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  1. It is usually only open for about 6 weeks every spring - IIRC - when the flowers are in bloom. Maybe @sailingdutchycan give you the normal timespan and opening date.
  2. @sailingdutchy I have been to Keukenhof twice - 2006 and 2016. I have a picture of a bed of variegated tulips - principal colors of red, yellow and orange as the background picture on my phone. What a great backdrop.
  3. I was at St Louis zoo at the age of 10 - we got to ride an elephant. I remember that the hairs on its back were prickly on my skin and it was a very hot day.
  4. I can draw V, W,& M with the skill of a non artist. 😂 I actually have drawn birds enough to be able to identify it later. with the correct shape, tail length, colors - all labeled - so I can look it up later to name. It's enough for me - I doubt anyone else would be impressed.
  5. That's good to know about AAA, my car is 12 years old - but I only drive around town. Once in awhile a roundtrip to Jax - about 75 miles each way. Hoping to not have to replace it anytime soon.
  6. I was there too, I met @summer slope on the Westy. I was on my way to do a B2B with Hawaii/SouPacific. summer slope and DH got off in San Diego, Kazu was doing the CC roll call for that 35-day cruise to south of the Equator. Small world
  7. We had lots of Calif poppies in our garden - our backyard had this small plateau right behind the garage where the flowers grew. The poppies being taller, were right up against the back of our white garage. With the orange they really stood out, plus being on a natural raised bed. I can remember crushing the seed pods and putting them in little paper sacks to save for the next season. I saw that area for the first time a few years ago, it had shrunk - along with the size of the whole back yard. 😄 It was huge as a kid. The discussions here have jogged my memory of many
  8. Sounds like our family Easters [and Christmases] Ham and escalloped potatoes. One of my favorite meals. [no glazes - please - ugh!!] 😄
  9. No interest at all. Hate french food and all their sauces, I hate big cities, and the 'erector set tower' has no appeal. I'll take the smaller towns away from there, and I have, on a Saone/Rhone river cruise. But other than that - I'm sure it's fine. 🙄
  10. Rest in Peace, KK - and condolences to the rest of her family.
  11. I was on that cruise too. Watching that tender move the med evac was incredible, the way it was bucking. Then we had to switch the order some ports [to make sure we got fuel], but we did get an overnight in Raiatea after cancelling those 2 ports.
  12. It sounds like Cannes in 2016 and it wasn't even the film festival week. A plate of spaghetti or a cheeseburger - 35 Euros. I don't want to know what they pump their prices up to during the big event. Mediterranean was pretty though, I guess you are paying for the view too.
  13. I was a Brownie then a Girl Scout, even got to attend a 2-week GS camp. I remember cookies as being 35 cents a box - but I may be mistaken. I was in preschool [Nursery school] for a very short time something like a few weeks - they needed the teacher to teach another class - her name was Vroegindewey [try spitting that out as a 4-year-old 😄 ]. Flowers were special and our back yard was full of them - we had some speial neighbors we always delivered flowers to on May Day. Great memories I am reliving today.
  14. They also use it at John C Campbell Folk School too, for one of their before meals' graces. Meals are family-style.
  15. Mine were all from the 'books' they used to sell. The heavier cardboard cover had the dolls and their clothes were on the inside pages. I also remember that some of my dolls had a plastic stand to put under their feet, so they would stand up unaided. I don't remember if I had any Betsy McCall - I do know they were around.
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