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  1. Thanks @SinbadThePorter. Great info and does sound a bit complicated for me. I’ll pass this on to my friend too. thanks again 😊⚓️⛴⚓️⛴😊
  2. Asking for a friend, is there away to watch catch up tv/freeview while at sea? He (okay me 2) sadly are a little addicted to a certain reality tv show and don't want to miss out while cruising. Is there anyway to watch this on a ipad? Will the normal freeview or 7plus/9go app work? Thanks in advance 🙂
  3. Totally agree @beldin61!!!!!! I'm a bit confused though it appears that the negative inappropriate comments have mostly been removed. Which makes me very happy!!!! Shame the one promoting the other company wasn't removed also. Xuan was a wonderful guide and these 2 tours were the best tours of my whole cruise.
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