards for international use, the recommended order has been 1) Schwab, 2) Fidelity, 3) Capital One. I don't know whether Capital One will keep its third spot considering the new terms.
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