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  1. This strikes me as crazy too. Anyone that has ever been cruising has been in the mandatory muster drill. It seems like on every one of those drills, they have a statement that goes something like this.. "The safety and well-being of our passengers and crew is the number one priority of (fill-in-the-blank) Cruise Lines" I am well aware they are primarily referring to fires, bad weather or other emergencies at sea, but I think its applicable to Covid. The cruise lines WANT to protect their passengers and crew, and vaccinations seem like a effective way of doing it. Not only is it the right t
  2. My wife and I are both vaccinated. While we are not currently booked on any cruise, we would only do so if proof of vaccination is required. We would most likely book on NCL or other cruise lines that have this policy. I expect this situation to remain the same through most of 2021. If/when things change over the next several months, we may reconsider our position.
  3. A lot of folks have already expressed my sentiments. I can only add that whenever we cruised on Princess we would always make time to watch an episode or two of "The Love Boat" in our cabin; it just seemed a lot more fun watching it on the ship. We also thoroughly enjoyed the "Love Boat Disco Dance Party" they would have each cruise on the Lido Deck, weather permitting. It was a bit corny and over-the-top, but we had a blast with it doing "The Isaac". Even our daughter, who would normally roll her eyes at these antics had a great time!
  4. This is something I really had not thought much about. I figured that as all the passengers got off the ships, eventually all the crew and staff would as well. Like us, they would all go back to their normal shore-side lives. Now that we are getting close to the other side of the pandemic, cruising may be an option again. I can't help but wonder; how many of the former crew staff we will see when we return to cruising? I have also realized that the crew staff can really enhance your enjoyment of the cruise. We have had a couple delightful cruises with Michael Reitano on the Caribbean
  5. I just don't get DeSantis actions; there seems to be no upside to what he is doing. Even in so called "normal times", pre-pandemic, flus could spread very easily on a cruise ship. Its in NCL's best interest, financial and otherwise, to take steps to protect their customers and employees. Requiring covid vaccines seems to be a effective way of doing it. DeSantis preventing cruise lines from doing this just seems foolish and short sighted. If he gets his way and ships sail without the vaccine requirement, how long will it be until another outbreak occurs? One or two more Dimond / Grand Prin
  6. There may be some legal scholars that may know more about this subject than I do, but I am not sure Gov. DeSantis has ultimate authority in this matter. I believe cruise lines would fall under interstate or more likely, international commerce and as such would fall under Federal Government jurisdiction. State and local governments certainly have some say in the matter and can impose certain requirements on cruise lines, as long as they don't conflict with federal law.
  7. The longest we have been on has been 14 day cruises. (Two in Europe and one TA) We usually factor in a day or two at each end for travel to and from the port, so its about 16-17 days. This length usually works well for us. Anything less is almost not worth the trouble you need to go through for packing, arranging flights, hotels etc.. Anything more, we might start to get homesick, miss our family and friends and of course the bills and chores have a way of piling up in our absence. Still, my wife and I are always open for considering a longer cruise...
  8. I am cautiously optimistic about this new type of ship. I thought the Breakaway type ships were just too much. A more quite , subdued Atrium would be a big plus. When we get to the other side of the pandemic, I hope to give these ships a try.
  9. What I love about NCL is being able to sing karaoke almost every night; my wife loves the Thermal Spa package. We both love just being able to sit down for a nice meal whenever we want. We are not that fussy. Its a great pleasure not having to worry about shopping for the food, cooking or cleaning. Just looking at the menu and deciding what we want.
  10. I was on the Grand Princess over Halloween and they had karaoke 3 or 4 times that week. They also had Voice of the Ocean. I tried out, got into the finals but did not win. I did however, have a great time practicing with the band and hanging out with the other singers. I hope to do it again next cruise. I get the sense that while Princess is pushing Voice of the Ocean, karaoke isn't going away. They might not have it every night, but I believe you could expect to have it 3 or 4 times on a seven day cruise.
  11. We just got off the Grand just this past Sunday, November 3rd. We had a great time; one of the better cruises we have been on. While I guess there could be some more updating, it seems they already have done at least some. There was a large, flat-screened TV (it seemed pretty new) in the room that had a lot of interactive features. As a whole, the ship seemed older, but decently maintained. I realize that food can be pretty subjective, but we thought it was very good in both the MDR, the specialty restaurants and the International Café. We never made it to the buffet, so I can
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