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  1. We have sailed in the Haven twice. ( 2 bedroom villa). Service was good not great. We did sail in an Owners suite ( NCL Sun). Service was better, but still not great. Entertainment was outstanding. Cagney’s was great. Buffet quality was poor. Ship was crowded, loud, and we did not enjoy the smoke from the casino. NCL let non Haven guests to use area, mostly families of Haven guests. This made it crowded. I do think we got better service in other areas of the ship because we were in a suite. We have sailed in FV, Concierge, Sky Suites and last sailing in a Celebrity Suite. All cruises on Celebrity have been great. Last cruise 8/27/2021, Luminae was outstanding. If I did not like what was on menu, they would adjust to my taste. There was also the option to order off the kids menu that had a great filet that you could cut with your fork ! DH wanted a baked potato and steak-not on menu no problem. Casino no smoking so that is a plus. Retreat lounge, we used it a few times. Never many guests. Martini bar fun,fun. Guests were treated great no matter where their cabin was.. So if NCL had a super great itinerary, I would book the Haven. Never a regular cabin. But the clear winner for us and our tastes and likes is Celebrity.
  2. We were on Equinox 8/27 and we were not asked to give tens. Our Butler just said he hoped that he gave us excellent service and that he hoped we would fill out survey. He was beyond a ten !
  3. We used our free Gelato perks, Rum Raisin is the best. We also had the regular ice cream and it was good also. Gelato is better than regular ice cream (imho). I would not hesitate to pay $5 for a treat. My DH would not as he does not feel there is a difference. All about choices. I like the perk but would not be upset if it is discontinued.
  4. Jim , Your photos are great ! Love the shot of Carlos ( my husband says he is the best Bloody Mary maker ever !) at Cafe Al Bacio !
  5. We chose the CS over the SS for the separate bedroom. We spend a lot of time in the stateroom, so for us it was worth the extra cost. We would not use the unlimited dining, so don’t need a RS.
  6. Jim, Glenn is the best. He went above and beyond for us ! Miss the ship already. Have a ton of fun. I will follow along……
  7. Jim, This is a Celebrity Suite..So happy with the room.
  8. We are having a wonderful time. I agree with Terry, the ship is great, service has been excellent. Crew aims to please.
  9. aring 75, I loved “sailing along “ with you. Thanks for the wonderful and insightful blog ! Connie
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