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  1. We were booked on one of the Mardi Gras cancellations, and were offered 25% FCC as compensation. We then rebooked for September on Panorama, and that room was more expensive than the one we had on Mardi Gras (chose it because of the FCC). Now that we’re anticipating our Panorama cruise will be cancelled, what will the FCC be based on? The price of our original Mardi Gras sailing, or the price of our Panorama sailing? Thanks for your help.
  2. My 9/5 on Panorama (supposed to be her first cruise back) disappeared from booking, with the rest of her September dates, but it is still showing in my account.
  3. Are we still thinking Explorer is not going to Europe? She's still on Gibraltar port schedules, as well as Amsterdam on 5/4/21.
  4. Loving your review! Did you book the whale watching through Carnival or independently? I am not seeing ANY whale watching excursions in my cruise manager. Edit: apparently we're not going during whale season. The more you know...
  5. More like 8-9 months. We were booked on a September sailing of MG and had just reserved our airfare to NYC (it was cheap, wanted to jump on it). We had to pay $300 for Delta to redeposit our miles and now we have to hope Carnival will pick up the tab. So yeah, I am glad they're offering us something.
  6. Anyone here gone through this? We were booked on one of the affected Mardi Gras sailings and had JUST reserved our airfare, paying with miles. I'm on the phone with Delta right now hoping they'll waive the redeposit fee, but if not, we were told to email receipts to Carnival and they will reimburse the fees. Does anybody know how long that might take?
  7. They haven’t loaded ANYTHING for Explorer yet. At this point, I just wanna know where they’re sending her, period.
  8. Still itching to see possible Explorer sailings from Southampton. Cmon Royal, get ‘em loaded already!
  9. Considering that's what it cost when it first came out, yeah, it's RCI setting them. Suite prices do not look like that in 2020.
  10. Suite prices in general are totally out of hand. We wanted a GS and it was over $10k for 1 week in early May! Then we were looking at a JS but even that price was almost double a regular balcony...so we're booked in a large balcony room and hoping RCI comes to their senses with those suite prices 😞
  11. I'm looking at the Anthem sailings in May 2021 and not seeing any suites aside from junior suites, for any sailing...glitch?
  12. We were hoping for a grand suite and it seems like the pricing for those is almost the same across every ship they released today. A little bummed by that, it’s more than I was hoping to spend.
  13. Do you think they’re waiting for this sale end to post itineraries? Maybe it will be tomorrow?
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