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  1. Cruise goes out of Bayonne, NJ and stops at: San Juan, Puerto Rico Philipsburg, St. Maarten St. Johns, Antigua Castries, St. Lucia Basterre, St. Kitts & Nevis and Returns to Bayonne, NJ I live in NJ so no flying is required for me. Based on what I've read, it seems that I should generally be fine? Thanks for all of your responses!
  2. Hi Everyone! I have an 11 night cruise coming up on Jan 5, 2020. My passport expires June 7, 2020, which is a bit past the recommended 6 month window to get it renewed. I'd love to wait until after the cruise to renew, but wondered if I would run in to any issues or what everyone's recommendations are with that? Thank you!
  3. That's the sort of thing I was looking for/figured would be the case. Thanks Bob!
  4. Hello! Browsing for some cruises, the website keeps prompting me to use the promo code "DEAL" to save $50. I'm wondering if there's any catch to this one in the fine print (like it restricts rooms selection, ability to change rooms or something else I might not know about). Any catches like that? Or is it just an additional $50 savings. Thanks!
  5. Any update on who will replace Mitch Merruci on Anthem for Jan 5 2020 cruise?
  6. It looks like they haven't finalized suite details yet. One of my issues with quantum class was the lack of star class suites that hold more than 6, and when I just asked them if this ship had any, they just said "stay tuned we'll have more details to come".
  7. I know it's possible to find out who the headliner/comedians will be for an upcoming cruise, but can't seem to find how this gets done? I'm currently looking to find out for Anthem of the Seas Jan 5 2020. It might be a bit early for that but thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  8. I'm going to ask my question again it looks like it got a but buried (which happens in a big thread like this sometimes). 1. What's the "lowest" category of room you've had but gotten an offer for star class. 2. Same question as above, but for a sky class room. Thanks everyone and happy bidding!
  9. Thanks for all your responses to the above everyone! 2 more questions as a result: 1. What's the "lowest" category of room you've had but gotten an offer for star class. 2. Same question as above, but for a sky class room. Thanks and happy bidding!
  10. Couple of questions about this! 1. Does the category of room you book have any effect on what rooms they offer to upgrade you to? (i.e if I'm booked in an interior, would I still receive an offer for a star class room, assuming one was available). 2. Does the class of room you're booked in appear to have any effect on how your bids do? (same as above, if I'm booked in an interior and bid on a star class room, do I have a worse chance than if I were a balcony of JS) 3. If I get upgraded to a room with a larger capacity (or a suite with suite benefits) and wanted to move someone from another room onboard in to mine, is that allowed? Not trying to game the system or anything, just curious how it works and thinking ahead to possibly booking my next cruise as an interior, and if theres a chance to upgrade to a nicer room, I'd do it, otherwise I'd just stay as is happily!
  11. Hi Everyone! I know this question has been asked before, but it looks like there have been mixed answers, and I'm not sure if the policy or rules have changed at all. I'm wondering if it's possible to book someone in my room (a star class suite) so they get the suite benefits, but ALSO book them in another room so they can sleep there instead. Is there any way to accomplish that? Thanks!
