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  1. I can't really comment of the 2 year old, but we started taking our kids when they were 4 & 6. For us, the kids club is what makes this a great family vacation. My kids have always loved it and want to spend more time there than with us. Best part is at night, they can eat dinner in the buffet with their friends and you can go enjoy a great dinner kid free (again, not sure about the 2Y) As far as the room goes, I always spent time looking for bigger or odd shaped room that are in the same category but just a little more space, we've never been in an O/V but I find it best to give each kids their own space for clothes and shoes. And try to start the cabin out organized, and hopefully things go smoother. Also, maybe buy a shoe organizer that has many compartments and hangs and then each kids has a couple spaces that they can access themselves. When I pack, each person has one suitcase and then we have one maybe two carry ons, makes unpacking and repacking easier on me. Cruising Carnival is so amazing with kids, no need to spend the extra money on Disney... every employee loves to see the kids and interact with them, and remember there will be so much for the kids to do, you won't really be in your cabin that much. Hope you guys have an amazing time.
  2. Booked Chef's Table for the end of this month on the Breeze a couple months ago, had to pre pay but have never gotten anything from the maitra d as well....
  3. This is all so helpful, thank you so much. Is there anything I should look to purchase in advance, ie. spa passes, early boarding, priority for specific things...
  4. Hi everyone, we are a family of four (kids 8&10) We just booked NCL Getaway for Oct'21 for the Mediterranean 10 day. Super excited. But overwhelmed, we are usually Carnival cruisers but they did not offer the itinerary we wanted. I'm hoping to get some advice or tips for what to expect on NCL. I will look at the Euro board for all the flights, hotels, and excursions but I am hoping to get some help with the NCL side of things. I've been looking online at the website and it seems to be a very different cruise line compared to Carnival. Any advice will be helpful unless you tell me to cancel....not going to happen :) TIA
  5. We are also a family of four, kids 7&9. I agree that around a $100 a day is a good amount to plan for. If you don't spend that much great, but at least for us it would be enough. With the kids there is the arcade, any specialty dining you want to do, photos, gift shops, build a bear workshop, and drinks(milkshakes, soda) to name a few...We always think we're not going to spend a bunch as we pre pay gratuities as well, but it happens. Better to be prepared than not! HTH
  6. Thanks for the quick response, I was afraid the answer was no. I guess we''ll have to find other things to do in the meantime 😉 I was thinking along the same lines, not too much included, but still very excited!
  7. Long story short, we are sailing the Breeze, end of next month. Today I upgraded us (4) to a grand suite. We had previously had FTTF but since we got the suite I cancelled FTTF, but my question is will our room still be ready right away w/o FTTF since it's a suite? I can't seem to find this info on Carnival's website. Thank you in advance, also any tips regarding the suites would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Would love a copy of this when you have time. brianesmith1981@gmail.com Thank you so much for putting this all together
  9. We were on the Miracle in May 2017, if I remember correctly there is laundry self serve on every other floor. However, different locations, mid-ship, aft, and some are bigger with more machines than other. But they are there.
  10. We are booked on Breeze end of February 2020, I had been keeping an eye out for FTTF. It just opened up last week randomly on a Tuesday morning, I grabbed it. Not sure why 7 months out if finally opened but glad it did. I just assumed there are a lot of P&D on the cruise...
  11. Hi everyone, hoping to get some help. Our family of four (kids 9&7) are scheduled on the Breeze in February 2020 currently booked in a Spa Balcony, we are looking forward to the Spa, especially on the Breeze. However, in the past we have always had some type of Suite, the extra room is always great for the four of us. Would it be beneficial to upgrade to a Ocean Suite, at my cost? We understand that we would loose the free spa access for DH and myself. We planned on using it when the kids were at kids club anyway. Any insight would be helpful, TIA!
  12. We are booked on the Breeze in February of 2020, so we have not actually been on the ship yet. But as for a couple reasons we booked the Breeze specifically. We are a family of 4 and always go with a balcony. We were on the Miracle a year ago and we all had a great time. However, the Miracle only has a water slide and not the waterworks, so that was a main selling point. Also, we wanted something with a couple more dining options, i.e. Guys, Blue Iguana, etc. Our kids love the kids club and for that reason we booked a Spa Balcony on the Breeze, figure that while the kids are at club we can enjoy time in the spa. Also the itinerary, didn't want to take the kids to Mexico, but would love to try Panorama. And we've done Western Caribbean, which is mostly what the Vista does. The Horizon, just didn't work for our schedule. I am hoping the Breeze is everything I've read about and we do enjoy moving up to a bigger class ship.
  13. Thank you for the reply's, that definitely helps with our booking. Again, cruise critic gives me a quicker answer than sitting on the phone with Carnival😉
  14. Quick questions here, our family of four will be on the Breeze in March 2020, stopping in Amber Cove. We would like to rent a poolside cabana for the day, however when I add it to my cart on Carnival, a page pops up to add guest next to my name and my husbands name. Then next to each of my kids (9&7), it says guest does not meet age requirement.... which I understand they are too young for zip lining, but I guess my main questions is, is it like FTTF, where only one person needs to purchase the cabana or do both my husband and I need to pay $325 each for the cabana??
  15. We stayed in a room directly behind the elevators on the Miracle, it was a bigger balcony and that's what drew me to it. I was very skeptical because of the location, but it was very quiet, never heard the elevator or people exiting or entering. We would book it again hands down because of the convenience, quietness, and size.
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