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  1. pklopp

    Dream Inn

    Has anyone stayed at the Dream Inn - ratings look decent and prices also, for pre-cruise 1 night? Thanks, Peggy
  2. Hi - we're considering going to Goff's Caye and just wondering if anyone has been there - was it nice, how was the snorkeling, etc. Thanks for any info. Peggy
  3. I booked early saver and received a $100 OBC after my final payment was made - thrilled!! Peggy
  4. I was so excited the other day, we got $100 in OBC - can't believe it as I have never gotten this before!! peggy
  5. Our first cruise was on the Fantasy, oceanview with 4 of us - our kids were 21 and 19 - interesting at best, but we survived - snoring was a bit loud, daughter used 95% of the closet and drawer space, but it hooked us on cruising, just not in the same cabin ever again with the kids!!! Peggy
  6. Hey everyone, thanks for all of the advice! I will continue to watch, like I have been doing, and see what happens - it is frustrating that I live less than 10 miles from Cinti. airport and Delta charges such outrageous rates from here and most times we need to go 2 hours away to get the best deal!! Southwest just may be an option from Indy, will check that when those dates come up. thanks again Peggy
  7. I meant to say flying into FLL, because MIA is higher and not a direct flight - Jet Blue isn't an option because it doesn't fly out anywhere near Cincinnati - will check into Southwest (also doesn't fly out of Cincy), but perhaps another city within 2 hours. It's just so ridiculous that the air costs 1/2 more than the cruise itself!! peggy
  8. Hey all - looking for opinions on when to book air - we cruise next Sept. and right now the airfare to MIA is high - anyone have experience on waiting and seeing if it goes down or does that ever happen - thanks in advance. Peggy
  9. So, if I have already booked my cruise for next Sept., 2013 and am getting an onboard credit and free basic insurance - this cannot be revoked can it? Thanks. peggy
  10. Hi - can we make it from Miami to FLL for a 12:30 flight? Thanks.
  11. Thanks everyone for the info!! Peggy
  12. Has anyone been in the cabins with the premium balcony - located in the aft section of the ship - if so, how was the balcony size and location - we are looking at deck 6. Thanks. Peggy
  13. Does anyone know of a Catholic Church for a Saturday evening Mass - ship departs at 8:30 p.m. - thanks. Peggy
  14. Thanks again - that's the important thing, to be able to just see out to the ocean - no reason to look down when the sun, moon and sky are up!! Peggy
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