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  1. Could this have had something to do with the changed Anthem itinerary?...I’m not sure if the dates line up but that seems like the timeline Anthem had to change its dates for.
  2. Milkshakes are included with the drink package yes, never had a problem getting one.
  3. I was just on anthem for the Jan 5 cruise and the way the package worked for us was we could go to any specialty restaurant (including Johnny rockets) as many times as we wanted as long as they were open, embarkation day included. When we got on board we wandered right up to Jamie’s and made reservations for every night right then and had zero problem getting the times we wanted (between 630 and 730 each night). We did make some changes throughout the cruise and it was slightly harder but we always found something that worked. Dress code matches the compass but as usual it’s not ever enforced so wear what makes you comfortable. note on Johnny rockets: yes it’s just a counter and the staff were ALWAYS confused when we were there. Make sure to tell them ahead of time that you have the dining package because they always tried to charge me. dining doesn’t always take longer, if you want it faster or have a specific time to be somewhere just tell your waiter and they’ll make sure you’re ok. I enjoyed all the restaurants: Chops was consistently good although slow at times, we also grabbed desert alone from there a couple of times, Izumi (I LOVE sushi, I often got sushi to go to grab as a snack, which they happily accommodated), Jamie’s was good Italian though I had trouble ordering from there more than twice. Wonderland was really unique and interesting, we went on an off night (for us not the restaurant) though so I’d like to go again on a different sailing. Johnny rockets I often grabbed fries or onion rings as a snack. Favorite dishes: Chops: CHOCOLATE CAKE DESSERT, Branzino was delicous, and truffle fries. Steaks are all decent steaks. Izumi: honestly any of the sushi, I really enjoy it and loved trying them all. Also the chicken appetizer is quite good if you like crispy fried chicken (not KFC style, it’s delicious though) Jamies: Any of the pastas, my girlfriend loved the truffle one. Wonderland: I don’t really remember specific things though again we were having an off night. Either way it’s a very unique experience and I’d recommend trying it at least once especially if you have the package. Our waiter was excellent at sharing recommendations and accommodating based on our likes or dislikes. Also, if you enjoy Indian food you can unofficially request it in the MDR, we asked if they could get it for us at chops for dinner one night and they excitedly brought us some and it was quite good. Any other questions let me know!
  4. it’s Oasis and Symphony, Chic Fil A is correct
  5. I just brought this little guy on a cruise on Anthem with no problem. It’s battery powered or usb powered, it killed the batteries in one night (I like it on overnight), so I just used the included USB to plug it in with my phone charger (mine has 2 USB port, used one for the phone and one for the fan. Worked beautifully, and never had any issues from bringing on board to room attendant. Honeywell HTF090B Turbo on The Go Personal Fan Black, Filter https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YU0W3CY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_RLhoEbT0W40CC
  6. I’m literally walking off of an Anthem 11 night cruise that did southern islands (st Lucia, Antigua, st kitts, Puerto Rico, and St Maarten). Loved the longer itinerary and I totally agree I wish they would do a longer itinerary on an oasis ship. One can dream as they keep getting more of them!
  7. @DisneyMatt10 We had 6 people for a 7 day cruise and did $100/person. He did include my grandparents in show seatings a couple of times so they also gave him an extra $50 themselves. Room steward is included in the standard tips BUT we tipped ours $200, since he was one of the most friendly room stewards we had ever had and we gave him so many clothes to press/clean and he always handled them very quickly (I literally watched him run several times, not because I ever asked), so we felt he deserved some extra compensation, which he made very clear he really appreciated. We have another star class room booked next year and I anticipate doing similar numbers as long as we enjoy things as much as we did the first time! Everyone handles tipping differently though and I know you’ll find some differing answers on the linked threads as well.
  8. Dining reservations, show seating, having food or things sent up to our room, getting clothes pressed (and finding out where it was when it didn’t arrive in time for dinner), getting any charges or things changed if it wasn’t correct. He also arranged for some food/snacks to be there when we had our cabin crawl come through the room. When we boarded I had told the genie the star class room was a surprise for my girlfriend (she had never been on a cruise and thought we were in a normal small balcony room). He came and found us and told us that there was something wrong with our room and he needed to bring us there right away, she cried when she saw it and it was a wonderful surprise. Our genie surprised us with adorable and personalized notes under our dinner plates at chefs table one night (and checked in on us at dinner every night), and also got each of us a personalized gift. For my girlfriend it was a really nice scarf, I got a couple of books about traveling the world to find the best food, my sisters husband got a book about “being a gentleman”. Each of those things were related to something we had mentioned or said during the cruise. I really loved the genie and cruising is not the same without one! (I’m on a cruise currently in a regular balcony room and I frown a little each time I see a genie around the ship - I was spoiled for sure).
  9. I’m writing this from my cruise that stopped in San Juan today. The city is fine, and we had an amazing stop (we don’t leave for another 2 hours). Obviously if something happens between now and your cruise they can change it, but that also applies to any port stop. Book your cruise, you’ll have an amazing time!
  10. Once on board are you able to have or make multiple reservations for iFly? Or do they still only allow 1. and, once I attend the reservation I’ve already made, am I allowed to make another or am I only permitted to do a walk up? Thanks!
  11. We will have Mitch still, the Jan 5 cruise will be his last on board. Source: Someone asked him on his facebook wall and he replied and said Jan 5 would be his last one. He did not say who would replace him for the Jan 16 Cruise! We'll have to find out on board.
  12. I just tweeted them about this, asking if I can visit multiple times per day (lunch or dinner) and if the credit is $35 per visit or not. After a bit of clarification their response was "You can dine in any restaurant on your sailing as many times as you like based on availability. Yes, it'll be per visit." I know plenty of places will try and tell me otherwise based on all of your experiences but I now have that screenshoted and am happy to hold it up to them if they try and tell me I can't (asking if a table is available first to make sure there is "availability").
  13. the arcade on allure (I assume symphony is the same) just had several machines where you could try and win prizes and then the machines like ski ball were just to play for the thrill of points, no tickets to trade in or anything. also want to add in on labadee, I really enjoyed the flight line. If you haven’t done zip lines before it is quite fun. They get you sized and in a harness and then do a small zip line down behind the beach first, and then drive you up the mountain and you do the big real one.
  14. The coaster you get on at beach level, and it pulls you up (like any other roller coaster or a ski lift)...once you reach the top it releases you from the pull chain and then you control the brake and speed that you go down the mountain and get off right where you got on. I enjoy it and it’s a bit different than most coasters in the US since you control the brake and it’s a little cart. If the sale is good I’d recommend it.
  15. Yeah I’d be curious what they’d do. I’m hoping no changes but we’ll see.
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