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  1. On our June 1st cruise out of Barcelona on VOS the balconies and suites were running almost 2k over ocean view. I just upgraded our ocean view to a balcony for $135. Now we just hope Europe is still open in May/June.
  2. My husband and I are booked on the June 1, 2020 Vision Eastern Mediterranean cruise. I was wondering if anyone could recommend an excursion for Zadar? I can't find many options. We were thinking about Krka Falls. Does anyone know if you can swim there? The excursions I've found talk about exploring the park but say nothing about swimming, yet I've seen pictures of people swimming. Will there be people at the port offering tours like other ports? Anyone have a thought on the best time to book plane tickets? Right now 2 economy tickets are more than the cruise. If I buy wine in port do they confiscate it like in the Caribbean? Thoughts on what to do in Montenegro? And really important - does Vision have a diamond lounge or do you get the 3 drinks on your sea pass card?
  3. Do minor 'adults' receive anything? My son is 14, which is considered an adult, and diamond. He obviously doesn't get alcohol but does he get free soda or anything? On the last cruise it didn't occur to me to check his list of benefits. I was just excited he also got a BOGO milkshake lol.
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