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  1. Hubby and I had our covid vaccines yesterday. Very well organised and we have had no side effects.
  2. We live in Caerphilly South wales . Has anyone in this area heard of anyone having received the new vaccine.Also what are your views on PO restarting cruises now that there is another lockdown in place?
  3. Happy 2021 everyone. We have 2 cruises booked. One for June and one for next Christmas and New Year. Don.t hold much hope for June but am optimistic for december. Looking at the prices they have increased substantially which is to be expected as the ships will not be sailing at full capacity for the foreseeable future.
  4. A very Merry Christmas to all of cruise critic members and their families. Let's hope that next year will be better.
  5. Hello fellow cruisers. Just received 3 letters from P&O! One informing us of oxygen etc not allowed for our June and December cruuses. The 3rd letter stating the restrictions for next December cruising! Do they know something we do not!
  6. Do you think passengers using mobility scooters wheelchairs etc will be allowed to board especially if elderly.
  7. After reading the latest information from P&O does anybody really think there will be any rush to book a cruise for the first 6 months of 2021? We love our cruises and are lucky to enjoy 2 a year including Christmas and New Year but even we are now hesitant. Would love to hear how many brave cruisers have booked from April onwards.
  8. Good morning cruisers. I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hopefully a cruising New Year!
  9. Just read the P&O festive message online. Not much information about 2021 cruises. Presume they are biding their time for the next month or two but will have to let passengers know something who are cruising in april.
  10. Brilliant news with the vaccine rollout. Are any cruisers optimistic about cruises for the med for June 2021 onwards without restrictive measures or is that just me being hopeful?
  11. Had my calender this morning. I also noticed the.lack of ship photographs.Are they trying to tell us something?
  12. Hi .The news about the vaccine approval is fantastic. Will this make any difference to your 2021 cruise plans?
  13. Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful sunny morning here in South Wales but the restrictions are still with us and getting more severe on friday. it's so uplifting to read the posts on here about their Christmas plans especially as the majority are being sensible and careful. We can all look forward to big family get togethers hopefully in the s ummer.Stay safe eveyone.
  14. Same here. Just me and hubby. Last Christmas and New Year we were on Oceana!
  15. Hi fellow cruisers. Just wondering what your views are on the 5 day relaxation of rules over Christmas. Also how are your spending the holidays just the two of you or with your bubbles.
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