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  1. Is there a list somewhere of the specific included “premium spirits” on the ships? Eg, Scotch... Glenlivet 12 or Macallan 15? Specifically? Thanks.
  2. Sujormik

    Bed Linens

    We loved the sheets on the Quest, anyone know what brand they are?
  3. Totally agree the price was fair, just wish we could’ve made the most of it. Genuinely never crossed my mind to ask if some included item wasn’t listed.
  4. We were newbies too. Other than the land package snafu and this unexpected after-the-fact drinks thing, we genuinely LOVED Azamara. And the people we met truly changed the vacation for us (in a good way lol). We set up a google docs page so all our pictures can be shared! I hope you have a wonderful trip wherever you’re headed.
  5. I just posted about George Inlet! It was fantastic, the crab was amazing and the staff delightful. Atmosphere not so much. King crab is not in season now so you won’t be getting fresh. I had one king leg over 3 weeks and it was over cooked but others enjoyed the King crab in Juneau a lot. Personally would recommend George Inlet, best crab I’ve ever had.
  6. Just wanted to give a shout out to this excursion, we did float plane and then crab feast. Float plane wasn’t necessary but the crab was phenomenal, all you could eat dungeness caught just off the shores. Staff was delightful. I assume they do a just crab thing, whatever just go. Best crab I’ve ever had.
  7. Posting this link because I never saw anything about the Indulgence package before our trip.
  8. Thank you Bonnie. We were on Quest Alaska July 20-30 with full Indulgence package. IS this something I should’ve known to keep track of? You may have seen that our land package bus was among the last to arrive to board at Seward and maybe this info was covered in the newbie session that we missed? That might just add insult to injury.
  9. Don’t think I’ve seen this in prior threads, if I missed it I apologize. Random thought about Indulgence package: was I supposed to keep a personal copy of the entire package listing from the website (I.e., the terms and inclusions I contracted for)? Just now, as I was looking for the name of the scotch I enjoyed on board, (Balvenie triple cask, wow who knew scotch could taste good?!) I rediscovered the whole list of drinks that were NOT mentioned on the menu sheets in the bars. For example, the Port options listed in the bar menu all had prices attached without the “
  10. I can tell you we drank a LOT more than usual after buying the indulgence package! And the laundry bags are teensy.
  11. There was a first-timer’s meeting, yes before we got to the port. We were on a land package FROM AZAMARA, how could they not be aware of us? The whole process was a a cluster. Really lowered my esteem for the company. and you shouldn’t have to mine for info....paying customers (full price from the looks of all the last minute guests) should be treated with respect, not challenged!
  12. We were INCREDIBLY lucky with weather, I believe my dad may have pulled some strings up there because it couldn’t have been better.😉 I’m amazed at what a huge difference it makes in the experience, wishing you clear skies! We did a Disney Cruise maybe 10 years ago, the experiences couldn’t have been more different. Right now in Vancouver, will try to jot down my thoughts sooner than later. Suffice to say for now that I learned way more about the trip from CruiseCritic than I did from Azamara. Safe travels.
  13. Sujormik

    hubbard glacier

    We did see some wildlife, seals and sea otters if I recall as well as golden eagles. Overall wildlife sightings were mostly disappointing for us, though some friends had amazing experiences off Icy Strait Point with bears and multiple types of whales.
  14. Thank you for understanding, it was incredibly disappointing and an awful way to start a cruise vacation. I was under the impression (restated in the comments above) that “you can always book reservations” at Windows or similar. I’m saying that arriving FROM an Azamara land package and being among the last to board, with NOBODY from Azamara to acknowledge our arrival, was simply wrong. And poor business practice. And I would STRONGLY rethink taking a land package in the future for precisely this reason. There was nowhere to register for anything when we boarded at 4:3
  15. Sujormik

    hubbard glacier

    Just off the Azamara Quest where we did the Hubbard Glacier excursion with Allen Marine. They were very nice but it was NOT worth $500/couple. We got very close (200 yards maybe) which was awesome. And the calving was great too. But our ship got almost as close and saw the exact same thing we did. I’d thought it was something for a no-excursion day and I regret spending that much money.
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