  12. Alright! now, back on board, we all washed up and decided to relax. We had a couple of hours to kill until dinner time. Tonight was the Chef's Table for 4 of us! We hadn't originally been scheduled to go here, but my sister and gf saw some info in chefs table on board and really wanted to go, so we opted to switch our dinner form the Mexican restaurant on board (I'm blanking on the name, it's 2 am here) to this. Charlie had no problem doing this, and confirmed that the wine pairing was an additional $25 for us (I don't think it should be, and I know sometimes star class isn't charged for it on some ships, but there's Royal's consistent policies for you!). We had originally been set up for a 6 pm dinner and an 8 pm ice skating show. I was worried we wouldn't be able to see ice skating but Charlie said we could do the 9:30 show instead! We received an invitation the night before (I dont think I grabbed a picture of it) and were asked to meet in the library at 6:20 pm. Now, my gf had thrown my only khaki pants in to be washed that morning, and since we hadn't told John that we needed it back for dinner that night, I didn't want to cause a fuss (I'm sure I could have called and they would've made a fuss and gotten them for us, but since this was our mistake, I didn't feel right doing so), so, I wore a nice pair of khaki shorts to dinner, I really wish I hadn't, but, no one seemed to be bothered by them. We arrived in the library right on time and just sat for a little and talked amongst ourselves, I know the intention is for the very small group to become friendly and meet new people, but everyone kind of just sat in silence. A few minutes later our waiter came in with "special champagne" for everyone (it was a Kir Royale), they also had the non alcoholic option ready to go for the 2 guests there who were not 21 (one of which was my sister). Then they asked us to follow along through the secret door in to the Diamond Lounge, up to the closed off second floor for our meal. We were greeted with a beautifully set table, and personalized menus for the evening. Now, the menus were clearly printed on a laser printer that needs a good cleaning, so they were a bit marked up, a minor issue but still, the dinner is normally $100 so you'd think they'd be nicely printed. We were seated for a bit and introduced to the chef, and our waiter for the evening. They came to clear out the set plates, and we were greeted to a surprise from Charlie under each of our plates! A very sweet surprise, and definitely one that made me smile. At first, I thought my gf had slipped something under my plate (and she thought I had done the same to her) until we realized this was Charlie's doing! While we were waiting for food to arrive, I very quickly realized it was time for the diamond happy hour downstairs. Our cruise was defiantly not full, but the noise coming from downstairs was SO LOUD. It wasn't any one or two particular people, it was just very noisy, which I didn't really love to have for the bulk of our "quiet intimate dining experience". Shortly after, our first course arrived, everything was served and the chef explained the course, delicious scallops. I really enjoyed this one, it might have been my favorite course. Next was a smoked tomato soup At this point, they also took our order for the main entree. We were offered a choice of the filet mignon, roasted Bronzino or truffle tagliatelle. Now, just about everyone ordered the filet. My sister tried to order the truffle tagliatelle, but the waiter quickly said, we'll serve you the filet and bring a side of the truffle tagliatelle for everyone! It's much better that way (he did confirm she eats meat as well). The next course was a lobster tail. This was easily the best lobster I've had on board, and also one of the better one's I've had period. A small observation (I go to higher end restaurants as frequently as my wallet allows (sometimes more than it should allow)), the lobster was served with the plate longways with the tail completely facing away from me. The waiter did seem to be taking some care with how the plates were presented, so I found it odd that they'd basically hide the star of the plate, far way and out of view when it's presented. This photo I turned the plate around. Next was our entree, an excellently prepared filet mignon, which they came around and confirmed that it was cooked to everyones liking shortly after we had cut into them. They also brought out plates of the truffle tagliatelle for every 2 people to share. I found it to be the perfect portion size for me to try a bit, but not feel TOO full. Now, at this point in the meal we've been there for 2.5 hours, and the alcohol has been FLOWING. So a few stray observations here. 1. Charlie stopped by at some point during the meal to confirm that we'd all be at the skating show later that night, so he'd have seats for us. As well as to say hello and see that we enjoyed his note! 2. Everyone was being quite rude to the chef and our waiter when they were attempting to explain the wine and food courses to us. They politely tried to get the groups attention multiple times, and were often ignored by several of the diners continuing to talk, which was just plain rude. My gf had to loudly shout "go ahead" (we were at the far end of the table) at one point, and even then one of the diners kept talking over him STILL. 