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  1. I thought in the brochure the baths in the concierge suites had brass toned fixtures (faucets, drawer handles, etc) but the YouTube video looks like they are chrome. Can anyone confirm which finish is accurate? Thanks.
  2. I believe it's sort of at the far end of the tub, across from the toilet. At least that's where it is on the Explorer---a tub and a separate shower. It's hard to see on the virtual tour but I'm pretty sure it's there. Check YouTube and see if anyone videoed their suite.
  3. As far as I know GeoBlue is solely medical coverage, there is no cancellation provision. We've used it for land trips outside the US. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Deposit and charges for Regent Choice excursions posted to my AMX card 5-13. AMX is sending me a check. Deposit charged 8-19, excursions charged 3-20. Requested refund 5-6 of both and posted to AMX 5-13 minus $100 per person and $175 per person custom air fee. Deducted amounts applied as future cruise credit. One week from request to receipt. Please don't shoot the messenger.
  5. Refund request was for deposit and excursions only. Final payment not due until June.
  6. Sail date 11-6-20 Cancelled excursions 5-6-20 Cancelled cruise 5-6-20 No refund as of today (No expectation to receive quickly)
  7. Not sure if this has been mentioned before (so many posts on this topic) but.....we used custom air on our 7-19 cruise and used it again for a 11-20 cruise. We were fully aware that the $175 per person fee is not refundable. Sadly, we just cancelled the November trip but were pleasantly surprised to be told the custom air charge we paid will be applied as future cruise onboard credit.
  8. Personally, we live under 10 miles from a popular Florida beach and were appalled at the Spring Break activity. The County we live in closed the beaches before they were closed State wide and we still felt it was too late.
  9. We paid for our excursions for November 2020 sailing when we booked them mid March. Our information from Regent is that they can be cancelled and a refund issued if cancelled within 36 hours of departure.
  10. So sorry your trip has to cancel for reasons outside your control. FWIW you were indirectly very helpful to us on TripAdvisor when we were planning our Fall 2018 trip to Lucerne and Zurich.
  11. It would be a good idea for masks to be worn by patients and caregivers in a home quarantine situation but this virus is so contagious I`m not certain it would be very effective. Always best to follow the primary physician's recommendations.
  12. Agree. Agree. I'm an RN. The mask is worn by medical professionals to avoid transmitting any germs they may have to the patient.
  13. We did accept the air deviation. Well worth the $175 per person charge.
  14. Thank you Travelcat---we did request air deviation and while not exactly what we were looking for may work out better. Their alternative to what we requested involves only one connection each way and all flights business class. We'll let them know whether we are accepting later today or early tomorrow. It brings up another question though. Disembarkation is early am and departing flight home is at 1:50AM following day. Our itinerary on RSSC MyAccount now shows a "Forced Hotel" before the 1:50AM flight. Regent told our TA there is no charge to us for that. Is that typic
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