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  1. It's 70 where I live in Florida - I don't know if it is statewide. I've only lived here.
  2. Thanks for the Daily, Rich. And I always enjoy Roy's lists, especially the news items that I miss. I don't drink and I can give most of the food a miss. Love the pictures and reading about other peoples' work and fun. And the reminders of places I have cruised to in the past. Thank you, all.
  3. And the Monday holiday is actually the correct date - from when it used to stay on the 12th.
  4. I got my eyes checked back in May - just after we came out of the tight restrictions. A lot more careful procedures, but it did work.
  5. You can have my share - UGH! I find cooks put way too much in and not liking the taste at all - a double whammy. It does help me stay away from sauce on pasta.
  6. My 1964 VW Beetle Convertible was named 'Paul'. It was at the height of Beatlemania. 😄
  7. On Eurodam [sister ship to NA] I had the first one next to the Dive In area. There was a table there where the same group seemed to sit everyday. They were loud, but that was the luck of the draw. I actually thought I asked for the other end, and did not get it. It remained empty most of the week. If I did again - I would probably opt for the upper deck one, I liked the separate loungers rather than that circular daybed/couch thing.
  8. That's good. I never have gone back there to swim since I moved away. I'm glad it only lasted a couple of seasons. You don't tend to hear about those things unless you are right in the immediate area. The first one, yes - after that - not usually. Thanks.
  9. No more oil spills? When I swam there in the late 50s - there was oil in the water all along the South Haven area shores.
  10. I did a few weeks ago - when everyone was. But not lately, at all.
  11. At least you were awake enough to realize the greek alphabet doesn't start with Beta. That is a point in your favor. 🙂
  12. Roy, I had a sore arm for 3 days after my [2nd] pneumonia shot, so that is a possible aftereffect of that shot.
  13. I got sick the last time I had one in 2010 - the one before that was the 'swine flu' in 1976. Thankfully no flu any of the non-shot years. I hope you are feeling better, Father.
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