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  1. So I ended up having to call for mine. We had a 2/1/21 cruise on hold so we needed to get the money applied. Called yesterday around 8am, a nice rep pulled the FCC out the air, advised me she got the money applied to our new February booking and sent me an invoice, only for the new cancellation through 2/28 to be announced hours later............... 😒
  2. Thanks everyone, I’m going to call first thing Monday and see what they say.
  3. The email said we would receive by 11/30 but I didn’t think it would truly take this long, has anyone else gotten theirs yet? Wondering if I should call.
  4. Any talk/thoughts yet about how kid programs will work once cruising resumes or if they will even be open?
  5. We had a cruise for December that was of course cancelled yesterday. I’m wondering if I call can they go ahead and transfer the money paid and the extra 25% to a new cruise or do I need to wait for the FCC email? I see a cruise in Feb that I really want to change to and I don’t want to risk the price going up, anyone have any experience with this? I don’t want to call and wait on hold forever if it’s not possible. Thanks!
  6. We were booked on the Nov 1st Breeze cruise that has now been cancelled and are trying to decide whether to take the FCC or just get a refund. I’m wondering if we decided to take the FCC but then later decided on a refund, would it be given? Anyone have experience with this during this pandemic?
  7. UPDATE: I went ahead and did the price protection form and it was approved! In case anyone has this question in the future.
  8. Thank you! My only worry is that it may be considered “rebooking” because the cruise is booked under my name now and the deal is for my husband if that makes sense. I appreciate the advice!
  9. Hello, I am having trouble finding an existing topic on this, I am booked on a carnival cruise in November with my husband and daughter. I booked under early saver in my name. I now see my husband has a BINGO offer on that same cruise that is about $120 less than our current cruise. Does anyone know if we would be able to rebook the cruise in his name to take advantage of the new deal without penalty? Would it be considered a name change even though we are just changing the primary booker? It’s so hard to get through to talk to someone right now so I was just wondering if anyone has had any lu
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