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  1. I find you can get some decent wines at reasonable prices in the Vintages section. LCBO can be competitive there with the imports. I booked the Hyatt Place in Dec via the dodgy site. Was looking at the Hilton Marina but we really love the space you get at the Hyatt.
  2. Did you go on Oasis recently? I'll need to keep an eye out for this. I mean, a roast rump or round (I'm guessing) is fine, but Striploin roast? I'd be all over that.
  3. Personally I'm not fussed either way. The food at Jamie's is fine but not spectacular. As is Giovanni's, although they are a bit better. They aren't giving me something that I can't find at home (literally, in the case of Jamie's, seeing as I live in the Toronto area).
  4. Only the Jamie's restaurants in the UK went into receivership. Restaurants abroad (including Canada and the Royal Canadian ships) were unaffected.
  5. Food is subjective. Just because I like something it doesn't necessarily equate to you liking something. And in addition to palates I can't guarantee that the meals I had on one week will be exactly the same as the meals you have on your week. So I can tell you that when I went on Allure in 2018 the food was pretty good but not the Best I Ever Had. I didn't like some things, but like an adult I chose not to get those things again. The only time I'd say things are "inedible", it's because someone decided to imbue cilantro in every part of the dish. And even then, it's
  6. It's fine. You don't really even need to do the walk-off option. Just be in one of the early groups and you'll be at the airport in plenty of time. We had an 11-ish departure to Toronto and we got to the airport and did our kiosk check-in before the bag drop was even open. We used our NEXUS privleges to do Global Entry/TSA Pre-check but it wasn't necessary.
  7. Not surprising. I think taking a picture of the picture is actually a copyright violation. Same. Got a package for my 5 night next month for $120CAD and one for my 7 night in August for $160CAD. Wonder if there will be a Boxing Day (Dec 26) sale
  8. Thank you sir. Was just checking on my "emergency" packet of Starbucks Via and thinking about how much I should bring with me. Had to go without coffee for almost a week my one time on DCL. Was not happy about that.
  9. I think really depends on the terminal. I've generally flown out of Terminal 1 (Westjet) and after the renovations it... is still boring, but at least feels pleasant and not dreary. I've been in Terminal 2 once before. Fairly certain that it fits your description. Thanks for this. To clarify, you used the standard line and not the Global Entry/Mobile passport line?
  10. As long as you or someone in your cabin is in the photo, it should be included. And all pictures you take where the photographer scans your card should be included. I think I've gotten photos of my parents that way even though they have a separate cabin.
  11. I'll agree with the others here - digital is the way to go, as you can print pics at your leisure. Plus you don't have to find a way to store all those prints in your luggage going home. Aside - I just repurchased the All digital package for my Aug 2020 trip on Symphony. Price was at about 50% ($160 CDN vs $330 CDN) of what I had paid before.
  12. Contract started with Quantum so makes sense that Oasis and Allure didn't change to Jamie's. Regardless, if the contract is still valid I doubt they will opt out of it. If it's done I can see them changing it like they did with the pubs once the contract was not renewed, or the dropping of the Dreamworks stuff. But in that case it will be all the ships, and not just Harmony.
  13. But they're not out of business. Just the UK restaurants.
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