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  1. A good shout out to our TA and the RCL rep she finally found that was willing to work with us. They covered the cruise rate less fees and taxes (which we knew). So we are ready to sail.
  2. thanks for the reply - this is for the very first that RCL cancelled back in March. We were packed and ready to go when we got the email to cancel. Am waiting for TA to speak with RCL, she was still on-hold.
  3. I have another FCC question: When I originally booked the cruise, for DH and myself, the invoice shows cruise rate 1 and cruise rate 2. When I received the FCC, RCL assigned names to cruise rate 1 and 2. Cruise rate 1 (me)was $2065, and cruise rate 2(DH) was $667. When I applied the FCC to the new cruise, Cruise rate 1 (me) is $637, and cruise rate 2 (DH) is $1930. So we still owe $1412, and will get FCC back in amount of $1429. Working with TA to get this fixed. But she's telling me that once RCL arbitrarily assigned names, they won't fix this. Is there something else I can do to help get this fixed?
  4. my Oct 15 Canada / NE cancelled. So, crystal ball time; the schedule shows Grandeur doing the 5-day Bermuda itinerary; and then just hanging out wherever for 9 days. Chances on new itineraries for the 9-day slots?
  5. OK - part 2 of this question. We will have 4 sets of FCC. They are not a direct match to cruises we will apply them to, so we get our change back in the form of FCC. At that point, we will have 4 small FCC. Bummer if we couldn't put them on 1 cruise, all of the small fCC won't be close to covering another cruise. At that point, could we get our change back in cash refund?
  6. I have an ankle bracelet I got from inches of gold, many years ago. It is seriously discolored. Is this something I could get a replacement for, or do I just get a new one?
  7. I just want to be on a cruise - enjoying the balcony, and view of the ocean, and food 2 or 15 times a day. Also adult beverages. don't forget the adult beverages!
  8. if this is a "real" upgrade and not Royal Up, then you would also get double points for the junior suite. I was reading fast and didn't see that mentioned.
  9. yesterday, I called RCL for something else, but while I had them on the phone, I asked about the taxes and fees. The answer was 30 days from cancellation. My cruises were cancelled on March 13, by the company. Yes, that's when the notification went out, but as example, my 27 March cruise was actually cancelled on 27 March; so 30 days from that date. YMMV.
  10. I just got the first of 3 FCC. And it was for both DH and myself. However; it was only for 100% and not the 125% they told me I would get - because RCL cancelled all 3 cruises. Who should I talk to?
  11. although I have to say - I find scuba diving a bit more strenuous than cruising; but that's just me
  12. does this also include the points for OBC? We are waiting to see what happens with the Port of Baltimore closure. If the cruise gets cancelled - would the OBC points be refunded as well?
  13. I have been waiting for all the holes in the Enchantment OTS itineraries to be posted. I called C&A today, and they checked with someone (who knows) and there is no schedule for this to happen. I'm waiting to book cruises, but they don't want to sell cruises. What's a girl to do???
  14. Waiting anxiously for the rest of Enchantment OTS Baltimore schedule to be released. How can I book b2b, with every other week empty?
  15. Dudley Jean left Grandeur OTS on 17 Oct, and is transferring to Enchantment OTS, same date. Carlington Berry is joining Grandeur 17 Oct.
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