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  1. Thanks for the response! It looks like they are running a deal right now where I can buy a $500 certificate paying $250 for it. See HERE thats more specifically what I was asking about.
  2. Hello! I've been a Royal Caribbean cruiser for most of my life thanks to my grandmother. They've done quite a bit to tick me off with the way they've handled some things during all this, and my friend is interested in booking an NCL cruise for 2023. I see they are currently offering a next cruise certificate with a value of $500 for $250. I have a couple of questions. 1. If I purchase that, do I get it instantly? 2. If I am interested in booking a specific cruise, is it worthwhile to buy that certificate, and then immediately book the cruise applying it to that?
  3. Yeah I was hoping something like that since there are literally zero options for us. I feel like its in their best interest, I genuinely want to find a different cruise instead of requesting a refund. The reason were in the suite is because its star class and includes the drink/dining package, so I wouldn't want to do anything less than star class, but I'd happily do 2 star class rooms instead of this one if they offered that (Im not holding my breath on that one though), there are plenty of star class rooms available on an assortment of sailings, just not this very specific type of room.
  4. Hey There! As many of the people posting on here have had happen, my cruise at the end of Feb got canceled. My whole family and I were in a very specific room (4 Bedroom Villa Suite), there is only ONE on Symphony and one of these rooms on Harmony. That makes rebooking something for us incredibly difficult, this is the only room with star class that can hold this many people. With my initial calls to royal, there were ZERO options for us to lift and shift to, and they were unable to find a single cruise with this room type available. SO! My first question is: Have peopl
  5. i agree...but I’d rather lift and shift or take the 125% when they actually do cancel.
  6. Hello! I have a final payment coming up on a cruise. My travel credit card unfortunately had some fraudulent charges so they are sending a new one. I likely won’t receive the new card in time to make my final payment. Is it possible to make the final payment on one card and then have them refund that card/charge another? I have no problem making the payment on another card to prevent cancellation but I’d prefer to have it end on the card that I get points on travel and travel insurance through.
  7. Thanks for your help: One more follow up! If I have a certificate that is for 4 people for $2538, $2538, $794 and $794 and I apply it to a suite room that breaks down to be $6,000 for the first 2 people and only $700 for the third and 4th...am I able to fully apply the certificate for all 4? Or are they only going to accept $700 for the 3rd and 4th and give me a second certificate for $94 each.
  8. Couple of FCC questions I can’t seem to find the answer to (thanks to everyone who’s answered these all a million times). 1. If I had a cruise booked for 4 that royal cancelled. Am I able to elect to take the FCC for 2 of the 4 people? 2. If I apply an FCC to a cruise, am I no longer able to change names on that room like I normally would? (I.e: Mary, Jon, Jim and Sally have a cruise booked that royal cancels, all 4 book a new cruise, and apply the FCC, but Jim and Sally can’t go anymore, can we change the names to be others? 3. If an FCC has been issued from a cruise for 4
  9. I suppose I should have more specifically mentioned this but, yes I know there’s PLENTY of fake crap that I could easily find and over pay for down there. That’s part of why I asked the question here, so I could get a bit more guidance and thoughts from everyone who has some experience doing it. this purchase is definitely a ways off but I want to start at least thinking about it.
  10. I’d 1000% agree with that concern...part of why I asked here I know I’ve seen some people post that they’ve been shopping at certain stores or had certain people they go to for years. That’s the sort of situation I’m loooking/hoping for here, someone who’s been around and has a good track record. NO WAY I’d just pick a store and buy something.
  11. I’ve always heard it can be way cheaper to buy in the islands. Is that no longer the case?
  12. Hi Everyone! I’ve been meaning to ask this question for awhile and figure now might be a good time to ask to get a question that’s not about refunds and such! I realize this question may be better asked in the port threads, but I’m asking here since the ports I’m most likely to be in are the ones Royal visits, since I sail royal! That said: Where do you buy your jewelry in the islands? I’m specifically looking at potential engagement rings to buy on one of my next cruises. Also: are you able to contact any of these places ahead of time, that way I can have something picke
  13. We exchanged 3 emails Pre cruise (he was not very responsive ahead of time - they spend more time paying attention to people on board, which I understand). Once on board he presented us with a full schedule for the week of shows, restaurants and activities (based on what we had said in the survey - but also largely generically planned). It had us at each of the restaurants for dinner at least one, with I think 2 repeats, based on their recommendations for popularity. He made it clear we could change it as we needed. We wound up changing one reservation the night before, and adding in anothe
  14. We absolutely LOVED having a genie. People often express some concern with having a person like that be too intrusive but we found our genie was the perfect level of present without being intrusive. Below are some of the things he handled for us: 1. escorted us on board on boarding day (I had messaged him ahead of time that my girlfriend was unaware we had a suite and wanted it to be a surprise. She had never been on a cruise, so she didn’t know anything). He came up to us waiting in the lounge and said there had been an “issue” with our room and he needed to bring us there. 2.
  15. Could this have had something to do with the changed Anthem itinerary?...I’m not sure if the dates line up but that seems like the timeline Anthem had to change its dates for.
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