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  1. Oh yes!.... The Magic Bus..... I guess it turned out to be... "Too much, the Magic Bus".
  2. Prices are starting to come down. We loved the ship and booked the 2nd day they went on sale. Before the fares skyrocketed.
  3. Any official word as to when a Edge class ship will Summer in Alaska? I will settle for unofficial word too.
  4. We found that some of the jogging track consumes all of the normal walking area in some spots. They should make those sections wider. Maybe make the jogging track stay on just one deck.
  5. I was talking about if you want to use all 4 MDRs. It would be nice if you want the same wait staff and still use all 4. I believe Disney has this available.
  6. I'd like either one MDR with keeping the same wait staff or keep 4 MDR and alternate rooms and the wait staff follows you. I would also add self service laundry rooms. I bet they would sell more B2Bs this way.
  7. we had the FV 2 decks down 6199 (?) in April. a great lite mirror on the fwd wall by the door. Our daughter LOVED it for applying makeup. it was round.
  8. on our Jan 6th Edge cruise the Captain said in the Q & A session that the Apex will be very similar but the next 2 ships will be "Different". He did not give details on what "different" meant.
  9. What cabin number is this? We are in 7199 in 2 weeks. April 6th.
  10. We too are sailing the Summit April 6th. With wife & 2 of our grown children. First time in a Family Veranda (aft).
  11. I'm waiting for that too. We are booked on FV 7199 on Summit in April (after refit) .
  12. Celebrity has the "Infinity" and later the "Beyond"... will the 4th ship be the "Light Year"?....... I'm here all week, Try the Veal..
  13. At the Captains Q & A session he said the 3rd Edge would be called Beyond and it will be Bigger and have some "different" features.
  14. We just got off yesterday (1/13). We had a Sky Suite S3 cabin 9204. Our tub/shower would leak onto floor as well. When you showered the water that bounced off you and onto the edge of the tub would ride along the wall and down the side of the tub. In the Captain's Q & A session a women also spoke of a similar problem on another type room. The captain was well aware of it and said the fixes are being worked out. Not just for future ships but back fixing the Edge.
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