3. Around this point, a conversation at one part of the table broke out about politics. Now, I am not here to say I have any problems with anyones political feelings, or anyones right to express them, or to say who is right or wrong. But, the group VERY LOUDLY (it was impossible to ignore) started discussing how "stupid Americans" are for electing Trump and how much more educated they were (I found it ironic, because I work a bit in politics in the US, and they didn't understand how things work as much as they were boasting that they did, but I wasn't there to get in an argument). They weren't from the United States (I forget where). Now, I happen to despise Trump for several reasons, but the way they were speaking was flat out rude, and completely obnoxious, especially for a public setting were they did not know everyone's feelings on the matter. This conversation really left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn't enjoy it. Moving on, it was 9 pm at this point, and we told our waiter a bit earlier that we had a show to get to! The first part of desert was presented to the table, and we scarfed it down, it was a delicious Chocolate dessert with some ice cream. Our waiter rushed to bring us the second part of desert, as well as the check for our wine pairings. Personally, I felt like the time between each course was just a LITTLE too long, and the meal could have been just a little shorter, and we wouldn't have had to rush (while still having the full "chefs table" experience). I didn't run the meal though, and thats something you may want to be aware of going in to it. Overall, I REALLY enjoyed this meal, it was one of my favorites on board. Everything was definitely fresher and prepared with more attention than one would normally get in the MDR or even many of the paid restaurants. The meal is absolutely wroth paying some money for, $100? I'm not sure, it depends on you, but if they're running a good deal, jump on it, it's a great meal and good time (annoying guests we had aside). Here was the last bit of our dessert, which we brought with us to the theater! (it's slightly blurry, I took it in the rush of leaving the table). Now, we left the chefs table and RAN down to make the ice show. We found Charlie who was relieved to see us (my mother and sister were already there and in seats, he had front row seats for us). He waved us in and pointed to our seats, and something odd happened. Right as we were going down the aisle toward our seats, the lights went down and the show started, one of the ushers was walking up the stairs and we went and sat in our seats, no issues there. But! about 30 seconds in to the show, everything stopped and they said due to a technical difficulty they had to stop, they would restart shortly. So, after all that running, my sister and I decided to use that extra time to use to the restroom. As we were walking up the stairs, that same usher who we saw coming up the stairs as we were going to our seats saw us and quickly looked at my sister and said "That was very mean. I was telling you to stop." Now, its entirely possible we did not see her saying something since the lights were going and Charlie had just pointed us to our seats, but, our Genie had told us to go ahead, and we had no reason to think there was a problem, so it seemed quite rude to be speaking that way to us. She wasn't shouting, but was speaking in a bit of a raised/upset voice. My sister was confused and said "oh im sorry we were pointed and told to go to our seats" and she said "that was very rude there was a cast member coming through you don't do that" and my sister again said "I apologized, we were told to go to our seats, we didn't know." She didn't seem satisfied with that but at that point we walked away, we ran in to Charlie outside the theater who was confused to see us, but we explained what happened (he was confused by her reaction as well), and were off to the bathroom. We made it back to the theater just as they were about to start, and saw the same usher. I (admittedly somewhat sarcastically, but also as a genuine question) asked if I needed to wait again since they were starting now, or if I could go, and she said to go ahead, but quickly. I made it to my seat without issue, and found the water and fresh popcorn Charlie had gotten for us (as an aside, their popcorn is VERY good). We had a great view, and the rest of the show went off without a hitch, except for a small patch of ice that several skaters seemed to fall on, maybe they should check out that area of the rink! After the show, we headed back to the room to sleep. We came back to find our towel animal for the night: Is it just me, or were the towel animals much simpler several years ago? I don't remember them having googley eyes or other props, they'd sometimes just use my sunglasses as a prop for them, am I wrong? (this is meant as a nice compliment not a complaint). We also had another nice note, and a box of chocolates from Charlie. That's all for Roatan! Costa Maya next, but tomorrow, it's 3 am here and I somehow spent the last 3 hours writing just about Roatan.
