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  1. We just got off a cruise last week with an 18-month-old. I would definitely bring more toys next time, because there's really not much a toddler can do (sad about the no-pool rule but supposedly it's a US health dept. issue). They did have some daytime hours (for free) where you and your under-2 child could go to the children's area to play. I don't think hours were published anywhere; we just went up the first day, and there it was. It's a nice large, safe room for just running around and playing. You can bring on prepackaged food (we had goldfish, breakfast bars, fruit snacks, etc.). We called Carnival after booking to ask for a crib, and it was in the room when we got there. Taking an umbrella stroller was a good move, because we'd put her in her pajamas and wheel her around the ship to get her to sleep, and we would enjoy the music and ambiance as we strolled! We also took her to the beach, which she LOVED! It was definitely a different kind of cruise with toddlers than without, but we enjoyed having the family with us. And, a nice bonus -- the crew really enjoyed her, and told us stories of their toddlers left at home.
  2. Just got off the Dream today. We had Deck 8 middle. We were by elevators that conveniently came out just around the corner from Ocean's Plaza (where they host trivia and live music) and Deck 5 outside access/hot tubs. Our rooms were very quiet, but FYI, the interior rooms are very small on the Dream, and the ship itself was a bit shabby (broken mirror in the elevator, smelly mattresses in one of group's rooms, missing light bulbs, etc.). We also chose the ship based on the date, but I wouldn't sail on her again.
  3. Thanks for all the answers! It sounds like we'll be fine without FTTF.
  4. We are leaving in a couple of weeks on the Dream out of Galveston. We typically pay for FTTF, but this was a last minute cruise purchase, so we weren't able to get it this time around. We are traveling with 10 family members from age 18 months to 84 yrs old. I am wondering how long we might have to stand in line before getting to the seating area upstairs. Our arrival time is 11:30 to 12:00. We started getting FTTF because of the horrendously long lines to check in, but that was before they started staggered arrival. Surely it can't be as bad as it used to be -- at least that's what I keep telling the family! Any help you can give me would be appreciated!
  5. Good point! Food and drink are not included in the $21, just all the activities. Since we don't drink and the buffet wasn't all that great, we didn't consider that a plus.
  6. We went to Chankanaab on the Carnival excursion the last time we cruised in 2015. We are going there again next week, and realized the shore excursion is $80-90. For the park entrance price of $21 plus a cab ride, you get the EXACT same things. It is literally right down the road from the pier. We're going the cheap route this time!
  7. We've always used EZ cruise and we really like it. It's easy to get to, and they shuttle you right up to the door of the terminal. Everyone stays together -- that's the part I like best.
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