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  1. I've a feeling we were on the same cruise 30th Jan - 13th Feb? The lounge entertainers were as follows (as far as I remember): Spoken Two - a duo from South Africa who played all over the ship (very versatile, especially enjoyed their Neil Diamond set) Sean Phillips - vocalist/guitarist (maybe the one you called Larry?) WT Greer - pianist (from Dallas I think) Prism - six members (had a few guest performers from time to time) Love Brothers & Lira (seemed to mainly play in the Atrium, just heard them as we passed) There was another guitarist called Andrei (sic) and a Showband, but I never caught either one of them. Looking forward to your review. I'm still too deep in post-cruise depression to put my thoughts in order, never mind write a review. :)
  2. All thoughts of a jacket have disappeared - we are melting!!! But we're loving Sydney.😁 Thanks for all the suggestions, if we have time they'll come in handy for a spot of browsing.
  3. Lots of great suggestions, too many to quote individually, so many thanks to all. Should have mentioned Holiday Inn The Rocks in original post, but think you've given us enough to work with. I'm sure OH will be delighted to describe himself as a "discerning buyer of stylish yet affordable menswear", but I might not pass that on!!!
  4. After months of planning we are in preflight hotel and OH has discovered he forgot his light casual jacket (with zipped pockets, very important). Any suggestions where we could get him one without giving up too much tourist time or eating into our budget. Thinking along the line of Uniqlo (looks a bit far to go), Next, Marks & Spencer equivalents. I'd search online but time is of the essence, hopefully some of you cheap men about town will be able to offer some pointers. Please😀
  5. Hi Julie, we're in a balcony too, near the aft stairs starboard. I know what you mean, I love just sitting on the balcony even when there's nothing but ocean in view, it's sooooo relaxing. I'm out there first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, I should have been a sailor! haha. Thanks for the extra posts, it's making it even more exciting... Just 6 hours till I leave the house OMG!
  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Our countdown clock has now shifted to hours, hope the weather gods are as kind as to you.
  7. A day and a half of work to go, half a day to get organised, and then we're off. Absolutely chopping at the bit. Weather forecast here is for snow! Hope it stays away until we're well clear of the country. Sydney here we come...
  8. I didn't know you could book Chin Chin, although we weren't too impressed by the Star's version of the same place. We'll probably give it a go as we like Asian food. I am keen on doing breakfast in the Great Outdoors, OH is a bit iffy as he doesn't like draughts! :) I keep forgetting about the bridge viewing room, so thanks for reminding me.
  9. Hope you haven't got the post-cruise blues. Was enjoying your report immensely.
  10. Now that you've been, how would you answer your own question?
  11. Hi Julie, I don't suppose you have the dailies for the New Zealand part of your cruise? We're embarking on the 30th and uber-excited. Was really enjoying your review, lovely to see your day in pictures and your own enjoyment came through in your writing, hoping there's more to come...? Don't know why, but the links have stopped working for me, I get this message:
  12. Good to know that there is a table even if it is tiny - it drives me nuts when hotels don't put a table beside both sides of the bed! That's pretty neat. Thanks for all the uploads, love getting a glimpse of our holiday to come.
  13. Absolutely, as long as the topic is dogs, pies or 'taking the pi&&'! Same boat, don't have anyone we'd trust to 'not spoil' our beloved fur baby!
  14. Every neighbourhood needs a doggy character - good for the soul. We'll see what the next email says, but I'm sure we will manage either way. I'm a bit impatient I must admit, but would rather have a slow reply that shows they are attentive to detail, than a quick one that looks like a copy and paste job. Dogs are wonderful when you're not well, very supportive. I hear you - not spoiled at all.
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