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  1. I just want to echo what you're saying here. I am mostly a lurker on these forums, but I have a little more time on my hands now than normal and just wanted to come somewhere online that I would find people that enjoy the same thing I do. I sort of just wanted to escape. Shocking, right? Obviously in the big scheme of things cruising is a big fat nothing burger. My level of "worry" about anything related to cruising is zero on a scale of 1-10 if you want to put it vs. anything that really does matter. On behalf of everyone who has posted anything about worry, minor grievances, hopes for future
  2. That's what we're doing, but luckily for us that was planned before the pandemic... I'm super glad that we bought a camper last year! Talk about the ultimate way to social distance while seeing some beautiful countryside, plus we can take our dogs and know whose been sleeping the bed!
  3. I miss cruising so much that I bought an Elemis hair mask so I could smell that amazing Frangipani oil they use for scalp massages in the spa! The mask smells just like it, and when I use it I close my eyes, take a deep breath and try to imagine cruising again! I WILL cruise again. I'll be the big 4-0 in 2022, and I WILL be on a Princess ship celebrating it too! I just have to believe it! How badly do you miss cruising? Have you done anything to help you remember your sea days? 🙂
  4. DH and I are the rare couple that prefers a table for 2, but I share your fears as well. I have hope that we will get the experience the cruises we all know and love again, but it may be awhile before we do. I think once there is a legitimate way to treat those that catch it, prevent it with a safe vaccine and have a simple, quick result test, then we will see things get back to a more normal way of cruising, but I do think somethings may change for good. When we went on our last cruise back in November, Princess really pushed the touch screen experience... even games for the kids to play... i
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