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  1. I appreciate your sentiment and don’t like that I will have to pay full price when I accompany my granddaughter at Coco Cay in a couple weeks. But as a business person I can tell you that you explained Royal’s logic exactly and it is solid even if you disagree with it...
  2. I do not think this is correct (at least it definitely wasn’t correct at Christmas when I went to Atlantis with a 14 and 9 y.o. on a Royal excursion)
  3. Happy cruising! On this same ship/itinerary in 2 weeks. Following closely...
  4. Thank you so much! Already saved to my iPhone. I look forward to reporting back from Harmony in a couple weeks
  5. I would very much appreciate the photo as my cruise on the 4th will stop in Sint Martin. I purchased Henny White on a ship for $50 per, and a woman in the shop—whom I did not know—lent me her phone w/photo taken that day in Grand Cayman at $35 per, and the ship matched it.
  6. I always buy Hennessy White and Sheridan’s in its novel two compartment bottle. As mentioned nether is available in the US, and I think their taste lives up to the exclusivity—my normal cognac is Hennessy, and after cruises I set it aside until the White, which I find much smoother, is gone. On Anthem at Christmas, I found a much better buy on Patron than I can get anywhere. And after an Anthem bourbon tasting, I will be adding Buffalo trace to my list when I cruise Harmony in a couple weeks.
  7. We sailed on Anthem this past Christmas. I kept reading about the buy one, get one free specialty dining promo on these forums and was real excited to get it. Perhaps I missed it but I never saw it in my cruise planner. I assumed it was a holiday restriction
  8. We tend to book based first on the ship. That thinking really paid off Christmas: took 7 comprised of grandkids, millennials and grandparents. Itinerary was fairly mediocre: left out of NY, with planned stops in FL (supposedly Disney area but not really); Coco Cay (pre-dock, and Perfect Day); and Nassau (ho-hum, been there a zillion times.) It got even worse when on Christmas morning we were told we had to skip Coco Cay due to winds preventing tendering. Sounds like a bummer. But everyone found the cruise to be an unforgettable experience. Sure, part of that was the family reunion aspect of it, but it was helped tremendously by there being so much to do on Anthem of the Seas.
  9. Can't believe I am still following this thread; kind of fun, reminds me of a thread I followed last year for what seemed like weeks about Sorrentos pizza quality. Have never eaten a burger in Windjammer (why would one given their variety?) but in light of what I have read and my upcoming cruise on Harmony: "Siri, remind me in 39 days to not let my granddaughter eat hamburgers in Windjammer!"
  10. We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas cruise on Anthem. I have two very minor nits related to the question of sports on Anthem: 1. my millennial daughter signed up for volleyball as she plays wthl a group of friends at home--certainly not professionally but it is competitive. She lasted less than 10 minutes as the players were a mix of other millennia's and fairly young kids who had no business playing with the millennials. It turned out to not really be much of a volleyball game... 2. as the sports area is multi-purpose, it really was not suitable for my basketball-addicted 14 y.o.; the court was very nice when used for basketball, but on other ships he has been on he was accustomed to a dedicated basketball court
  11. Well my 1st Oasis-class cruise is coming up in 42 days on Harmony so I can’t yet give you first hand info. But I took my family on Anthem for Christmas; it was a mix of kids, millennials and grandparents and it was absolutely magical. There will be no shortage of things to do. And this was with missing the highlight of the cruise: Christmas Day on CoCo Cay—had rented cabana and reserved several excursions—couldn’t tender. I am sure I will love Harmony but I don’t think you will be “settling” with Anthem.
  12. No I am happy with what I got--Boardwalk balcony. Just hoping I have a great view of the Aqua show from the cabin
  13. While I can't answer your question, welcome to the Aug 4 sailing--we will be among your 5000+ cruise mates!
  14. Sound like we are on the same cruise. Aug 4 to Coco Cay/St. Thomas/ St Martin?
  15. When we cruised on Anthem Christmas ‘18, JR seemed empty every time I walked by it. And I am one of those that raves about Guy’s; can’t understand from a business standpoint how RCL would choose to counter one of Carnival’s only competitive advantages with a pricey and what sounds like quite average experience. Having said that, we are looking forward to our JR perk that comes with our Boardwalk balcony on Harmony in 50 days,
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