  13. Alright, let's talk about Roatan. I think this port was the best one for everyone in my group, I REALLY enjoyed it. Here we go! We arrived right on time to a beautiful sunny day in the port. I think this port was the only port we sailed in to where I walked outside and went, alright, I'm on an island. I really felt like I was somewhere different. My gf was a bit taken back, as she hadn't ever seen anything so far from the first world we live in. We had a busy day in Roatan, so we got up early and stopped by the windjammer for breakfast. No pictures, just a quick standard windjammer meal. We got off the boat with no problem, and made our attempts at navigating the port. This port is SMALL, so it was packed with people. We had a "best of Roatan" private tour booked through Bodden Tours. They did send us directions on where to find them, they weren't perfect, the signage in the port wasn't perfect, but there's really only one are where they have all the taxis and tour people lined up, and Bodden is the first kiosk there so we didn't have many issues. There were LOTs of people talking fast and offering tours and experiences and asking us what we wanted to do. Most of them if you ignore them just move on, a couple we had to say we're all good, and they moved on. As a result of all the people looking to pull people in for tours, this area can get quite noisy and people are moving quickly, it didn't bother me but I'm sure it would throw some people off. After finding the Boddens tour desk, they quickly checked that my name was already on our list, and they asked us to stand by off to the side, and said a driver would be assigned to us shortly. After 5 or so minutes, Victor Bodden himself came over and introduced himself and wished us a great day in Roatan. Victor ushered us toward a vehicle and introduced to our driver/tour guide Jerry for the day. He noted what things I had requested for our tour to our driver, and we were off. We were in a standard looking van, with air conditioning, no issues that I had with the car at all. I grabbed a couple shots of Allure while we were driving up on to the island: Jerry first took us to our first stop at the zip line and "Victors monkey business." Here's the very small parking lot: This is run by Victor Bodden as well, so this is where we paid for our Zip lining, monkey visit, and our tour for the day. That WAS noted in the emails that were sent to us, but not very well explained when we arrived, so I was briefly a bit confused when she asked me for $340. I confirmed this was for both and we were all good very quickly, I think they may have over charged me by $20, but not purposefully, I think think there was some confusion about how many of us were zip lining and I didn't even realize it until later, not the end of the world, the prices were very reasonable in the first place. I made sure Jerry knew that the sloths were a big priority for my sister (we're talking Kristen Bell on Ellen levels of love, if any of you have ever seen that video), and he said we'd be zip lining first but all would be good for the sloths (the "go to sleep" at 11 am, and you can't hold them any more, only take selfies near them). Jerry walked us to the zip line staff, and quickly got us a guide, and told them we had horseback riding at 11 so they should get a move on! The guides were very friendly, got us all set up in to our gear and sent us walking toward the first zip! There are I believe 12 total zips at victors, of varying lengths. There's a short walk up to the first one, enough to get me out of breath (maybe 5-10 minutes depending on your speed), but not bad. This was at the beginning of our walk, you can see some of the zip lines at the top oo the picture there: All the platforms looked well built, equipment seemed fairly new, and we did NOT ever have to "brake" ourselves. Some zip lines in the islands require riders to wear gloves and apply the brakes themselves toward the end of the zip, this can prove quite scary, and not always successful for people who are scared, so this was good! We had multiple guides with us (generally 2 + a photographer who joined after the first 2 zips, though we did have as many as 4 a couple of times, the staff moved themselves among the zip lines VERY quickly). All the staff spoke English fairly well, and were incredibly friendly, and encouraging, especially with my mother who has anxiety. She's zipped before but she did get some anxiety part of the way through, the staff was able to calm her down very well, and keep her having a great time. As I mentioned, we did have a photographer with us who was taking pictures, the staff was more than happy to take some with my phone as well though, this isn't like the dolphin experiences where they rob you to get a picture. Heres a picture of the first zip of the group: Throughout the zip lines, there are briefly some walks and