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  1. I am not 100% sure this was proven in the trials. There is still some debate about aysymtomatic/symptomatic covid, symptomatic without PCR tests etc etc as detailed in this recent discussion on the highly reputed BMJ site: https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/01/04/peter-doshi-pfizer-and-modernas-95-effective-vaccines-we-need-more-details-and-the-raw-data/ They may not be nearly as effective as we think.
  2. JanCruz - best wishes and hope for a speedy recovery for your family. IMO there will be very little inter-country leisure travel before end of 2021 if not mid 2022. I am not booking any non-refundable tickets! Vaccinations mean nothing if there is no standardization and harmonization between different countries
  3. this is brilliant - there should be special sections on board all planes and ships for those that do not want to wear masks and/or get vaccinated: https://www.traveller.com.au/masks-on-planes-aeroflot-to-create-special-section-to-seat-antimask-passengers-h1sy4j Maybe a few sections Section 1: M+, V+ (best seats and cabins) Section 2: M+, V- Section 3: M-, V+ Section 4 (the cheapest section): M-, V-
  4. i think an issue is that there is very little chance the vaccines are going to be effective in 95% of cases when used outside a trial environment and there are probably going to be many vaccines approved in many countries (will proof that you had some Sputnik vaccine be OK?) with varying efficacy rates and that the vaccine may not stop you transmitting the virus. So masks will necessary for a very long time
  5. the issue with all these tests even if they are 99% accurate (sensitive and specific). if you testing a fairly low prevalence population (eg <1:100 have the disease), the vast majority of the positive results will actually be false positives which will lead to enormous wild goose chases for people wanting to board the ships and more people who are really negatives will be denied boarding than those who really have the disease. Imagine the court cases....
  6. that may be Ok if you travel directly without delay but if you spend a few days before the cruise, I suspect you will need a new test
  7. I do not understand the question. Who else is going to pay for this? Either you will pay directly or it will be hidden in your cruise fare but you will pay either way!
  8. There will be businesses established to do testing for passengers at the ports (I know of a few people thinking about this). Also ships will buy their own pcr machines and set up their own labs. Again I know of a 200 people ships doing this...
  9. Can one do two 7 day cruises in a row?
  10. it's of course course your decision to take or not just as it's my decision not to travel on cruises that do not require compulsory vaccination
  11. so what happens if some of those that refuse the vaccine get Covid on board and the ship is not allowed into port?
  12. it's up to the doctor surely - what is your point?
  13. as an MD, this is an interesting comment. May I respectively ask how can you say this if there is no idea about which vaccines will be successful?
  14. I think this is naive. Yes, there should be freedom to cruise but then there will also be freedom for ports to accept or not ships with infected passengers or not as happened in March and April (remember the chaos then) and then how are the passengers going to disembark?
  15. although in (?parts of) Victoria currently where they are locked down severely at the moment, I believe that there is no golf... I think you are allowed out for 1 hour to exercise a day
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