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  1. PORSENA - from your Post #9 would you mind answering the following: We arrive in San Antonio (Santiago) at end of our cruise in Jan 2020. We have some options for killing the day embarking then taking night flight to Atlanta. I never really liked the cruise ship's excursions, so am thinking of doing something else. You commented on Post #9 regarding transportation from the cruise ship port in San Antonio to Santiago. It looks like we can take a bus into Santiago bus station from San Antonio, store the luggage and then kill the day in Santiago then head to airport for a 10pm flight. I thought about just taking the HAL transfer to airport but Delta does not start check in until 3 hours prior, so that does not seem like a good idea. I'll also have to check the luggage restrictions on the bus that goes into Santiago. I don't know...do you think this is a good plan? Any other ideas? Anyone else feel free to comment.
  2. Hey RuthC...Fannish asked me to get in touch with you. Sorry about hijacking the post and hope others don't mind me, but was not sure how to get in touch with you. Do you think Zaandam 3316 will be ok for Antarctica? It's forward and looks a little bit under the Main Stage. My only other options are about 4 staterooms from rear on Promenade as we just booked this. Thanks for any info.
  3. I agree. Many times contacting the member makes way more sense than posting in the forum. It makes no sense to have functionality buttons disabled with no intention to enable them. Plus, as an irregular poster, I don't necessarily know where my question is best posted. I would think CC would want to keep the messaging because people are forced to post their private email address openly on the site. I've posted my email and other's do it too and there are very good reasons in having to do that. I guess needing to post our private emails doesn't bother the CC folks. Also, in terms of help, I would hope some people would be a little "generous" with their comments. I guess what drives me most nuts are the people that think they have to chime in, but don't chime in with anything helpful, or they don't entirely read the message and answer with nonsense. Just sayin.
  4. Or, as I said, not accessing CC all of the time. I got onto this message because I "searched" on CC for an answer to the very same question. It seems odd to me that functionality that doesn't work, or is not intended to be offered to end users should be removed so that it does not cause confusion. When you consider the recent CC upgrade/modifications/fixes, you might think this item would've been removed since it causes confusion. The appropriate answer was provided to myself and the original poster. Continuing on with sarcastic remarks isn't helpful to anyone.
  5. Got it. I think rather than saying, "Not really a cruising question", to help the poster re-direct the question to the correct place. I get on CC only when I am planning a cruise and it takes me awhile to re-acquaint myself with the correct place to post things. Someone with thousands of posts and who is consistently posting knows their way around the site better than someone who posts infrequently, or who is a beginning user to the site. A comment like "Not really a cruising question" doesn't help out the poster, but might sound a little like scolding.
  6. I did not know the messaging was not available, and it is confusing when you see the message button there. I was actually going to message someone and ask them about what they found out about the China Visa rather than posting that on our Roll Call. I don't know what you mean by a "Not really a cruising question".
  7. Go up to Post #2 and contact Jenn and let her know your Roll Call is missing from the list from the Drop Down and I'm sure she will get that added ASAP.
  8. Cruisers Grown Old. I see that you did get into your Roll Call, but I agree that it is not on the drop down list. Hopefully, CC will see this message here, and they will get that put back. However, it does look like there is activity on your RC.
  9. Jenn, when I first looked early this morning, it wasn't there, but the Dec 2 sailing on Rotterdam is now in the drop down handy dandy tool. Thanks for working with me this week and addressing all of the bugs, issues, glitches. I know how hard these upgrades are. It is appreciated. Karen
  10. Our RC is still not available from the handy dandy drop down tool on the "boards" page, but it does direct to the list of Roll Calls. Now hopefully, people will be able to notice our RC is that list. Keeping my fingers crossed that people find their way back now. Hoping all the RCs get connected to the tool soon.
  11. Did you find your roll call. If you give me the Cruiseline, Ship Name, Departure Date and Departure port, I can try and find it. A few days ago CC said they are working on getting the RC back to the the way it was. You can still get to the Roll Call, but it is quite obvious that people are not finding their way. Let me know if you need help.
  12. Mine seems to beworking including bulleted, numbered, left, center and right - link and code work
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