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  1. I stayed in 2002 and there was noise from steward locker room which sounded like the steward using an ice machine which woke me each morning. Noise when docking also appeared to come from the Bow thrusters. No noise from the casino or theatre. Hot water took along time to come through (4-5 minutes!) to the tap which the steward said was because these are retrofitted staterooms. The location of the staterooms I found to be excellent. I enjoyed laying in bed and being able to see out of the window!
  2. Here are my photos of the Britannia À Carte I hope they are useful
  3. 4045 and either side are noisy as you hear whatever is in the theatre. This includes rehearsals in the morning/afternoon as well as the shows in the evening.
  4. Southampton Harbour Hotel & Spa in Ocean Village. More expensive than the Premier Inn but much more luxurious.
  5. Here is the Britannia Restaurant menu of the everyday items from QM2 as of 26th January 2019.
  6. I hope the sea air means your dog doesn’t get any breathing problems his breed suffer from. I think you’ll both enjoying the transatlantic crossing by QM2 better than any flight too! Bon voyage.
  7. First time I have seen a review for Britannia Club so thank you, very enlightening.
  8. I often cruise solo and my tip is to dine in the main dining room for breakfast and lunch on sharing tables (rather than the Lido Buffet Restaurant). I’ve met so many interesting people and am sometimes pleased when in the Commodore Club and other bars when people I’ve met ask if they can join me. The staff are also very good company either when I’m sitting at the bar or even at a table if they are not busy they will have a chat about my day and recommend some drinks to try. I go to the afternoon teas too and often end up sharing a table with nice people as the teas can get very busy. I’m normally fortunate at cocktail parties to see someone I’ve met at a meal time. If I don’t, I find a seat and people watch. I’ve not been to a singles mingle before so can’t comment on those. I love the insight lectures, planetarium and films so during the day I’m often rushing about ship to get to my next activity or meal. I find I’m the opposite of board on a transatlantic and if I am ever stuck for something to do, I look at travel guides in the library. Im sure you’ll love your transatlantic.
  9. Thank you for posting. It’s still going to be very challenging to know what to choose! So many dishes I’d like to experience :-) Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Adammara was your offer of a discount directly through Cunard or a travel agent? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Thank you for the link Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Looks amazing! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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