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  1. $100 on mine, and $0 on my husbands...I don't even know what the $100 would be for. We canceled cruise in March for March 2020 sailing so lots of FCC still due us. Not worried. HAL booking agents say they are so far behind that even they don't know what is going on...LOL.
  2. We used for Antartica trip and worked great. There are NO additional charges from the ship. When you sign up, it will show which ships "participate". The service works on sea about 10 miles from shore. Read my post #12 in this thread for tips.
  3. Can you provide any details that are not personal to you. That is, did you buy the prime one time, etc. How much research did you do before purchasing? Just want to know if you found good reviews, checked elsewhere. Anything you can provide to get me going would be appreciated.
  4. The bus is easy and convenient to the cruise ship port. If you simply go to google maps, put in the cruise ship terminal (ours is Pier 2) in the search then you will see those small blue bus stops. There is a bus stop at Ala Moana Blvd and Punchbowl. The Bus is really not a user friendly site, but if you call them, they are super friendly and helpful. I confirmed our bus to Diamond Head to go hiking. Easy. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Pier+2+Cruise+Terminal/@21.3014875,-157.8638252,18z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1scruise+ship+port+honolulu!3m4!1s0x7c006e0e9b3cf42f:0xf2d79756148fab67!8m2!3d21
  5. Depends on your time in ports. In Honolulu we have almost two days so one of those we are renting a car. There is car rental within walking distance of the port. We've done Pearl and all of the highlights. If you want to do something in addition to Pearl and have a long port day then you might consider renting a car. If you have only one port day, it might be easier to do an excursion. Traffic in Honolulu is bad.
  6. There are a couple of rental car companies near the port in Hilo. Our rental car company happens to be a few blocks from Walmart. I understand there is a shuttle that goes to Walmart from the port, so we plan to use the shuttle to access our rental car outfit. But, there are a few others as well, including the airport, and there is another one a bit closer to the port. Maybe this will help: https://www.google.com/maps/search/car+rentals/@19.7111033,-155.0632829,15z/data=!4m8!2m7!3m6!1scar+rentals!2sPort+of+Hilo,+80+Kuhio+St,+Hilo,+HI+96720!3s0x79524c88b6b6e8bb:0xd628bc0e73176fc0!4m2!1d-15
  7. BEWARE OF WHAT COUNTRIES YOU VISIT IF YOU USE THE INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT (LAND BASED) PORTION! We just got back from our trip to Antarctica. We visited Argentina, Falkland Islands and Chile. We received our bill and it was $100 over the original contract. We paid for both Cellular at Sea and the International Passport, which is the land based plan. Fortunately for us, my husband kept the transcript of the phone conversation and the ATT rep did say that Falkland Islands (Stanley) was included. That was incorrect information, but ATT did credit us for the overage cost. Good for
  8. You might want to post this on your Roll Call. However, this information should be on your boarding documentation. YOu might want to thoroughly read "what you should know before you go" in your documentation. Otherwise, ask in your rollcall.
  9. Upvote for #3 post. I have taken a few tours with the ship through the years, but not many and would agree with other poster's reasons, so I will not repeat. I did most recently take a tour with the ship due to similar itinerary, but the local tour was really going to cut it close to departure. That would probably be the likely scenario for me to take a ship tour.
  10. Yup. Unless you have a lot of cruise days under your belt and are at a high level, loyalty hardly is beneficial. Nowadays, loyalty seems to go one way. We are 4 star so we do get some perks like laundry, discounted premium restaurant meals, a discount in the gift shop, early boarding, etc. But, it takes a lot of cruise days to get there. Also, I have found that there are onboard promotions that pretty much match our upscale restaurant discount. If you anticipate doing a lot of cruising in the future, then it might be slightly worth it, but don't drive yourself nuts by sticking to one ope
  11. We don't cruise during that time due to it being hurricane season...been there, did that already. I would not think that school age children or college students would be cruising due to need to be in school, unless it was a very short 3-5 day. We mostly cruise a minimum of 14 days and also longer. In that regard, it is unlikely that parents are going to keep their kids out of school that long. No judgement on other people's preferences, but ours as retirees is cruising without kids as much as possible.
  12. This year we are traveling over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Other than what the cruiseline will offer for any holiday meals, decorations, entertainment, I'm looking for some ideas. I would also like to celebrate other holidays if people want to do that including Passover and Kwanzaa. I am so NOT clever. The best I can come up with is a secret Santa (rolling eyes). I'm bringing holiday candy and some gel stickers for my windows - woohoo. (I am pathetic...) So, the goal is to get people to participate in something simple but fun, and as you can tell, I'm not going to get many t
  13. We leave our home for several months at a time each year in the winter and we live in a cold weather state. We actually had an earthquake...a big one, the last time we were boarding a ship for 3 weeks. So, I can relate to real problems. Fortunately, in that case our good friends came over and did what was necessary so no further damage would occur, and we just dealt with it when we got home. However, in general, there are things we do to button up the house before these long out of state trips: Make the house appear if someone is home. Lights going on and off all the tim
  14. Before booking my stateroom location, I always look to see where that stateroom is located. If it is under a bar area, the pool deck etc., I don't want chairs moving over my head at night. These are the things I am checking out. I will look at CC reviews just in case there is something else I might not know about. IMO, you can easily see who is griping about something minor versus someone who is giving some good feedback.
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