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  1. How do you open up the Medallions to put a new coin cell battery in it? I discovered these things are still useful at home as Bluetooth beacons.
  2. No fuss from me on that one. It is exactly as you describe it: there is plenty of scenery between Vancouver and Ketchikan during all the daylight--IF they had actually sailed the Inside Passage. My issue with their northbound sailing is that Princess specifically told us we all need to board the vessel 30 minutes earlier so that we could sail the Seymour Narrows--knowing they were never going to sail the Seymour Narrows at all. They flat out lied! They didn't want us to board earlier so we could see all the fantastic scenery we paid to see--we boarded earlier because they were sailing around the west side of the island. Similar story with southbound, minus the Seymour Narrows part. My issue is that Princess knew--and lied. It's getting marketing-spun around as this whole set of "unforeseen circumstances" which us laymen wouldn't understand, so they had to change their route. But it's not. They did NOT change their route. They knew all along they were sailing west side, but they told us something else. And we based our purchasing decisions on wrong information.
  3. Just recently did the Zodiacs in Ketchikan, and let me put it this way: orcas. Eye-level. We were down on the water, and their dorsal fins were above eye-level for us. It was surreal. The tour itself was nothing fancy, and the wildlife encounter was by chance, but we did get to drive our own boats.
  4. tetleytea

    hubbard glacier

    I agree with doing that. However, when I last sailed the Island Princess, I booked the Prince William Sound cruise through some other tour company, and that cruise was far better then. I was very disappointed with the Phillips 26 Glacier excursion compared to my previous one, primarily because the boat is just so BIG!! Not everybody even gets a window seat. I wish I could have found another tour boat there this time--and I know they're there, because I saw Dall's Porpoise chasing them out on the Sound. Having a small tour boat with like 12 people makes a big difference. At least--with the PWS cruise. With Hubbard, getting close I think is all that matters.
  5. Given that Princess was already just fined for illegal dumping, thanks to a whistleblower (and followed by Princess telling me over and over again on the PA and the stateroom TV how committed Princess is to the environment), I'd say Princess is quickly painting a big bullseye on their forehead. I doubt it would take much more before those big wig lawyers in Kansas City who put on the Mesotheioma ads on TV, or "Have you been diagnosed with non Hodgkins lymphoma and you used Roundup?" are ready to take up the case.
  6. Those on my ship who did it said it was amazing. However, you're basically paying more to get what we used to get for free. We used to sail right up to the glacier on the cruise ship. Now you have to pay to hop on a smaller boat, while everyone else watches from 2 miles out and wishes they did it. (my opinion of Princess has taken a profoundly more negative turn lately, in case that wasn't obvious)
  7. The natives, in their judgement, might not think the tour companies feeding them when they do will harmfully habituate them. Also, the bald eagle is venerated by the United States--not necessarily those tribes.
  8. Per your own words, she spoke in MAY with the Captain. So why am I getting a mail on June 7th saying that Princess is sailing the Seymour Narrows? Princess is selling passengers something which they have no right to sell, and that is breach of good faith, breach of contract, and I would argue wire fraud. Princess is absolutely the right people to be mad at, because they already knew it was not theirs to sell. It's not like the weather just suddenly changed.
  9. They go onto Native American lands. They have been given sovereignty, meaning the Feds have no jurisdiction. The tour companies then just buy permission from the tribes.
  10. I will say that, in spite of me being on the same cruise as the OP, that we have never met. We never spoke about this beforehand. Yet I still have the same exact issue as the OP. I booked a portside balcony, on Princess, expecting an Inside Passage sailing, and they did not. They knew at the time of booking that they were not going. I have a serious problem with that.
  11. I expect Princess not to give us anything, and to deny they ever lied about anything. However, as a platinum, I need to re-evaluate my loyalty level. If that answers your question? The live entertainment was still better than other cruise lines I'd been on.
  12. I was on both that southbound cruise and the northbound before that. My single biggest issue with the Royal Princess bridge is being lied to. On the northbound before that, they told us we had to embark half an hour earlier because we had the unusual opportunity to sail the Seymour Narrows. They already knew beforehand that we were in fact not going to sail the Seymour Narrows--they were not going to sail inside at all. They needed the half hour in order to sail around the island. Then on the southbound at Hubbard glacier, they told us they could not get close to the glacier due to a combination of wind (there was none), and ebbing tide (they knew the tidal schedule before they set sail). However, for the low, low price of $99pp, we could purchase an excursion that let us get on a smaller ship, and they got to see Hubbard for real. Then in the Patter for the final day, they misleadingly implied they had sailed the inside passage. No, they didn't. We paid for a portside balcony expecting to sail the inside passage--not to hear the bridge talk ABOUT the inside passage.
  13. I'm a bit partial to hunting Moby.
  14. One good parking lot this morning was the 99 northbound, near Horseshoe Bay. We could see the flames from the highway. When we saw the mass of planes circling around and the helicopters hauling buckets of water, that's when we figured out that fire was not supposed to be there. Going back southbound 99 this evening, it was much more in control. Still the smoke, the fire crews, and the planes, but traffic was flowing around it much better.
  15. I've been acquainted before with parking too long in front of Parliament in Victoria. And the speed video cameras in Calgary. Might be some unpaid tolls from driving the 407 in Toronto, but if there are I have no memory of it.
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