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  1. I hope it works out for you. (I am booked on a Med cruise Nov 1.) My opinion is that your cruise won’t happen; nor will mine. But at least we both have a few months to get our $ in And I would love to be wrong! Stay safe all
  2. We are schedule to sail Indy in July. I do not believe that will happen. We are also booked for a Med cruise November; I think cruising will be happening then but it stops in 3 places in Italy so the itinerary will likely change.
  3. Not to be argumentative but the Hanks are multimillionaires. So are the 3 NBA stars that have fully recovered. Treatment (and likely the level of stress one has to deal with) is influenced significantly by wealth
  4. Indy July 16; I so want to go but honestly am not optimistic it will happen. Besides, taking my grandkids and even if it’s a go, not sure their parents will be ok with it anymore. First Med cruise in Nov; timing is great but with 3 stops in Italy, not going to happen.
  5. Not that I noticed. By the time we crashed each night we were really spent—if it was hard it certainly wasn’t enough to keep us from falling asleep.
  6. Thx so much for your kind words about my granddaughter. That give me an excuse to post a couple of photos. 1st is her birthday celebration in the MDR and 2nd is in the Up, Up, and Away Balloon at Perfect Day
  7. Formal nights were 3 and 6 (one with lobster). The chocolate buffet was night 5–it also was Mexican night in the Windjammer. Chocolate buffet:
  8. No; she did not want to miss Adventure Ocean so except for the MDR she always wanted to do the dinner where they take the kids to the Windjammer.
  9. 12717; Here are photos from the balcony (I hope!)
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