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  1. NCL are refusing to honour previous 10% Discount rolling from another cruise they have cancelled all the previous cruises, yet the roll over the 125% FCC from the original cancellation 3 cruises before. They are not treating customers fairly? Appreciate any comments.
  2. Such a shame they canned it hope they start up again soon
  3. I didn't think it was Covid-19. I know they had docking issues. We had a problem when we sailed on Jewel.
  4. Most stuff bookable to April 2022, but no Dubai? No reported trouble in Dubai, is there?
  5. I know they had problems with the Port Authorities and many berths were double booked when we sailed on Jewel.
  6. Hi all, does anybody know why Royal Caribbean have pulled all Dubai itineraries ?
  7. Wanting to book a bunch of cruises so RCI holding back FCC until you have cruised so I can't access the balance seems like sales prevention. Ridiculous
  8. Agree. Kinda goes against the spirit of the thing and seems to be a back covering exercise for RCI. May just take the refund and save the fooling around.
  9. Just doesn't make sense. They have your money and you can only use the credit to buy their cruise. Why is this complication in there? It prevents me booking more cruises. Just encourages a refund like you say. Someone needs to grip this and sort it at Royal Caribbean. Insane.
  10. If you use a FCC voucher to book a cruise and have a balance, your outstanding balance can not be used until after that cruise? Seems nuts.
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