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  1. I've lived in Florida for over 50 years - I've never heard of Sweetest Day. Maybe it's only certain parts of Florida. It's not well advertised - that's for sure. 🙄
  2. That's it for me for Alaska - Fort Lauderdale is next - Oct 23.
  3. May not be raining now - but the ground is wet and that will make sloppy walking. It is Juneau.
  4. All tied down for the last visit of the season. Made a liar out of me and just dropped some more lines.
  5. Just those couple of raindrops early. Maybe it will just be cold - instead of cold and wet. That would be nice.
  6. It will be awhile - NA has NOT crossed into Gastineau Channel yet, but getting close to it. Thanks, Kathi.
  7. I haven't received an email notification from CC in a couple of years. One day they just stop sending them, and that was it. Email marked on all. I just never expect to see one again, there is nothing else to check off. They are marked on the 'bell' on the top of the page and it will sound when I am visiting the page. Just no email. Not complaining - just stating the facts.
  8. 'Millie' is quite a ways behind - just entering the channel.
  9. I know you are looking forward to that. I believe it is a "Daily" mention - daily. 😄
  10. NA is already part of the way up the Gastineau Channel
  11. Me neither. I'm on Edge on my desktop. Thanks @kazu - just saw it on the next page. 🙂
  12. Thanks, Kathi. Snowing in Denali right now and this year's husky puppies are enjoying it, with what small amount there is so far.
  13. Should be coming into view soon, raindrops on cam - not helping.
  14. @VMax1700That's my story also - but I've been on Prolia since 2012 - also coming from once-a-week Fosamax. No bad reaction to the Prolia including the first shot.
  15. Being Labor Day - there may not be a person on the cam, but hopefully, - yes. Thanks, Kathi
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