stairs throughout, nothing required as much as the first hike up though, I found myself enjoying the movement, but was still a bit out of breath (I am not at all in shape, for those of you curious for comparisons, I don't "work out" at all). There was also a rope bridge, which they had us stop and pose for a picture on: There are briefly some views during the walks, and even better ones during the zips themselves! I wasn't ever brave enough to have my phone out during our zips, but here's one small view I enjoyed while we were walking: We also encountered a cow while we were moving between lines! He looked at us briefly but wasn't at all bothered by us, and we weren't bothered by him: The zips were sometimes "in" the trees and sometimes through some big open fields with trees below and around you. I really enjoyed the variety and the views we had. This photo is of one of the longer zips they had that crosses down a big field. There was some brief rain in the forecast for today (your standard island rain of 10 minutes and done), it happened just after we started zipping. It was very light, and actually wound up cooling us off during one of the longer zips, I actually enjoyed it and it certainly didn't put a damper on our day. Some of the zips they offered to have us go with a partner (I managed to go with my gf, sister, and mother, so we all got to go with each other at one point or another). They also offered to let us go upside down on one of the zips. My sister was particularly excited with that: My mom got a bit of anxiety on this one and said she wouldn't, but our guide quickly calmed her down and promised he'd go with her and that she could do it! They both enjoyed the zip, despite the odd positioning. My mom wound up zipping with one of our other guides as well, who was just as friendly and helpful. Toward the end of our zips, our main guide paused to tell us a few things. 1. that the last zip was VERY short and quick, so the breaking there is sometimes a bit abrupt, he said not to worry, just keep your legs up and it'll be fine (I wasn't at all jostled by it, but I understand why its mentioned). 2. to thank us for being there and that they hoped we enjoyed everything. and 3. the standard, hey we work for tips, and any tip is appreciated speech. I of course planned on tipping them, but I didnt love that they said "the best way to tip us is with 20s". They're working hard and they went above and beyond what I thought they were required to do though, so I was more than happy to tip. After the last zip, theres just a guy with a laptop sitting there. He asked us if we wanted to see some of the pictures they had taken of us. I was prepared for the pricing to be astronomical, but we looked through and some of the pictures were good so I asked. He said for $25, you give me your email, and I send you an email later tonight with every single one. Done! That seemed downright reasonable. He said "great, you'll receive an email tonight, and if not tonight, tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then the next day, until you get your pictures." I laughed at the humor and paid the man! We had our pictures almost as soon as I was back on board, everything was very quick. And as a note, the last 3 pictures above came from them, and these next 3 did as well. They're not perfect, but it's also hard to grab a picture when we're zipping along as fast as we were, so I'm quite happy with what we got. After we got off the zip line, we found Jerry, who got us a guide to walk us through the monkeys and sloths. They have all sorts of animals here, and we were able to go inside and pet/interact with Monkeys, Sloths, lemurs (they were asleep) and parrots. We had plenty of time to get pictures with them all, and our guide was very friendly and had lots to say about each of the animals they had. We visited the monkeys first, they told us their names, and brought us in, we left our bags in a small area that we entered first before going in with the actual monkeys, make sure you do this if you ever visit them! They grab at EVERYTHING. As soon as we were in with the monkeys, they were all over. They're clearly looking for the little kernels of food that the guide had, and quickly got them all over us, putting them in our hands and pockets. I giggled each time the monkey came and checked my shirt pocket. The monkeys seemed very happy and well kept. Next we were off to the birds! We walked in, talked about them a bit and then were able to hold one and were encouraged to bring it up and kiss it if we liked, the birds were very calm and happy to be held. Next we walked by a some other monkeys and then in to the lemurs, they were sleeping, so we just pet them briefly and took a couple of photos. Of course, we said hello to our friend toucan sam And then, it was time for the big moment, the sloths. Now, I was not joking when I said my sister