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  1. Gee, and all we've ever won have been those rare, collectable HAL pins. 🙂
  2. Things have gotten so complicated, I have no idea what has been applied. The whole mess started with an on-board booking in June 2019 and has just accumulated bits and pieces with various cancellations ever since. Got $5,600 in future credit and the way things are going, evidently little prospect of using it. I don't even know how much of it is real money I've paid. I suppose I can figure it out but it's worse than doing income taxes and I figure HAL is going to do what they are going to do anyway.
  3. Probably answered somewhere but search isn't finding it: I had several cruises cancel and had plenty of FCC so booked April 2021 cruise, completely paid for by FCC, (aside from taxes, etc. which weren't due yet). Should the amount of the latest cruise result in an a new 125% FCC or will it stay the same as original?
  4. Maybe they were quoting in Hong Kong dollars!
  5. They may pretend to be formal but nobody wearing anything from a clean t-shirt and shoes to white tie tux and ladies in floor-length gowns was thrown overboard or even looked at askance on our cruise. Many men were in sports jackets and quite a few without ties. Ladies were equally dressed. The world is becoming a lot more casual despite the wishes and best efforts of those who prefer otherwise. Go as fancy as you like and enjoy a great cruise. Cunard ships are spectacular, even if they are understaffed and in my opinion don't live up to the hype.
  6. Anxious to hear your impressions. Ours were the ship was magnificent, the food and service lived down to the British reputation, drinks and other amenities were overpriced, (especially the Veranda specialty restaurant which was not much different from the regular dining room and certainly not worth the $75 per person), theater was packed with many seats blocked by large poles and the formal dress code had significantly different definitions. The on-board planetarium was a large plastic umbrella where they projected old PBS shows. Guest speakers were fantastic as was the Captain's Remembrance
  7. I discovered when I tried to book this trip that the no-deposit rule didn't apply to cruises of this length. With HAL already holding $5,000 in future credit, I'm not inclined to send them another $900 just for the priviledge of reserving something more than a year away knowing that neither they nor I may be around.
  8. Jewel just let me print a boarding pass for Jan 2 out of Galveston so I take that as a good sign that the cruise may operate.
  9. It's actually July 25 - August 1 2021 Oosterdam so you should be okay.
  10. Great responses. Thanks. We'll move to another week.
  11. Has anyone been a regular passenger on a ship where there was a huge group booked? There is a possiblity we will be on an Alaska cruise 2021 which has the Gaither music group. Are regular passengers allowed to attend their shows or are they private? Do they take the place of usual entertainment and music? We like their music but the rates they quoted are about double the regular price!
  12. Couldn't agree more. Cunard was the the most disappointing cruise to date. Magnificent ship, great guest speaker, crummy food, miserable understaffed service and having to stand due to limited seating areas for every venue to open spoiled it all.
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