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  1. This explains the anomaly that I see in dates for my July 2020 cruises Canada New England. Due date was changed but penalty dates are before the new final payment date. i.e. 50% forfeiture is a few days before you have to pay anything above the initial deposit. Confusing!!
  2. And the first voyage will be chartered by KFC Corporation. 😂🤔
  3. Look for On-Demand TV in the ship amenities table. Some of the R-Class ships are upgraded but not all. https://www.hollandamerica.com/content/dam/hal/inventory-assets/ships/pdf-files/HAL_Ships_at_a_Glance_Chart.pdf
  4. Relax. I was admiring, not complaining. 😄
  5. Talk about the most unusual thread-drift that I have seen. 😄👌 Anyway, I am also a Juneau Harbour webcam aficionado. Even if they spell it “Harbor”.
  6. Just wanted to say that I am still an active member of this "secret" cult. My next cruises are booked as: July 2020 Amsterdam 7055 for a B2B Montreal-Boston-Montreal, and Dec 2020 Volendam 7086 for Half Panama (my exact room for Alaska a few years back).
  7. I had an identical power bar in my Massdam cabin powering the refrigerator via an extension cord. I hope they do not swap them all out just because of that old HAL logo, which still depicts the ship Half Moon. 😀😉
  8. Just want to ask about how easy (or difficult) the walk is through Port Everglades to the shops and restaurants. When riding the shuttle bus, the area seems to not be pedestrian friendly. I presume you went basically northward to the business row?
  9. In recent years, even the smaller Veendam could not fit during May and early June.
  10. In Boston and FLL, I have done the B2B. They should issue a special badge that allows you to proceed through the terminal same as a crew member. Different area on the side, but they still have X-ray and screening.
  11. This happened to me a couple years ago through home airport settings. I legitimately wanted FlightEase to show me prices to fly Boston to Seattle, then Seattle to Montreal. My “home airport” after that was Boston and all pricing was in USD. The on-board FCC finally discovered this setting problem on a later cruise and fixed it.
  12. When Koningsdam launched I checked some mock bookings and found consistently that the single rooms were more expensive than category I or J Interior rooms. I consider location very important and will take windowless or obstructed if I am close to Crow's nest or Lido deck. Anyway, that is my priority. The unobstructed window view does have many proponents.
  13. My experience in a Lanai on Maasdam is same as Trolleygirl. They are great places for departing a port.
  14. I confirm the older TVs with DVD library on the S and R class. One interesting piece of info is that Amsterdam (and only Amsterdam) is quoted to have “On Demand TV” as of May 2020. I will sail her in July 2020. Source is the table of ship amenities (PDF file) on HAL site. Sorry do not have the link handy.
  15. I can speak to the Eurodam with a spa veranda. The Bose sound system was indeed only Bluetooth and it was easy enough to connect both an iPhone and an iPad. I also had some music on a USB thumb drive, but that did not work. On the battery operated Bose speaker, the USB port is actually an input used to charge the battery. Expect your Neptune to have a similar unit.
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