loves sloths. She merely saw someone else holding one and immediately burst in to tears They brought us over 2 sloths, and we were all able to hold one and take plenty of pictures, they were so calm and friendly, it was nice to be able to hold one for a little. My sisters reactions to the sloth even got a big smile from the staff who get to see this every day. And that was that! So worth it, it was really enjoyable and we all had a good time. The sloths, though slow, were more than happy to pose for some pictures. We tipped our monkey guide and took a few minutes to look through the gift shop they had on site. They had some very nice stuff, that part of me wishes I had bought a little of, but I'm also happy to have saved some money. There was a woman in the gift shop who was happy to talk about anything they had, and I'm sure we could have haggled a bit. After a quick bathroom break (as a note, the bathrooms were nothing fancy, and there was no toilet paper that I saw, something thats fairly common in islands like this, but may be a bit, odd to some here), we spent a couple minutes looking for Jerry, and were on our way. He had our car cooled off and ready for us. At this point, 4 of the 6 of us WERE supposed to go straight to horseback riding (we had booked it for 11 am, and it was, 11 am). But Jerry let us know they were running a bit behind, and that he had already talked to them and we'd go meet them in a little bit. We got in the car and told him we wanted to do a little sight seeing, and possibly grab some lunch. He took us down by the water, to what definitely looked still fairly "local" but definitely a more tourist friendly area. After talking with him for a little about life on the island, and what he does for a living (he jumps between being a tour guide, and working on various cruise ships, he's normally a cook and has been on several Royal ships, and a bunch of others), it was time for lunch. At first, Jerry was suggesting the more standard tourist options, but after we talked with him a little we emphasized that we wanted to go wherever he likes to eat lunch. After a bit of reassuring that we meant somewhere not necessarily for tourists, he did a u turn and drove back in to the island a bit, after a short drive we arrived at "Omar's local food stand" Jerry parked the van, quickly got us seated, asked what we wanted (he basically turned in to our waiter!) and jumped behind the counter and helped the staff with our food. THIS was exactly the type of place we were looking for. The place was small, with locals, and everything was fresh and home made. We were offered either short ribs or fried chicken. After a bit of talking, we chose to get a couple of both, and my sisters husband (he's Peruvian, so he speaks fluent Spanish) also found out they had fish, and opted to get that. Jerry brought us our food, and a big bottle of island soda, with cups. He also sat and ate lunch himself after we were taken care of, we paid for his lunch as well, a tip part 1 I suppose! Everyting was AMAZING. I never knew I could enjoy rice and beans as much as I did here. They also gave us some hot sauce, that was excellent. This was my short ribs, everything was served with plantains, rice and beans, and a potato salad. My sisters husbands fish took a bit longer, and was also EXCELLENT. I didn't get any picture of the fried chicken, but I enjoyed that as well. A gentleman came through while we were waiting for food selling banana bread, we were really hesitant at first, but bought one slice. I wish I had bought more as it turned out to be the best banana bread I've ever had, bar none. It was so moist and fluffy, I loved it. Jerry was surprised when we had banana bread later, and asked where we got it. After lunch, Jerry took us to another spot for a nice view. There was a shop for rum cakes (we didnt go in), a different zip line experience near by, a few gift shops and a small gift shop perched at the top of the mountain we were on, with a beautiful view. The shop was set up like a light house where you climb up and could go outside the top (3 floors) for a view, and they had anywhere on the ground blocked off so the only place you get the view is inside. We walked in and went upstairs and were THEN told that going upstairs requires admission of $2 each, which was posted on a sign. I gave the guy a few dollars (less than $2 each) and he said it was fine. It was a really beautiful view out at the top and we took a few minutes to take some pictures and look around much of the island. And of course you can't have a view like that and not take a cute couples picture We came down from the view, and it was time to go horseback riding. Jerry took us to meet up with our horses. We had booked this through "El Rancho Barrio Dorcas", which was recommended on Bodden tours website. They're a separate company, but have clearly dealt with Bodden