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  1. My last day in Santiago area and boarding Queen Victoria- rather later than I’ve ever boarded before. The food is great, the staff are great. The other passengers, er, well... some are great and others are very ‘interesting’ indeed. in Arica today, not much to blog (haven’t started writing yet) but it’s very hot and dirty. https://cruisewithgary.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/327/
  2. Here is the wine day. Hic. https://cruisewithgary.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/celebrating-south-americas-love-affair-with-the-grape/
  3. My Andes tour has finally uploaded. I spent about two hours this morning in WiFi trying to upload a few photos! https://cruisewithgary.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/today-i-went-higher-than-nasa/
  4. I hadn’t heard about the bus theft Roscoe. Our guide told us similar and to leave all our jewellery in the bus. It was only later I found out other passengers had taken theirs with them not trusting it would be safe with the driver. Fortunately mine was there when I got back and all the curtains in the bus had been closed for security. I felt safer having a rucksack lock and also it was an official Cunard tour. Don’t think I’ll leave it on the bus next time though!
  5. As well as Roscoe and Dogtanian, I’ve also resurrected my blog of old. It took quite a while so let me know if you’d be interested in reading more. Thank you. https://cruisewithgary.wordpress.com/2020/02/28/today-i-experienced-an-earthquake/
  6. You won’t need many warm clothes! You can use your own detergent but Cunard supply complimentary detergent which I’ve never had an issue with. If you don’t get loyalty internet package you can buy a package. I can’t remember the cost but I wouldn’t pay for it as to me it’s too expensive because you are at sea. Fortunately, I get 8 hours per voyage through loyalty programme.
  7. Absolutely. I’m working on my list of bars in Santiago. Especially those with roof tops.
  8. It depends if uploading to Facebook counts Roscoe... My material will likely feature Chile wine tasting, Pisco Sour tasting(s) (although only in a bar unless someone talks me in to an excursion) and Rum and Chocolate tasting. I’ve updated my Go Pro to one which has built in stabilisation just in case I become unsteady on my feet after sampling all these traditional drinks! Then there’s street food as well. The Go Pro also has a wide lens too 😉
  9. Thank you Dogtanian. Another good read 🙂
  10. I think Cunard have removed all menus containing prices which were previously available online. If I’ve missed any, please post the link as it would be helpful to do as you suggest. Thank you.
  11. I stayed in 2002 and there was noise from steward locker room which sounded like the steward using an ice machine which woke me each morning. Noise when docking also appeared to come from the Bow thrusters. No noise from the casino or theatre. Hot water took along time to come through (4-5 minutes!) to the tap which the steward said was because these are retrofitted staterooms. The location of the staterooms I found to be excellent. I enjoyed laying in bed and being able to see out of the window!
  12. Here are my photos of the Britannia À Carte I hope they are useful
  13. 4045 and either side are noisy as you hear whatever is in the theatre. This includes rehearsals in the morning/afternoon as well as the shows in the evening.
  14. Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa in Ocean Village. More expensive than the Premier Inn but much more luxurious.
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