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  1. Jimorel

    Mini suite perks?

    What if anything are the perks of having a minisuite? We have booked one on the Royal and it is a first for us.
  2. Jimorel

    Just took a Moveover Offer

    Where do you search for the cabin?
  3. Jimorel

    Cruising after hip replacement surgery

    I quit reading after a few of these replies, but here is my take. I have had two hip replacements both on the same hip. A full and a "revision" after 11 years. After the first full hip replacement I would not have enjoyed a cruise that close to the surgery. The second surgery the cruise would have been iffy at best for me. That said, everybody heals at a different pace and each surgery cause is different. I think my first was MUCH MORE COMPLICATED then is normal. Usually a hip replacement surgery is in the hour to hour an a half range (well then anyway) mine was a little over six hours and I had a top notch world renown surgeon. After my second surgery I have been good to go. In fact I just had a an examination because of some pain and I am assured that the hip is in great shape and I am experiencing some muscle problems. All I can really say is good luck because anyone who tells you that yes he will be good to go, doesn't really know for sure. He should be good, he could be good but nobody really knows for sure. Without the insurance I wouldn't chance it. I hope this helps. MORE THEN THAT I WISH HIM WELL!! Been there done that and glad that I did. Once he is fully healed he will think I wish I had this done sooner.
  4. Jimorel

    First day onboard a Princess Ship.

    Thanks everyone, I am on countdown at 64 days (too long actually) and I am primed to CRUISE!!
  5. Jimorel

    Atruim noises on Royal Princess

    Where do you research a specific cabin? I thought that I read of a web site where you could do this but that was like last Jan.
  6. Jimorel

    Coffee card question

    How do you order a specialty coffee in a dining room? My wife only drinks iced coffees and she would love to have them instead of soda.
  7. What if any specials might there be the first day onboard? Any dining or perhaps drink specials? Also what might you suggest doing the first day? To all the great cruisers out there, THANK YOU for taking the time to read my post and a double thank you for any suggestions you reply with!!
  8. Jimorel

    Using Lyft in FLL

    We had a horrible driver, I would swear he had never been to Port Everglades before. On top of that he was rude and very unhelpful. Not a good experience with Uber, for my first time I was left with a horrible impression. So I am thinking of trying Lyft.
  9. Jimorel

    Using Lyft in FLL

    I am wondering if anybody has experience with Lyft in Fort Lauderdale. We are looking to get from the port to the airport. I have used Uber once and had a bad experience, so I am considering trying Lyft. Also any idea what it might cost to get from the port to the airport? Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Jimorel

    Royal Princess "Wetdock"?

    So does anybody have an idea what happens to the last cruise before the "wetdock"? I booked a cruise on the Royal last week and didn't know it was going to "wetdock. I wonder if that will have any effect on our cruise, such as short supplies on anything.
  11. I was at Sawyer and enjoyed everything there but the weather! Even being from Wisconsin I found the winter to be too harsh and long. I remember a Friday in the 80's nd snow flurries on Saturday! Not my idea of good weather.
  12. As I said we have booked a W Caribbean at the end of November. This will be our first cruise on the Royal our last cruise was on the Regal in an inside cabin. As we have limited cruise experience (I wish I had started cruising years ago), I welcome any hints on: 1) The difference between the Regal and the Royal, if any. 2) What if anything can I expect from a minisuite? We chose it for the extra room, the balcony, and it was a good price. 3) I had read some things about a balcony dining experience. Is this available in a minisuite and any comments about it from someone who has done this! I greatly appreciate your taking the time to read this and even more so for any answers. I have found that CC is an invaluable aid for cruising information and appreciate everyone who shares info on here!!
  13. Jimorel

    balcony on Royal Princess and other questions

    My wife and I just booked the Royal for 11/24 we will be in a mini on the Caribe deck. Our third cruise, first on the Royal and 2nd on PCL
  14. Again My thanks to all for the replies to my inquiry! We decided to take a Western Caribbean cruise do to a wonderful the l (for us anyway) price on a mini-suite! I got some useful input to store for a possible future cruise to the Southern Caribbean. Happy cruising to all and to all a good price on your next booking!!
  15. Thank you so much for the reply and the information! I am filing it as we got a really wonderful deal on a mini-suite at the end of November and decided to take it. When I read what Norris had posted on his ABC Island cruise I decided it looked great and was planning on it for our next cruise in the spring, but this deal was too good to pass up. Again thank you BarbinMich!! Are you from Michigan? I spent most of my USAF service time in the UP and we travel there a lot. I love Michigan, just not as much as I love reading when Norris post a Seafarers Journal.