tours many times. Jerry told us he had told them to meet us a bit further up the hill than they normally start, since were were already in that direction. I think that saved us from a few minutes ride up a roadway that a few people have mentioned in their reviews riding with this company. We basically pulled over on the side of the road, and met up with the horses. Jerry took my sister and her husband to do some alternate activities while we rode, since they did not want to ride (he took them to a couple different island shops, and they came back with some really nice 100% real cocoa butter that they paid like $5 for, that would be quite expensive here in the states). We were quickly set up with our horses, and met Roosmarie, who we emailed with to set up our scheduled time. We found out she does not own the horses, the gentleman who was with us when we arrived named Sharkey (not sure if I'm spelling that right) owns and takes care of them, Roosmarie manages the website and scheduling for him, and comes down to Roatan to vacation a few times throughout the year. The ride was just the 4 of us, along with Roosmarie and our guide (who did not speak a lick of English, but Roosmarie translated for us when necessary). After getting set up, they asked if anyone had ridden before or not, when my girlfriend said she hadn't ever ridden, Roosmarie had our guide "lead" her horse (basically the guide sits on her horse and has a leash back to my gfs horse), after a few minutes of this my gf asked if this was required, she wanted to ride by herself, and she was able to do so. The ride took us along some local roads (past a school, and plenty of local homes), we said hello to the locals who were sitting, and they happily said hello back. We rode out on to the beach, and in to the water a few times. Our guide offered to take my phone and take some photos a few times as well. This was one of the roads we rode along. The beach views were wonderful and as I mentioned we saw some local kids a few different times. My sisters horse wasn't being very cooperative with her, so our guide swapped with her, minor issue, quickly fixed. She didn't make it in to our first group picture since the horse wouldn't come over. We got plenty of nice pictures though, Roosmarie is the one on the far right in this one I of course managed to take a couple bumpy selfies and pictures throughout our ride as well. Once we were done on the beach, we walked off, stopped briefly for the horses to get some water, and then our guide took us up to a bit faster speed (a quick trot), nothing too fast, but a little faster for us to experience. There was a storm heading our way, so I think she took us back a bit early (the ride is normally 1.5-2 hours, we were out for just over an hour). Since there was clearly some rain coming, I wasn't at all bothered by it though. We arrived back where we started, Roosmarie asked one of the other people waiting with the horses to call Jerry and have him come back, and we got off the horses, paid Roosmarie, and then had a few minutes to wait. We took a few minutes to pet the horses and take a few pictures. My gf really took a liking to hers (and she seemed to like her too). Jerry arrived shortly after, and we got in the car with my sister and her husband. It was starting to rain and everyone was quite tired at this point! We had a couple more brief things to do though. I wanted to stop for alcohol (Roatan is definitely not the best island to do your alcohol shopping in, but it was when I had time, so we asked Jerry to bring us somewhere). He brought us to a small shop with a decent selection, and I bought a nice bottle of Scotch to give to my gf's father (he loves his scotch!, every Friday is "Scotch Friday!" accompanied by a nice post on facebook). We also stopped briefly at the Stone Castle Cameo Factory. I wanted to see this but by the time we arrived they were mostly closed for the day. They still happily took out a few trays of cameos for us to look at, and we bought a bag of sugar cane from a gentleman outside. That stop was a bit of a disappointment for me, as I was thinking I'd buy something but, not a big deal. After that Jerry took us back to the port, we offered some of our sugar cane to him, and he laughed and showed us the bag he had bought himself. We pulled in right where we had started, said goodbye to Jerry (with a tip of course) and walked back to the boat. More in a moment! I'm getting worried about how long this single post is!
  14. Ok, ok, I disappeared. Well, I've been sick for about 3 weeks now and the meds have been knocking me out (since the moment I got back if you're keeping track). I'm hoping I'm finally wrapping up the sick part but, I PROMISE this thread is getting finished somehow! Writing about my next day now, if any of you are still getting notifications.
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