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  1. Human immune system is very complex. Antibodies counts may drop but your T cells and B cells may still have memory. These cells may still know how to fight the virus for a long time. Booster will help to keep your system remember this virus and and train you system to know who are the new bad cousins.
  2. My kid was 5 when she sailed on princess last time. They have something like summer camp and have morning, afternoon and evening sessions. She enjoyed it. They usually have crafts, games and some other group activities.
  3. I found out I could not lift and shift and I took the full refund option. I am happy to shop around and book with another cruise line. It is fair market. If you don't like the price, shop around and sail with others. A lot of rebooking and FCC which will drive the demand up, high price is expected.
  4. Then, the business will have no right to enforce it. Also, the problem is not only north America. I believe if you want to go international, vaccine id will be needed. It is unfortunate that we are living in this.
  5. I do believe your President is doing what is best for their citizens. That is why I said I totally understand that but I don't agree with that because I am on the other side. The problem I have is some of your fellows Americans still don't believe your government is doing the right thing for them. Seriously, you guys should appreciate what you have.
  6. Your current president is keeping the vaccine to American first which I think it is understandable. Your last President is not in control anymore.
  7. Yep. Not biontech and Moderna scientists who really worked hard to get this vaccine possible.
  8. Your right is you have a choice to take it not take the vaccine. The business has their right to refuse you to enter their premises. It is that simple.
  9. Not the country holding all their vaccines to themselves and not sharing with their so call allies. You guys should feel luck to keep the vaccines Americans first.
  10. I feel sorry to the people who lost their life as I always said. I am laughing at a small group of the people in your country who kept on using their rights as a excuse to do whatever they want. It is just sad.
  11. I believe majority of Americans are getting the vaccine because your government are pretty much keeping all the supplies for themselves. Unless u.s. love to stores them in the freezer, I think there is always some people like to complain about a gov policy that work against their will. At the end, it is the rule that you need to follow before you board the ship. Just don't book.
  12. That is why your country lost half millions life. Nothing more needs to say. Lmao
  13. Not exactly true. Thanks to the lock down, the rate is controlled and so there is enough ICU to treat people and increase their chance to survive. If there is no gov policy, the number won't look this low. How many of them recovered fully and how many are still recovering from the virus, there is no stats. If there were no change in policy since Feb, the number will be way worse with the variants. I absolutely have no idea why a first world country is having such a tough time to control the number and to keep the chance to generate a variant of high consequence low. It is just basic high schoo
  14. I took the refund and book with another cruise line. Celebrity in general is much more expensive if you go with refundable deposit. It is fair and I find other cruise line have more itineraries to choose from and price is more reasonable.
  15. I have sailed on solstice, reflection, constellation but only sailed on Sapphire princess. Food is much better on celebrity, shows are much better on celebrity. I wish I would sail with celebrity to Baltic but it is cancelled. I am debating if I should book 14nt Sky princess because it is much cheaper than next year 12nt Silhouette. I am not sure if the new princess ships are better.
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