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  1. Thanks S.A.M.J.R, it was very kind of you to run that search and yes, I will look into the MAD device!
  2. Rucrusin2, would you share the name of the mouth guard? I use a C pap and a bite guard, would be nice to use just one. Thank you.
  3. Sailing in 16 days! Travel partners want to see the things scheduled each day to plan according. If you recently sailed Allure out of FLL on Western itinerary, please post copies of cruise compass. Thank in advance for your assistance. Karen
  4. Has anyone used the UDP at Jack’s on Cococay? Just curious.
  5. Could you explain this a bit more? I know you said it was already on your trip report, but I could not find it. I will be cruising solo and it sounds like a great idea for those with the UDP. Thank you for sharing again for me.
  6. I am praying that an upgrade will be taken on the Allure, Dec. 8 th sailing by the people in the room I am on the waitlist. I am doing a B2B and want to stay in the same room . I know, I sound selfish. Sorry
  7. I am adventuresome when ordering. I can get chicken and beef any day, I go for the lamb, duck, etc. Sorry, never order fish, but others do and love it. As far as desserts, I rarely order them. I would much rather eat an extra appetizer than the desserts. I do however greatly miss the chocolate mints on my pillow from years gone by. Have a ball and try it all. In December I am doing my first B2B. Week one will be exploring MDR offerings and week two is unlimited dining package. I will be exploring all the speciality dining options.
  8. I travel solo too, and I have never found the studios to be less than my regular cabin double price. Just like the earlier poster stated, points rock for regular cabins and the added room is bonus. Have fun!
  9. Katyparty, that sounds wonderful! So hope someone will give us some information.
  10. Please help me locate the website shared here for excursions that help the communities we visit while cruising. My next cruise is in December and I would like to book these opportunities. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. On this board I read about a different type of excursions that provided experiences to give back to port communities. Some were working with schools, housing projects, food distribution etc. I would like to find that website again to check my ports for possible areas to serve. I have enjoyed all the ports on my next vacation many times, but this time I want to volunteer my time and talents. Thank you for any help finding these opportunities. Karen
  12. Thank you for sharing your experience on the Allure. I am so excited to go in December. I understand your pain when it comes to expenses as I travel solo so I pay for two people. The key I have found is to book early.....very early. As soon as December 2020 was published I booked my rooms for B2B cruises on the Oasis. So my cruise planner has a cruise only 113 days away and two that are over 500. Best price is always early. Good luck and I hope to run into you on board someday.
  13. When I was in Nassau last December, I did not see the tram driving the pier. However on my way back to the ship, I had a horrible asthma attack before reaching the pier. I flagged down a worker who then radioed for assistance. A golf cart appeared in minutes and took me all the way to the gangway. It was such a blessing as it took another hour to get the asthma under control. I have learned over the years to ask politely for what I need, be patient and tip joyously.
  14. The Food Tour sounds wonderful! I read the walking warning....do you remember any stairs?
  15. Yes, I royally agree with most of you that I do not like Nassau. But let’s work together to make this the best port event ever! Share the best excursions, restaurants, Bars, beaches, private tours, sea glass finding beaches, etc. It is too costly to change ships now for most of us, so let's unite and make the day better than ever expected. I normally stay on the ship at this port, but I will take the best suggestion and go for it. Come on, we have time to create a fabulous plan.
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