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  1. Amen, it's not like I cannot keep up with what is available
  2. Cabin 9076 Brilliance not 8076 first mistake this year
  3. Anyone been in cabin 9076 on the brilliance, any thoughts
  4. Some noise, not a bother, great rooms we always get one if available. In those rooms we spend a lot of time on the balcony, no real noise there, and enough room for friends and drinks.
  5. It would be nice to know what the over 70 and health of the cruiser policy will be. Until that comes out, it is difficult to book anything. And the previous policy does not include a covid test policy. To date I cannot find ANY doctor willing to sign a health document for a cruise under the cruise lines terms, to many liability issues. Stay safe all
  6. Thanks for the answer. It seems there is always RCL ships coming across from Amsterdam or Copenhagen, northern route west bound in the fall. The Adventure is there in Aug 21 but nothing coming back and it shows up in US in Nov. 21. Brilliance no where to be found in that time frame. Who knows. Brilliance supposed to come across in Sept this year, has not left Fla. yet and that is a very popular route reasonable chance it does not go. Stay safe
  7. Any one finding a T/A west bound 2021/2022 out of any Euro. port other than Barcelona, back to US.
  8. It's is a racket to me, when they take your final payment, knowing the cruise, such as June 12 as well as others, will not go. Refundable Deposits are always sent back to your CC, at the moment. If you got a FULL refund on a cruise that was paid for at final payment and then canceled, great for you and you are the first I have heard of. There are a ton of vouchers out that with people whose cruise was canceled. Many of those vouchers will never be used, for whatever reason, and RCCL knows it. To me that is a bait and switch or racket. Now having said that, I know that is just the way many busi
  9. They will not sail, you can take that to the bank. They get your money now and then give you a voucher when THEY cancel, such a deal, what a racket.
  10. amen to that we have been doing that even before. Many people have no respect for others or even themselves. stay safe
  11. Anyone know when Adventure will come back across, west bound, fall of 2021. We are booked on the 7 day 8/31/21-9/7/21, Adventure stops there, shows nothing else, we are trying to hookup B2B and hoping 9/7/21is the date coming back. Anyone have thoughts or heard anything. All stay safe.
  12. What do you have in the fall 2021, I'm looking at adventure coming out of Copen to Ams 8/31 - 9/7, 7day, have it booked, but don't know where it goes after that, I don't find it again until Galveston 11/13. Where is in between. Everything seem to be coming out of BCN, T/A and no where else
  13. Hey Wine-0. We have bailed out of 2020 cruising. Going for 2021, What I hear, rumor, etc, but seems logical No one in the cruise industry knows what is going to happen on the doctor thing. One idea I'm pretty sure maybe true, from some contacts, is have the passenger sign off that they have no infection, disease, no contraindications that would prevent them from cruising. Make the cruiser accept the liability for anything that happens to them, in the event they give something to someone else, then that person or cruise line can go after that cruiser, In other words do not blame us, blame c
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