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  1. I am not sure if this link will work for many weeks or even outside USA/Canada. In case, here is a short text on the mini bar. From the FAQ section. "The packages exclude purchases made in the Mini Bar, Honor Bar, Chocolate Seduction, In-Room Dining, beverages purchased on Half Moon Cay and any self-service draft beer." https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq.shipboard-life.how-do-i-order-beverage-packages-and-cards.html
  2. Reminds me of a story from a colleague after he flew on South West Airlines. The Captain introduced the names of flight and cabin crew. How impressive that he said something like " ...and our co-pilot is Justin Case."
  3. Remember though. Some people promoted the RMS Titanic to be a fully catered lifeboat. Not sure what happened to it, but there are rumours. 😂 🤣
  4. That fits my experience when I received Bronze Medallion for 100 Sea Days a couple years ago. A fellow traveler that I knew from a previous voyage (with far more sea days than me) was invited to and attended the ceremony, even though he was not getting a medallion that day.
  5. I can comment for HAL transfers when I fly in a day or two early and the transfer is to a hotel (less time pressure). Even then, the HAL agent at the airport makes decisions flexibly. if they have a lot of people from many flights arriving together, you will be in full size bus. If it is about 6 people, then in a taxi van. Sometimes 4 in a minivan. Once i was placed alone in a regular taxi car, called off the airport line. The agent has a charter contract code to cover the taxi cost. My point is they do not make you wait too long at the airport, even when transferring t
  6. Looking at video from the actual first cruise of Borealis, they turned the outdoor hot tub into a gigantic planter. People complained that the hot tub blocked the side to side view at the stern (well, yes it did) but now there is a small forest above the hot tub. And for the view, I am of a mindset that sometimes the hot tub itself provided a good view. 😉😇
  7. Interesting comment that I saw about the Borealis and Bolette (sp?) is they are the newest ships in Fred Olsen fleet. I took that to mean newest since launch date.
  8. The view was a tad murky. Let us hope there will be future departures from San Francisco just to see the Golden Gate clearly.
  9. Port of Seattle published schedule is linked below for the June 16 version. It is best to visit the cruise page of the Seattle port for an updated file between now and August. https://www.portseattle.org/maritime/cruise https://www.portseattle.org/sites/default/files/2021-06/2021 Sailing Schedule Updated 6.16.21_0.pdf
  10. Based on comments from a family friend who lived in Courtenay years ago, "Don't call me Comox!". Just a paraphrase from the movie Airplane.
  11. That matches the points count during my Viking Passage voyage on Rotterdam. The extra three days beyond my calculated on-board/excursion spend must have been the included beverage package.
  12. My custom watch face to celebrate the Zuiderdam Spa. The original photo is from Dec 2019. IMG_0883.MP4
  13. Definitely not The Loveboat ambience for this episode.
  14. Hi ger_77 you are at 9991 posts on June 21. A few more and ten thousand club. From the fella who visited the old cistern on your farm. 😄👓 please forgive my non-humour reply. Just wanted to say hi to a former neighbour from way back when.
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