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  1. I don't know if they have a special platinum only party, but I do think there is a separate VIP party for suite/haven guests. I only know this because I was in the haven just this month on the Pearl.
  2. yes midship, and I've also found mid ship and a bit towards the rear do not have as much motion as the front of the ship.
  3. agreed. I have grown so tired of Nassau, AND St. Thomas.
  4. I was told by my NCL agent that to get credit for past sailings they do not go back that many years. but obviously by some of the responses here other people have had luck. I guess give it a try- never hurts.
  5. I had PH suite on GEM last year. they DID have the dvd players as well as a list of dvd's from the concierge office.
  6. and also, the concierge does not get anything from auto gratuity either. it's a funny thing, but I find myself using the concierge more than the butler.
  7. yes. I just came off the Pearl for the apr. 11-18th sailing. it was in the buffet only. I was very disappointed in this as I do not like to have dinner in the buffet.seems to me like another cost cutting measure as they probably assume the café will be less crowded than the MDR. especially since they did it on the one dress up night. how many people want to put on a suit or nice dress and sit in the buffet? not me.
  8. speaking of the higher prices, does anyone know why the prices to Bermuda always seem so much higher than other itineraries? iv'e seen about 1750pp for a balcony- seems really high to me. I would love to leave out of NY, but not at that price.
  9. the rate seems good for a Grand Suite. I believe with that room, you have access to the concierge lounge which you can also drink for free every night for a few hours. I've paid almost that much per person for a balcony on the Breakaway, so to me, you have an option for a great room for that price. I'd say do it if you have the money.
  10. as far as entertainment options and things to do on the ship, Breakaway wins hands down. no comparison. many more restaurant options on the Breakaway, too. a week does not seem like enough time to see everything on the ship. I've been on both of them, they both had great staff personnel. I guess it comes down to whether or not you care about a ship having the "wow" factor.
  11. much better to negotiate the price with cash. all cheap typical flea market stuff there; t shirts, hats, handmade crafts, etc. some good prices. many of the vendors have the same stuff. I guess it's cool to see it once, but it's no big deal.
  12. am I the only one concerned with what appears to be a lack of security officers? this could have gotten ugly for the ship staff really quick if things took a turn for the worse with other people jumping into the fight. were there no other officers to radio for assistance? this is why I never book a quick 3 or 4 day cruise. the cheaper prices on the smaller ships attract passengers that act like this.
  13. agreed. I just came off the GEM. the filet mignon I had in Le Bistro was one of the most tender steaks I have ever had in my life, and seemed to be of better quality than Cagney's. plus less of a cover charge. and if you have an occasion(like an anniversary), it is a much nicer and quieter atmosphere.
  14. contact me if you want excellent service from NCL- I have a personal cruise consultant with NCL and would be more than happy to give you his contact info.
  15. I was just there. I thought the construction would have been done by now but it is still ongoing. it is better than I remember it, though.
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