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  1. A disappointing week of Juneau cam watching has ended on somewhat of a high note. No panning - and we did hear Amsterdam most of the way up the channel. See you all Monday and have a good week-end.
  2. That's what I'm guessing - I have the sound up - because no planes. I like foghorns - they remind of church camp on the shores of Lake Michigan - near South Haven - when I was young.
  3. Upsells are nice - if they land you in a good spot. Good luck.
  4. Usually with Kathi's deck - right up front - and center.
  5. Depending on when Amsterdam arrives - I might miss her. But her normal times will probably get me a viewing, Doctor's appointment is never a certain ending time.
  6. I see her but it is still panning. See you tomorrow for 2 "R" ships.
  7. I'll try to make sailaway tonight - but between the panning and how sleepy I am that time of night, I don't know how long I'll stay. Here tomorrow for Amsterdam and Volendam.
  8. Amsterdam tomorrow at 8 am and she will be pretty close to time scheduled.
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